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TK Kravitz Ocean Comments
  1. - NytrilN

    Anyone still listening in 2020?👇🏾👇🏾

  2. Mz.Neicy K

    🏊🏽‍♀️😜 I'm in my zone for this
    Might write a song for this
    Used to drinking Hennessy but I need Patron for this
    Yeah, I gotta be strong for this...💦👅💯 Still in my Zone for this...Feb.2020!!!

  3. Tiveah W

    Fuck scratching I'm pulling my Dread head's hair 😜, this song - video lit 🔥 lit 🔥

  4. imma headout

    Wit his baby quavo looking ass😂

  5. Khiyah Period

    Who else thought they was twins or brothers at first??

  6. Damieyonnah McKnight

    I’m drowning im drowning I’m drowning baby

  7. Rafael Swensen

    I can't swim n i like it

  8. Cookie Candy Dandy

    Look at Jacques

  9. Erica Owens

    Whn I Listens 2dis Song, It Mkes Me Thnk Bout...Nah! Lol! Not Goin There. Nice Thoughts😘😘😘💯💯

  10. Lady Tarianna

    My and my friends be so going this in class

  11. tashae whitson

    Jaquees that's my bitch shit it kinda grew on me listening to it like I now do

  12. Dontrel Haynes

    Me and my girl used to listen to this song every night while I'm diving in her ocean

  13. Robert Rangel

    Hows this my first time discovering this?. Damn that vibe tho

  14. Kamya Jones

    Who are still listening 2020

  15. Maggie Jo

    high key wanna hear a ocean pt2 or some 👀

  16. Purify Love

    WHO is still listening to this for 2020 New Year...I can't let this song leave me, it must come into this year with me!!! #Ocean #LoveThis #AwomansAnthem <3

  17. queen8 Janel

    2020 ? 😛

  18. Mary Curtis

    I love this song💜

  19. Carneil Hall

    This is definitely the song when u get intimate with your loved one.💓👍🏿

  20. Martina Robinson

    Why am I just finding this song it's 😍🔥🔥

  21. Yoyie Sweets

    This music video is so smoooooth 🥰 loving the vocals and beats are 🔥

  22. Kevin Yap

    Came from step up

  23. Bobby Higgins

    Seductive catchy song.

  24. shawanna Johnson

    Wow I love this song first time seeing this video 🔥🔥

  25. Insane Crip

    This my song 😍

  26. Jameson Hines

    Oceans is why I got 5 kid's

  27. Keyshia L

    Im here in 2019 love this 💯

  28. mark khevin conti

    This was playing thru my SXM again and again its addicting 🌊🌊🚤🌊🌊

  29. Nayab Browne

    I feel like GUNNA belong on this song

  30. Old Boy

    like a seal ill swim all night and day .. 10K dislike get some BLUE CHEW ..SUCKAS...HUH

  31. Mary Jiles

    L no no y

  32. The Sequence

    This music is so therapeutic.. damn

  33. Shekinah Unlished

    Can u 🤣?

  34. Aryn B

    Can I take a dive in your ocean?

  35. julikeah

    Jacquees comfortably dominating the song. Superb vocals

  36. hedi mcfadden

    This song is popping

  37. unknown user

    Came for tk

  38. Nevaeh gacha

    I love this damn song it wont get out my mind 😩😍

  39. Clautede Nascimento da Conceição

    Mano amo essa música, ouvindo em 2019...👏👏❤🎶

  40. Terri Hill

    Those vocals🥰

  41. V 33

    Still playing this a year later 👌🔥🔥🔥

  42. wavyky

    1:23 Jacquees hit that line👏🔥

  43. Isaiah Johnson

    Can I take a dab of your lotion

  44. bbygyrl moe

    The song is definitely jammin. They should make more music together .



  46. shay jones

    Listening to this drinking some wine I feel sexy as a mutherfucka

  47. Kaisha Shepard

    if you ain't ready grab ya life vest!

  48. Modesta Blackburn


  49. Fingela Hunt

    my new sex jam...😘

  50. Nesha Smitherman

    This song is a banger 💯♥🖤♥🖤🔥🔥🎤🎧

  51. Breathe

    Digital Resume

  52. random fortnite

    TK sound like- Yk Osiris

  53. puddlesfallz88

    Man I was like who is this migos looking negro it was jacquess smh why not have ur own idenity?


    Can he help that he looks like migo

  54. Amadeus Andrew

    Jacquees ass is fine af!

  55. Kaloyan Stoyanov

    This song is so nice, chill, awesome damn ..

  56. Destiny Jay Dior

    Idk what it is about this song but it’s so peaceful 😩❤️😭 and I still love it

  57. Mildenzel Malcolm Davis


  58. Tommy King

    Nice song

  59. Janelle Carter

    I fucked the shit out my husbsnd on this put his ass to sleep yes daddy I be lying if I said I didn't want it....

  60. Tha investor

    This man got only one pussy getting song

  61. Beauti Beauti Gang


  62. CJ Vlogs

    I just like this song so I listen to it

  63. YungFiness VEVO


  64. Yarelis valencia

    jacquees is so fine🤤 and his voice😍😚.

  65. Lisa Williams

    Can I take a dive in your ocean👍🔥I like this jam🆗

  66. Machael Chaffin

    Get high and tipsy ASF put this song on and IT'S GOING DOWN IN THE BEDROOM PERIODTTT

  67. Armesha Willingham

    My song

  68. Valdir Souza


  69. Teresa Robertson

    I love this.

  70. Lonezewolf Gaming

    173k People know how to dive in that ocean XD

  71. Cass with PMA Radio Station And Podcast

    🥰🥰🥰 love it🥰🥰🥰 on repeat constantly

  72. Al Ewiz

    shit so fuc%ing lit!!!!!!

  73. Nesha Smitherman

    This song is fire 💯🔥🔥🔥♥♥♥🎧🎤🎵🎶

  74. Sarah Marie

    0.8 sec had me at mmmmm❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  75. Courtney Watkins

    Are you doing shout out right now

  76. Courtney Watkins

    You are so cute today can l be your baby mama and your wife

  77. Tsunami Badi

    TK's voice sounds like Lloyd

  78. Tadiwa mboko

    Step up high water?🤔

  79. Zerros Charles多青

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

  80. DARELL Washington

    Tshis is leck

  81. ptp greenlight

    I like it💸💸💸💸🚿🚿🚿🚿

  82. akilah kinsey

    Hop on this Pony😇🔥🔥

  83. Holisticsxren

    1:55 "i need your attention..." best part

  84. Angel Ace

    The luminous water makes the video even more magical.

  85. Michel Yomssi


  86. Ogtck Ogctk

    Feeling this from step up highwater lol


    That Pussy Good They might catch On To This....😜

  88. Stephanie Williamsjjej


  89. IsraelG20 19

    This song deserves to go platinum


    jaquees looks like quavo and kravitz like takeoff in this video!! awesome