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  1. Nyneva Kyte

    To honorably re-quote another comment: These nerds are dark

  2. Nasaj F

    If you don’t like this then fukju

  3. DJ AMP3X

    Tyler, Opossum kingdom ...fight me

  4. Lewis Ramirez

    Fcknbjammn 🎵🎶☸️🎶🎵🔊🔊

  5. Choose A Better Name

    Lisa was so hot back in the day

  6. Lil Kid77

    Que música!

  7. Whitney I

    as someone who had been legit stalked, this song terrifies me

  8. Drujienna Mecuria

    One of my all-time favorite bands, the music never gets old. 2019 and I am still listening to this album. <3 Brilliant album!! My parents even listen to it and they are nearing 70! :') Todd Lewis is such a great vocalist and musician.

  9. Imti Jamir

    They remind me a lot of Weezer...awesome bands both.

  10. Cadence Winstead

    Such a brilliant band.

  11. mozilla83

    2019 Good music never dies.

  12. Jared Nolastname

    This music video hurts my eyes

  13. Fuzz Cous

    The video has an Evil Dead flavor to it.

  14. Rocco Motown.

    Obsession the sincerest form of flattery

  15. Daniel Avery Glassmyer

    This song sounds like an anthem to date rape necrophilia

  16. Luke Leal

    Man the riffs!! Take me back to the good ole days. 😊

  17. Allie Jade

    One of my favorite songs. Did a cover on it and posted it on my page. So much fun to play. Amazing tune. Amazing band. Amazing album.

  18. Melody Gang Records

    Sum of the best music known to mankind..........

  19. Not Here

    They stole the baseless from Pixies - Gigantic

  20. Austin Lucas

    Watching again, there seem to be comic books and/or cereal boxes (?) on the piano in the background. You can see them at about 1:13 - 1:19 and in other parts.

  21. Anselmo Werner Formolo

    Man, Texas had some great alternative acts in the 90s. Good memories.

  22. Codey Mcewen

    Sounds like the pixies.

  23. J Smith

    I remember the first time someone asked me to be in their band. I was about 15, in the suburbs of Dallas. I showed up for rehearsal, and they said 'Do you have Rubberneck by Toadies? Because that's an important album to us.'

    Unfortunately I was not as into the Toadies as them. I never even went to their famous St Patrick's day show, which always sells out, therefore, one must have a lot of dedication and foresight to secure a spot. But it's a Dallas tradition!

    Anyway, I've always felt that the stumbling man in this video represents sexual naivetie and admitted incompetence going into an early sexual experience. It's another one of those 'Africa' by Toto-esque songs about being a naive but well-meaning, cloistered child.

    I did include this track in my lecture to my little brother about good music that came out of Dallas in the 90's. Some people still refuse to believe anything cool ever happened in Dallas.

  24. Ashley Clayton

    2019 and still rocking

  25. Jonathan estrada

    I heard this and was like wow

  26. fear of god

    songs that have similar sounds like this give me such nostalgia

  27. Son Mohikan

    welcome to filthy frank show

  28. Mauro Girardini

    As creepy as it should. Brillant!!! I'm from Argentina and discovered Toadies few years ago then I became a fan. Lyrics are creepy too. A perfect symbiosis. Mission accompished !!!

  29. Jillian Pantano

    The Toadies. The only band to make being a stalker sound amazing

  30. Oscar

    desde chavalio #214 #DDD #TEXAS

  31. james m.

    The beginning sounds like the pixies "where is my mind"

  32. Fate

    ok this will sound freaky but i heard this in a lucid dream and looked it up to see if its a real song and it turns out its real and i never heard or knew this song was a thing.

  33. Leila Bond

    I saw them last year and Local H opened for them, most kids my age would wonder wth is she listening to? But I wouldn't have wanted to grow up listening to anything else! When I shook Scott Lucas' hand I thought I might have melted oh lord I bet it made him feel good that a teenager nowadays was swooning over him! Anyways it was a great show!

