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  1. HipHop Nation

    Yo, I'm checkin' for Left Eye man
    Oh God 'G'
    I don't know God, I don't know God
    I don't God, I don't really really know check my flow
    My man Al B. Sure 'He's In Effect Mode'
    Used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue
    It's not like honey dip would want to get wit me
    But just in case I own more condoms than TLC
    Um, speakin' of which, you know how I troop
    Late Thursday night playing ball at run and shoot
    I see my girl Chilli in her Lexus Coupe
    Sittin' pretty, oh, in that hot pink suit
    And Bam!
    In through the door she struts
    It's the lovely T-Boz with the ill haircut
    But Left Eye's the dime piece
    Yeah, you know it's all good
    But I hear, it was a hood
    It's like that y'all
    My name's Malik the Phife from freak
    It's like that y'all
    My name's Malike the Phife from freak
    It's on the M-I-C-R-O-P-H-O-N-E I rule
    TLC up in the house
    Crazy Sexy Cool
    Ya know what I'm sayin'

  2. Tracy Nelson

    You know this is my favorite song off the album. It should have been longer

  3. Spare Time Novels


  4. c amore

    Hot [email protected] I loved this at 10years old and still remember it all.. damn..

  5. Spare Time Novels


  6. Joshua Stephens

    Rest in Peace Phife Dawg

  7. Julia Townsend

    One of the hottest intros of ALL TIME!

  8. simplysamantha2005

    2019 ya'll 🎧

  9. 0 0

    Always loved the Interludes....😍

  10. Freeman Phifer

    Crazy Sexy Cool The 90's Lexus Coupe

  11. Freeman Phifer

    This Production is Crazy Sexy Cool. TLC Forever

  12. Carmella Pride

    Did he say gay😂😂😂😂

  13. Brandon Bishop vlogs

    This is a cool song

  14. So So

    RIP PHIFE DAWG!!! #MalikThe5ftFreak

  15. TheMastermind WithAHat

    Holy shit, it's the Five-Foot Freak!! I knew I recognized Phife's voice.

  16. dance4life1208

    My fav album

  17. Dario Wirtha

    I miss left eye.

  18. Fangaliel Lionheart

    For ever <3 !

  19. Kilo Zen

    "Cause on M-I-C-R-O-P-H-O-N-E, I rule, TLC up in the house, Crazy, Sexy, Cool". Phife most definitely ruled on the mic. 🙏

  20. Peggy Platter Hill

    I literally played this cd until it died twice lol

  21. Mario Figueroa

    Best intro EVER!!!! Rest in Power Phife ❤️

  22. Bonnita Despy

    fucking amazing

  23. fifi xoxo

    I freaking LOVE this intro 😍

  24. Maurice Stewart

    It seems crazy to admit now, considering how much I love Tribe, but i actually heard this before Oh my God. In fact, I didn't even know who Phife was when I got this album on Cassette.
    Didn't take me much longer to find out.

  25. The Melaninated Solder777

    damn the beat is so raw i feel yall TLC 4 ever r.i.p left. eye & phife dawg 😢we miss you

  26. 이서항

    여자 그룹 역사상 최고의 앨범

  27. Big Dirty

    Left Eye's the Dime piece

    Jason G

    Big Dirty yeah you know it’s all good, but I heard. IT WAS A HOOD

  28. April Wright

    I love. it

  29. Chaka Grady

    "But I heard the little hooker was a hood" lls RIP PHIFE

  30. James Hawk

    left eye is the DIME piece!

  31. James Hawk

    this is a hot beat!

  32. leftylinares

    Phife Merked this shit

  33. illadelph archives90s

    r.i.p to the 5 foot freak

  34. Tee Mee

    This entire album defined an era. With CrazySexyCool TLC poured everything that that 90's hip hop and R&B sounded like into this album. Including the reality of what was happening in the world.

  35. Clubber Lang

    Phife killed this.

  36. MrCbwTV

    5 foot assassin Legendary!

  37. RedSimba

    This intro introduced me to Phife Dawg ~ may he rest in peace!

