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TLC Baby-Baby-Baby Comments

    Ain’t nobody gonna point out that left-eye has a condom hanging from her hair🤣🤣

  2. Joey Vilay

    Hands down the greatest female R&B group ever.

  3. Freddie Bwire

    RIP beautiful Lisa Lopez

  4. Cherokee Gotti

    Tboz swag was too official 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I miss the 90s so bag. All of us 80s are in our 30s. But still look young as fuck. Well most of us

  5. Lit Channel

    Before Justin Bieber

  6. Kaya Y

    Lisa is so cute😍😍😍

  7. Eric Alexander

    “I played u then and I’m playing u now”
    -T Boz 😂

  8. Justin Wallace

    Memories right here. Such a good jam.

  9. Juan Ornelas

    Gen Z missed out the good era of R&B music that both Gen X and Gen Y were blessed with.

  10. Jasen Wright

    The greatest

  11. God Child

    Tender Loving Care: TLC.

    Rip Left Eye, T Boyz & Chili

    I love your for what your done with you talent & beauty.


  12. God Child

    Love Is Love Baby Baby Baby 1.

  13. Giselle Kelly


  14. Ceylon

    I wished our girl Left Eye was still with us! But they did this song and video just right. They looked like college students for real.

  15. Death row Chef

    I love me some lefteye and TBoz...chilli cute too but Lisa waz a doll

  16. ChArLiE BeAtZ

    These kid's don't know about the 90's!! We had it good!!!🙏😎😎😎😎😎

  17. Yaya T.

    Bout a year ago I set this song as my ringtone 📲🎶

  18. Pilipinong Laking80s90s


  19. layla winch

    I'd rather listen to tlc over nicki Minaj layla winch bubbles a TLC fan always and forevermore 🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😊😊😊😊😊

  20. Clauzell Blackshear

    My opinion the best female group I’m sorry just my opinion I respect every last one of them

  21. Alonzo T

    Damn I miss the 90’s 😭

  22. nicoleyams

    This almost immediately brings me to tears. This song reminds me of so many I lost from this era rip friends from south central Los Angeles.

  23. Ivalina Passe

    2020 Winning!!!!

  24. nystagmus

    Natural beauties
    This song reminds me of my youth
    Miss it very much

  25. fundisiwe luthuli

    G. O. A. T

  26. T T

    Where's So Def?

  27. Layla Love

    This song is stuck in my head omg

  28. The Cellar Door

    T boz is so cool in this video

  29. Nicole Bakoussis

    I love tlc songs this is a good song

  30. J. E. A. M.

    Taylor Swift cannot stand up to time like these young ladies. Cute and stylist video.

  31. M.A. Jer

    I just love this song and video so much!!!!👍👍👍☺️☺️☺️💗💜💝💗💜💝💗💜💝💗💜💝💗💜💝

  32. Kia Maxwell

    2k20 still jamming 🤍💜

  33. TheHoodVillain

    One of those songs that feel like the 90s... TLC always displayed class and sexiness all at once, not to mention swag.

  34. Justin Wallace

    I remember being 13 at the skating rink back in the 90's. Damn, I am gettin old.

  35. LaToya Love

    Best female group of all times! Always Ioved TLC!

  36. Pamela Clary

    They’re all having a good time doing this video and probably not even imagining left eye would leave. I surly didn’t imagine it.

  37. Mergie Vanté

    I still love that song in january 2020

  38. Jason Adams

    I luv that late 80's and 90's style it's irregular and real something you don't see everyday foreal, I just just like it and people stay diggin me like you betta recognize and realize this is creative and I can dress how I want

    Jason Adams

    I'm sorry I meant to say dress and dissin

  39. Nick Bradford

    Actually I agree with I agree with Greg

  40. Bratayley!

    And you want my love
    Well that's alright
    Well it will be there for you morning, noon and night
    But you gotta be good
    And do it right
    Ain't got no time for part-time lovin' in my life

    Well you wanna be loved (uh)
    Hey that's O.K.
    'Cause it falls in line right with my sexuality
    But you gotta be down
    A nickel gotta be true
    'Cause otherwise this "B" ain't got no time for you

    Oh baby, baby, baby
    I got so much love in me
    Ooh (baby, baby,) baby, baby, baby
    'Cause if your're gonna get me off
    You got to love me deep

    Well you want my heart (uh)
    And all my time
    Well it won't be there if you can't deal with my mind
    'Cause a girl like me (uh)
    Won't stand for less
    I require plenty conversation with my sex

    Long as you know that I could have any man I want to
    Baby that's actual and factual
    But still I choose you to be with me
    And work on me so you better not flake it up

    Oh baby, baby, baby
    I got so much love in me
    Ooh (baby, baby,) baby, baby, baby
    'Cause if your're gonna get me off
    You got to love me deep

    Baby long as you know that I could have any man I want to
    Baby that's actual and factual
    But still I choose you to be with me
    And work on me so you better not flake it up

    Well you want my heart
    And all my time
    Well it won't be there if you can't deal with my mind
    'Cause a girl like me
    I won't stand for less
    I require plenty conversation with my sex

    Oh baby, baby, baby
    I got so much love in me
    Ooh (baby, baby,) baby, baby, baby
    'Cause if your're gonna get me off
    You got to love me deep

    I can have any man that I want to
    Time and place that I choose to
    But I think you know that I'd rather be here with you

    That's actual and factual
    You're the one I seem to run back to
    Just to get me off
    You got to love me, got to love me, got to love me

  41. Bagaztira TV

    Chilli is fine af

  42. Marilyn Nicole


  43. Travis Campbell

    I remember when this came out my girlfriend back then use to sing this song to me Octavia

  44. Mechelle Favors

    Rip Lisa😢 you are in a better place I love your energy

  45. Annika

    Are those Ray Bans T-Boz is wearing? I need those sunglasses!

