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TK Kravitz Bags Comments
  1. Astronot Apollo

    ApolloTsukuyomi sent me here

  2. Purple Haze

    Gotta go get that bag 💰💰💰💰💰👈💯👏

  3. crazy 8

    , how I;m feeling -presentarily- :'(

  4. Andre Frazier

    Gotta get dat goddamn bag bro...

  5. Ieisha Donnell

    Get the Bag!💯

  6. Dana Fleming


  7. Dominique Johnson

    TK Kravitz EP is Lit can't wait to hear 2.0 TK Kravitz

  8. Trinity Hatcher

    Bags 💼 got to go get that bag

  9. Triple Tezz

    He sound like young thug

  10. ZombieSpek

    here cause of tweezy


    ZombieSpek real talk i was lookin for sa song he was singin but its 🔥

    me stubbs

    ZombieSpek lol

  11. Joseph Teo


  12. Xo Babieee

    Ayee I like this✨😭

  13. Jamie Furtado

    Dope shit.

  14. Queen Ki

    sleeping on this nigga he finna blow up 😍😍