  34. Rico Olivarez

    Always thought it was a Pixies ripoff. Great nonetheless.

  35. Leslie Degnan

    Do you guys know who the ADHD goggles guy is? He looks super familiar.

  36. Moses Cleveland

    This song gives me such Nostalgia

  37. Lizard Jesus

    The opening of this song reminds me of Where is My Mind by The Pixies

  38. Martin Flaa

    no idea why i havent heard of these guys before, but later is better than never

  39. jjburkk

    No 2019? Have you people forgot what good music is? ?

  40. Blake Carper

    Didnt know zuckles was in this video

  41. King of Thrift

    The Toadies are still trying to save me 23 years later...

  42. David Crimaldi

    I learned that's Craig Welch from Denton TX punk band Brutual Juice

  43. Killa Copeland

    Is Tyler the dude running around?

  44. Stacey Conley

    And in the morning into Mexico we will wake up

  45. chester rockwell

    Playing hard to find. Challenge accepted.

  46. Dee Manz

    She pulls the covers tator !

  47. Larissa star ⭐

    If you like the toadies, listen to the burden brothers its the singers other band

  48. Bird Doug

    It’s all about the Pixies. Where is my mind?

  49. Jon Hakujin

    and its 4:20 long

  50. Kyle Whitt

    very underated band..great song! Not to mention all the other songs they perform

  51. chicano george

    where is my mind

  52. Soyless In Seattle

    Damn these guys are good. Hidden gem

  53. Hector Herrera

    This sounds like where is my mind like the pixies

  54. Pincheemoska

    I fucking love this song the lyrical content is creepy as hell and i always pictured a stalker obsessed with someone not a guy in a jumps suit running in circles,vid could of been better

  55. Caio Caos

    Why this reminds me Filty Frank?

  56. Eivind Flores

    2.1 Million views; only 11K likes? Somethings off.

  57. Jeffrey Cameron

    Saw them live at the Medicine Stone Festival in Talequah Oklahoma last August. Amazing show. It was raining so they played under a small tented off area. One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Intimate, intense, and the electric vibe that the audience was emanating was incredible. When they started playing Tyler I think I lost myself for a bit. It was heaven. I was dancing my ass off and not giving a damn and yea well guess you had to be there! Peace.
    Beautiful setting for a festival definitely check this place out!

  58. Chris Seigler

    I can't believe that I'm just now noticing the Evil Dead references in this video. The fog played in reverse. The recording on a tape reel. The first person shots of the woods. I've owned this album since I was in the fourth grade. How did I miss this?

  59. Moises, Onan Arias-Argueta

    All you have to do is listen to these guys to understand why they're so good.

  60. amanda _af

    I went to an EDM show in Dallas and one of the DJs played this song in his mix and it was incredible, but i don't remember who it was T_T

  61. KillaMode Music

    Tyler running from Nico. And The Niners 👀👀❤👍👍

  62. Alex Maria

    The Toadies have permission to write the music for my life story

  63. Patrick McCullar

    This song is the shit! It's creepy yes, however touches my soul, moves me, energizes!

  64. Grazhny Neezhnies

    This song is very impressive, the melody and the instrumental plays on emotions. But the lyrics... It’s like reflecting our dark side and our dark thoughts. We all have an insane part in our mind. It reminds me of a quote from Tom Araya who said : "Evil’s everywhere man, everybody’s got it. It sits really deep in everybody. Some people can't control it as much as others. But everybody knows that are wrong things, just things you do not do."
    I think he said it all.

  65. Bob Sacamano

    Great song

  66. Lennon Carpenter

    First song I learned on acoustic guitar🙏🏻😭

  67. headrick90

    Fuck yea that's all I gots to say ...

  68. The Dude

    Man I miss the 90s!!!

  69. Doomguy Demon Killer

    I'm so glad that this song has gotten to many likes in the past few months!

