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Toadies Happyface Comments
  1. ZaichoThePsycho Official

    just saw them in concert a couple weeks ago. it was fukn awesomeee

  2. Aduba002

    why does this not have more views? Awesome song !

  3. IP Needly

    Still here.

  4. IP Needly

    Not Dead Yet.

  5. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Kill Unkle Diddles! Team Of Unkle Jo Jo, And Unkle Banna!!!!

  6. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    I have you Know this Iron Chief has Has A Iron fist to but up your ass right mananard!

  7. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Bet your ass wants a happy Meal Now!

  8. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Yeah hungry Jack's were better. 😢

  9. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Muppets take Manhatten on trip to never everland!

  10. Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    What No Sell at Wal-Mart Worth The Blue Light Special at K Mart.

  11. K. Sharples

    One of my all time favorite albums. Still play it louder than I should

  12. Daniel Thompson

    Ah the early adult years; this album was like an exact narration of my life haha good times

  13. phydeauxddog

    I had this on the Pleather album.

  14. mjc 427

    Yes one of my all time favorite Cd's, and underrated.


    No more sonofabitch! No more happyface! Gosh I have a lot of great memories from this great and underrated album!