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TK Kravitz Ready Comments
  1. Oliver Parker

    Fuck! This could be brutal if it isn't for the lyrics fuck that. We only wanna the beat😂😃

  2. Oliver Parker

    Tk n cash... The talent u have and u posted that bullshit name...👌🏽👍🏼

  3. lul camdott

    L.I.T !!!!!!!!!

  4. Smoke ForReal

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  5. Trikisha Sarden

    This is the cut right here

  6. naldo allen

    got u so wet ama bout to drown

  7. Priscilla Amito

    i love this song😍

  8. Monica Le

    Here cause of Sage The Gemini's Insty😂😍🙌🏽

    Storm Hypolite


  9. Stacia Fields

    U going off every track lol cuz u on yo way

  10. Precious Beauty

    ayee this dude needs more recognition..Surprise I never heard of em.

    sweet pea

    Precious right me neither just heard of him last night i've clearly been missing out wow

  11. Tamareona Marshall

    this goo

  12. Baby girl



    mixtape dropping agust 24th

  14. 311 Jazzy


  15. James

    this song is fucking fire bro 🔥

  16. Twisted MMA

    200 on the dash an i swear im bout to push it