  46. Andres Altafulla

    I was a kid in 90’s but i was born in 92

  47. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    I was such a fan when this song came out. Huge for me! Loved their style and their vibe. Female empowerment for sure

  48. Larry Mayweather

    Doing 90s party next weekend Larry dj Love stl

  49. OleSkool 4Lyfe

    Anyone Who Posted Recently Or Back 3yrs ago still listening to this song and TLC Jamz/music❓❓🙋‍♂️🤗🎧🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  50. OleSkool 4Lyfe

    One song🎶can spark 💥 a thousand memories👦💭😎

  51. OleSkool 4Lyfe


  52. Emilio Miquel

    Left Eye had such a baby face🥺💕

  53. Razor Ramon

    Anybody listening 2020

  54. Shona Brewer

    T boz is cool.

  55. Amanda P


  56. Ivalina Passe

    2020 Winning!!!!

  57. Faith Iyahen

    Lmao @ left eye bopping around in the beginning 😭😭😭

  58. I ate your brain

    When was this filmed and why is this in my recommendations....

  59. Cassie loveu

    I wish they bring back music like this❤... Now, all we hear about in music is a**, pu**y, d*ck, f**king, sucking, etc. Nothing educated to teach the youth or let the youth be a youth, grow and enjoy their youth. Because of today's music, most youths wanna live the fast life, be grown, having sex, having a baby at a young age, being wild and uneducated causing STDs to grow even faster it's sad... It's ridiculous what music has come too (I know why I said what I said)😔... This is the reason why I wish I grew up in the 90s or 80s #TheBestMusicEVER #TheBestYearsEVER 👈🏾You can tell through the music👉🏾those girls didn't have to take their clothes off to have fun or even get a man to love them. You can tell that 95% love back then was Genuine.

  60. Destiny Hall

    These girls was on fire too hot all up in here in 2020

  61. emcee009

    I remember being a teenager, going back and forth between which one of these three I wanted to marry. I swear to god I just couldn't make up my mind! They were all equally attractive in their own unique way.

  62. johnny horowitz

    Its a wig

  63. Kyant Tan

    Love this song till now.

  64. Terry Morgan

    The sad thing about this video is that despite the fun these girls had, they lived sad lives behind this video and upbeat music. Keep in mind that T-Boz was suffering from sickle cell disease during the time this video came out, and despite the success these girls had with hits like this, they were still broke. Really sad when you get past the music.

    Le Fez

    Then Left Eye died 😢

  65. Island Girl

    College life!!!!!!

  66. Marcella Casey

    Girls can 🎶🎶🎵🎤♦️🎼

  67. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Proof positive - That T-Boz is the Boss! My adoration, however, goes out to Lisa (Devil in her eyre) Lopes. RIP Best, amjmetaltomotown

  68. Kapree Davis

    I'll take this any day!!

  69. Casandra Jennings

    Baby Baby Baby

  70. rocco paolino

    Chili is like 50 now and she hasn’t aged a day or gained a pound. It’s actually like she is defying the aging process. It really remarkable

  71. Queen Taylin

    Their style is so cool ❤️ I love TLC so much lol I wish I was around during the 90’s era so I could’ve experienced the fashion and music!!!

  72. Crystal Ahn

    It is so funky

  73. Trivia: Love

    They’ll never be another girl group like tlc never they were one of a kind

  74. Tes Gayle

    Whose still listening in 2020🎊💖 drop a like

    Spicy Hot


    Myka Sosodef

    Tes Gayle 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️Me too❤️

    senait h

    Hey . This is timeless ❤️

  75. AGL 3000

    Happy New Year everyone who's here watching in 2020 anybody? 1/1/2020

  76. Beat Rice Kelly

    Low key thought college was gonna be like this 😂❤️....guess I gotta make it happen

  77. Queen J

    Here in 2019 but New Years is in less than 10 hrs 🤧😭

  78. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it reminds me of my sexy male friend I want be with him

  79. Coco Mcgee

    Wanted to be them all acting like I was in the video😂😂😂😂miss these days R.I.P. left eye

  80. mugglepuzzle

    That is actual and factual you the one I still run back to

  81. mugglepuzzle

    The shot with all 3 of them singing baby baby baby was priceless and perfect! That's all that I can say . I c u chilli

  82. mugglepuzzle

    I was 11 they had me lit lefteye all thru this video is my hero! And it's just such a beautiful song

  83. Beverly Walker

    Chilli's part warmed my heart and almost made me cry

  84. Ms. Jones

    Huraches was out back then 😍😍

  85. talltrez music

    Needed to clean my ear after listening to that trash earlier

    Julie Hane

    What trash? Modern music you’re referring too?!

    talltrez music

    @Julie Hane it's on worldstar hip-hop it's called fuck me pay me

  86. Mary Hudson

    Girl talk back in the 90s was so fun and innocent. Now its crazy.

    I'm Your Hope You're My Hope I'm J-Hope

    I understand

  87. Veronica Turrubiates

    Love it

  88. Jacqueline Smith


  89. Chris Fentum

    TLC, still fresh!

  90. Ivalina Passe

    Wonderful 21 Protection is Priority!!!!

  91. KadijaKaramel

    They did better hair in the 90s then now

  92. Shalom Omondi

    I was born in 99 n recognize great music but nostalgia is bullcrap,,I'm glad to b born in this gen where I can get all my music for free lol

  93. Jeremiah Fisher

    Im still here in 2019

  94. teaSis Xoxo

    i miss left eye 😢 😭

  95. Jay Roy

    Chilli can get it, all of it my money my kidney she can get it