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TK Kravitz Out The Gate Comments
  1. imurknoobys

    Did shak wes steal your beat?

  2. Gregory Navarro

    Stupid knock!! Aayyeeeee

  3. Estabian Smith

    Shit bang

  4. Sac kings

    This need radio play this shit is 🔥 they sleepin man

  5. Blacks production254

    I just love u Tk

  6. Arawa Toa

    🎤 fire 🔥

  7. Ben Dover

    This shits hella fire

  8. cozy mobetta Cozy mobetta

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Isabell V

    !! yass

  10. Kabelo Sepenyane

    U mad slept on

  11. Danny Alvarado

    I Hear You Since Your First Song Come Out 300Hunnn Fuck 69

  12. MissVon

    I think of Camp with this beat, a collab is needed 👌🏾

    Jerko Johnson

    VonVon that’s cuz it’s a bobby critical beat


    Jerko Johnson Wow true, I missed that. I'm slow.

    James Demouchet

    You know camp the goat

  13. Ashley Lewis

    Oh ok young nicca coming hard 💪🏾😍

  14. Juss Smoke

    OMG!) 2.0 is 🔥 af... Love this track!) You go TK...

  15. Christopher prellwitz

    My man, Prices going upppp

  16. Rae Sremmurd

    Is lit 🔥