    Antavius Draughn

    Same Here

  38. Brian Gates

    RIP Phife Dawg


    PHIFE, killed this intro!

    Clubber Lang

    Straight murdered it!

    Jason G

    KEITH DID ya he did

  40. anjelheaven

    "It's the lovely T-Boz with the ill haircut...."

  41. Renai Carter

    Rip phifedwag

  42. Kareema Maureen

    dope!!!! R.I.P. Malik the 5 foot freak..........and bam into the door she struts.....

  43. TheYingWithMelanin

    when I heard phife was dead, I just remembered this... RIP Malik/Phife


    +TheYingWithMelanin RIGHT! RiP Phife .


    so did i

    Lateshia Childs

    yeah me too

  44. JOinthe8thhouse

    RIP Phife ❤

  45. Ben Vozzo

    RIP Phife

  46. KHooksMixer

    RIP Phife Dawg

  47. whatwouldkritdo

    Rest in peace, Phife.

  48. Vernon Jackson

    R.I.P. Phife Dawg

  49. Jahmir Ward

    late Monday night playing ball at run and shoot


    Who is rapping with them?

    rodney hargrove

    +MIZZJACQUETTAx Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest

    Iris E

    I hear Andre 3000 at the beginning - "yo I'm checking for Left Eye"

  51. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    Classic Album period

  52. Kendall Wright

    this was my first favorite song my whole life! amazing how an intro is better than so many songs out.

  53. Dylan Carter

    The only intro I love!

  54. akilla214u2c

    Bring TLC Back....

  55. Plunderkid

    This and Madonna's Bedtime Stories were the best albums of the year.


    +Crunkboy415 so true!

    Anna Gomez

    +Crunkboy415 And dont forget Boyz II Men Album - II

  56. Nate Kyng

    One of the best albums ever

  57. t jay

    one of my favourite intros to any album ever

  58. Jessica Constantine

    Brings back memories

  59. fatalbert640

    My man AL B. Sure he's in effect mode, use to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue!!!
    I have always loved this intro!!

    Louise Belcher

    you know it's from a Tribe Called Quest track right? :)

    Peace from Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

    Louis marangolo

    +Louise Belcher. Phif

  60. Villain N.


    Louise Belcher

    Lynden Blvd represent represent! 

  61. Contra 2075

    Yeah vdw8420031 that intro is amazing. Reminds me of Coolio rapping the Kenan and Kel show intro and other 90s shows with a black guy rapping.

  62. Millicent Michelle

    Thank you! Love this jam :D

    Kayna Kiou

    DWW Q

  63. vdw8420031

    That was the best intro to an album Iv ever heard. it was so tight.

    mrspence spence

    vdw8420031 it still is

    Jason G

    YA it is

    Jax Anderson


  64. KHooksMixer

    Did anyone ever know what Phief meant in 0:48 "but I heard ........ was a hood......." ?

    Astronomical 1

    He said ..." She's all good be he heard that her [email protected]&!$ is a hood ". It sounds crazy cause they muted that N word out..

  65. P Gimme

    Lol exactly!


    Neva Knew Phief Dawg Wuz On The Intro

  67. Brother Yerodin

    The movie didn't bring me here, this has always been my shit.

  68. ItsVerona

    Lol I remember this word 4 word

  69. Jerome King

    This is my shit rigth here

  70. Nolan Flemmings

    dope as fuck!


    Man, this right year takes me back......I miss the 90's, WHERE IS THIS MUSIC TODAY??

  72. Thebighen

    Oh wow...takes my ass all 20 years back when I was 11 and trying to sing just like them. lol

  73. sydandtaytum

    first album i ever bought. used to listen to this everyday before school

  74. thisisnixofficial

    Ohh that bassline on introlude though *bopping head in agreement* - Yesss. [I totally wore out my cassette tape album of this]

  75. dance4life1208


  76. Khyann S Perez

    Love this one

  77. ambushIV

    It wasnt until I started listening to A Tribe Called Quest that I realized where Phife got the first 4 lines from on this intro (al b sure, dawn ect) lol smh

  78. te4888

    my man al b sure he's in effect mode. used to have a crush on dawn from en vogue.