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Toadies Plane Crash Comments
  1. Femistopheles

    smacks of ATDI

  2. Jenna Dwyer

    How the hell is this not on Spotify 😫

  3. Liza Russ

    i always loved this band and had this cd when it first came out. They are brilliant with a sound of their own.

  4. Shane V

    Today’s music theme is “Airplanes”. Share your favorite songs with us at

  5. Shane V

    Music trivia and more at

  6. stoodle bop

    i wish they would have played this the few times i saw them. the pit was pretty intense as it is, i cant imagine what it would have been like if they played this song lol

  7. Anthony Lococo


    Fu Manchu

    Just like your opinion


    What’s wrong with it?

  8. andycane1

    A brilliant record.

  9. thundamutt


  10. CantStopDancinMan

    we found a friend in jesus via sattelite. am i the only one who finds that a little sachreligious?

  11. fugazi0311

    @stargazerchloe It didn't the first time I listened, but I rewound it back and it actually is pretty funny. XD

  12. beatthinker

    @stargazerchloe its just you

  13. evilcowkiller1

    how has no one commented on this song its been up 8 months ... guess true fans no the power of hell below and stars above ...

  14. Mal Terra

    Easily in my top 3 toadies songs, i just wanna mosh

  15. Roger Ramthorn

    Totally,..good observation :D

  16. Bob

    Must be played as loud as possible. Bleeding is okay.


    Bob, are you ok?