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Toadies Quitter Comments
  1. Troy Brown

    How I feel about every break up

  2. NorthWestDetroit Girl

    September 2000. This never left my car CD player! Age. 19

  3. Future Motors

    Frightening how bad ass the toadies are and virtually unnoticed on mainstream airwaves except possum kingdom


    They got plenty of airplay here in DFW back in the days. Guess not so much elsewhere.

  4. Aleksandra Kostic

    Didn't I give you everything?
    Didn't I take you where you want to be?
    Didn't I make you feel just like a queen?
    And all that time I thought that I was gettin' somethin' right
    Look me in the eye and tell me somethin'
    Am I supposed to walk away with nothin'?
    Do I convince myself we never happened?
    Well I guess I won't be denied
    I'm gettin' somethin' right

    Are you happy now?
    Quitter, quitter!

    In the coming days the dust will cover
    All the evidence of your first lover
    I hope wherever you are now you'll wake up
    And see just what a mess you made of this
    'Cause I'm gettin' somethin' right

    Am I gettin' somethin' right?

    Are you happy now?
    Quitter, quitter!

  5. lordfinbar

    Every man should have a lady in his past to dedicate this song to.

  6. Greg Lemieux

    I hope wherever you are now you'll wake up😊

    Xroukle San

    Greg Lemieux thanks?


    @Xroukle San It's a lyric from the song that literally you're making a comment on? Hello?

  7. literally toast

    Lol they totally ripped of sound garden

  8. Phil Anselmo

    4 douchebags are quitters

    Greg Lemieux

    Phil Anselmo you rocked hard pantera. I forgive whatever happened,your music helped me become a man

  9. aanunez2280

    One of My favorite Grunge songs!


    not grunge...

    Imnotgivingmy nametoamachine

    this is totally grunge.

    Greg Lemieux

    If this is grunge ,they got something totally right😎

  10. Tony Russians

    I love the viciousness of this song.

  11. Jonathan Espeche

    Last thirty seconds of the second totally rip the Nirvana "aneurysm" guitar riff.


    Believe it or not even though Toadies came into prominence in the post-grunge era they'd been around as long as Nirvana and just happened to have the same influences. Nirvana was the inspiration for a lot of bands in the mid-late 90s but not Toadies.


    Nirvana actually got sued by another band named Nirvana
    (they sucked). No they were not "original".... they were innovative..... like the "Halo" of shooters. They took something and made it better. .....>:(

    Jamie Cross

    Also, check out 'Charlie' by Redd Kross. VERY similar. Not just the same chord progression, but same key etc.

    General 11

    DrownX7 dude how stoned were you when you made this comment


    all bands rip each other off, a lot of the times it is accidental too, especially in small segments. overall this song sounds nothing like aneursym (that is like my favorite nirvana song ever too)

  12. Jonathan Carbonell

    She was a quitter.

  13. Maggi F.

    wulfs mix

  14. jeff deptula

    any body up for starting a band with a  mix of this song style?

    Chris Buentello

    Heck ya! I play the tamborine!


    totally got the triangle!!

    Shemar Bean

    I got the cowbell

  15. mhaas871

    this song entirely sums up my last relationship. thank FNORD for teh toadies

  16. Shon Downing

    Your not. I LOVE this song!

  17. Shon Downing

    All this time I thought I was getting SOMETHING this SONG!

  18. Stacy Łøpez

    One of the greatest songs ever.

  19. LeafFreedom

    Lover! Are you happy now??! Quitter!

  20. bekka barnaby

    why am i the only one who likes this song/video...did everyone get abducted while i was sleeping or something??? WTH PPL lml ~___~ lml

    Greg Lemieux

    bekka barnaby you are not the only who loves this song/band. Wether you got abducted or not I can't answer.