  70. Gregg Gentry

    Serial killer

  71. James Hall

    This song, Radiohead-Creep, and STP-Sex Type Thing. Perfect Date Night music. 😃

  72. ASMR Catalyst

    I made an ASMR tribute to this song. Its simply called tyler.

  73. josh weinberg

    I got my nephew Tyler to listen to this so he down loaded this whole album 🐸 toadies 4 life 🐸

  74. Cornell Waters

    When porn becomes personal.

  75. Charlie MacKenzie

    Q104.3 block party, NYC 1994, they had a wall of sound

  76. Jillian Pantano

    Most underrated band ever

  77. William Chastain

    Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!! Texas grunge as it should be

  78. Daniel Vittitow

    Almost 2019 and still rocking it!!!

  79. mcallen bell

    "I will be with HER tonight"!

    Such a creepy.powerful song about sexual assault(or worse)..

    For those who don't know check out Toadies-Tyler..amazing song told from the perspective of an assaulter/stalker(..)..based on a true story..

    the music video is still 90's cheesy, but its cool becaus they create a character out of the vocalists "secret" and he hides around everyone..

    alot of artsy shit here but it still makes a point..

    If you read into the lyrics and video its dark, dark shit..but very genious..

  80. Wulery333


  81. Wulery333

    Karena Larue this for u

  82. Mike

    Im adding to my comment bc i saw these guys 3 times at a place called The Tocadero (The Troc) in Philadelphia. Sadly just today i heard the Troc is closing its doors after being open since 1870 not 1970 fuckin 1870!!! Ive seen other bands there but my favorite was the 1st time i saw these guys! Im in shock and saddened by the news that my favorite venue is closin. If i were a millionaire id buy it and have this band play my grand re-opening. Damn im pissed. Fuck the mainstream big commercial venues! The Troc was amazing and intimate. Wtf.. But anyways great band and in my opinion Tyler best song of the 90s........These guys rock in concert. Ive seen them 3 times and had a blast. This song live is amazing! Too bad they never made it big... I recommend checkin em out if they ever come to a venue near you.

  83. Joe G

    Love this band and song damn it sucks that I just missed them playing tonight in Austin, Tx at Stubb's 10/20/2018

  84. Oscar Portillo

    Great song!! Horrible video.

  85. Lando Ram

    I remember when this came out n it still me weird but I never heard the Pixies before hmmm with a name like that who would of been jamming them, lol

  86. 350zboy h

    Reminds me of me and my ex girlfriend road tripping on my bike

  87. eliquate

    I love when people automatically classify things that make them uncomfortable as just Weird.. like there was no intent but to just be weird.

  88. Big Bubba

    This takes me back to Denton in the 90s. And speaking of which, how about that big ass whoopin’ North Texas just put on Arkansas!

  89. Hugh Larious

    Texan - but stay far from Tyler... (Bexar, Comal, & Bartlett county cops arent something I like to have conversations with) Anyone want to tell me about the true backstory to the song?


    It's not a true story. The singer said as a kid he visited family in Tyler; his grandparents were talking about how a guy was going around peeking in windows. Considering every house (in his own words) were armed to the teeth, he guessed it was just local hysteria. It still intrigued him however that someone would want to stalk someone so much that they'd risk their own life, so he wrote a song from the stalkers point-of-view.

  90. trash can

    Man now was beautiful

  91. gelaa merizz

    Texas 💜

  92. chantha21

    Love The Toadies!!!

  93. Neptune Moons

    I thought this was the most romantic song as a kid lol

  94. Killer Combine53

    The earliest version of Filthy Frank

  95. Rudy Simmons

    Said they were mocking tyler the creator for the video "she" its so wrong they are trashing other artist no wonder there career is dead


    You're joking right?

  96. Jonathan Johnson

    Duck the ESTABLISHMENT that dont mean shit

  97. Sly Sawyer

    I could listen to that bass line all day.