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TLC Bad By Myself Comments
  1. Robin Phillips

    This jam i dedicate to self defeating behavior

  2. Crystal Rogers

    My new theme song

  3. frostysnow w

    The whole album is the best 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Devin Shaw

    Rest in Peace Lisa Left Eye Lopes.

  5. Sheana Stokes

    My Childhood!!

  6. susanfit47

    Contains samples of:
    Public Enemy - "Welcome to the Terrordome" (1989)
    LL Cool J - "Fast Peg" (1989)
    Run-D.M.C. - "Peter Piper" (1986)
    Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All (I Really Had I Ball)" (1976)
    S.O.U.L. - "Peace of Mind" (1972)
    MFSB - "T.L.C. (Tender Lovin' Care)" (1975)

    Ashley Coble

    susanfit47 good info

  7. TyRhey Jones

    My song

  8. Cici 305