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Tinie Tempah Autogas Comments
  1. alex tape

    Legendary track,love it so much

  2. Awet Atoy

    Patricks best tune


    Take out everyone accept from mo stack that's all the song needs💨💨💨💨💨

  4. ImFromLDN1

    This is an under rated tune ‼️

  5. Sam Higo

    why are people still subscribed to this channel?

  6. Sam Higo

    tinie tempahs one of the only uk rappers that you'll never see wearing a snapback

  7. ImThe Gamer

    55% Bass
    30% Lyrics
    15% big narstie being stoned
    love this song

  8. shimada hanzo

    best song they done yet

  9. Giacomo Cescon

    loving it!! this goes too hard💯

  10. Thatslife

    galis... at kuto....(3x)

  11. Jack Horwood

    Big Narstie Ruined Mo Stack And Tinie

  12. caleb bs

    stick to zara larsson n hes frm plumstead


    Tinie made Grime music like this since the beginning, before Pass Out


    caleb bs tinnie was a proper grime MC back in the day, and as we see in this video he can still spit grimey

  13. caleb bs

    hes dead

  14. Kayden Wilkinson

    this song is soooo lit

  15. Jerk Norris

    tinie is so fkn annoying his catchphrase eats big sweaty dude


    nuff said.

  17. By Zruxl

    3:10 - 4:16 Thank me later 😉😂

  18. Акулий Психоз

    Ахуенный Клип #JunkFood

  19. Ellis Barrett


  20. REFLCT


  21. Daniel Knight

    Why is mostack wearing knee pads?

  22. danny garcia

    My man said E45😂😂 big up

    danny garcia

    if uno den uno

  23. Liam Ruane

    Fuck Discovery, it was good but this is real

  24. Fernando Max

    brasil <3

  25. Billy Martin

    how hasn’t this got more views

  26. Troyjames Clarke-bignall


  27. JL 365

    And you really thinks he's got time to be replying to an artist that doesn't know what he his or who he his. Chip tinie isn't going to reply to your punk ass. He's got a few mil to stack. 😂

  28. Hassan Islam

    1:59 that flow sounds so , so familiar .



  29. Spaßi

    love mostack lol

  30. Chikin Villige

    Narstie sparks a zoot at 4:20 ahahahaha

  31. Troyjames Clarke-bignall

    ha she sucking it lo l

  32. Tribe Of Fable TV

    auto gas lol

  33. Giselle30


  34. Joe Wright

    rude boyyyyyyyyy

  35. vukson89

    Serbia Love this

  36. Ayanna Mercedes

    love this ❤

  37. Sode Entertainments

    who directed this video. I like it.


    Asylum 33, directed it.

    Sode Entertainments

    oh ok , thanks. will look them up.


    @Sode Entertainments :-)

    +Sode Entertainments he's lying

  38. Shakhae Merrifield

    bangerrrrrr nigga

  39. Tkyotripz

    This outro is a masterpiece. Giving me chills everytime I hear it

  40. Josh Davies

    Nice song junk food👍🏻😉🍔

  41. Isaiah Lindsay

    Jheeze , this is too much 💯💯

  42. Awet Atoy

    Best Big Narstie verse ive heard SICK!



  44. molowe1

    i love the way he ended the video #thumbsup

  45. AndyGB2

    Big narstie got me gassed. "Ill high five mans face" lmaooo

  46. Josh Young

    this is a tuneee

  47. JJ on Wax

    instant banger!!!!!!

  48. Mohamed Alamin

    Probably best song out of all mostack and tinie this song is to good

  49. Matteo Pasanisi

    Shoutout Amsterdam

  50. Noel Sam

    this is the best track uve done in ur career

  51. Noel Sam

    tinie I rate u👌👌

  52. spainengland1

    The production with these latest songs have been on point

  53. Harry Steer

    ik got the album☺😊👍😝 +junk food

  54. Elliot Homer

    funny how everyone slates Chip saying he went pop then grime but because how big tinie's name is, everyone's happy to jump on a tune with him and forget the fact he's been mainstream for years now. Smh.


    but tinie aint a hypocrit he didnt have to do this his last two singles were both no1 hes done this indie for the fans why cant u just apreciate the music smh

    Michael Moloney

    it's because chip is shit that's why

    Marcus Armitage

    Chip is better than u

  55. definty

    Take mans chain and go. I paid the iron price, I came from the iron life, only kings wear gold, theirs no game to the thrones, burst the pipe lets go , burst the pipe lets go! Step up the levels I climb for the bezel I shine it's peak for the levels of I it's peak cos the metal may fly, Only god knows.


  56. A_B


  57. Connor Rawnsley

    Colabing with Big Narstie is the way to do it

  58. lucky

    That outro is Godly

  59. klip

    Dope af.

    Aaliyah Calisse-Rogers

    So true

  60. D-man fritz


  61. Ice cold Newz

    Tinie is coming hard this year & 2016 so hyped for his mixtape & album he's disturbing London alright support him fams

  62. Sam RIP showkey

    I rate chip but I'm feeling this one too🔥🔥🔥


    Jus coz u rate chip dont mean u cant Rate anyone else's music

    danny garcia

    +Louis Stone exactly

  63. Ryan Samuda

    I Love the levels and collabs in the UK right now #100%UK

  64. Sam Slater


  65. Ben_Dawg

    Narsties bars and flow were dope, man deserves all the attention he's getting recently

  66. ShaoLinh

    instrumental is so dope and well mixed, im dead

  67. rondo savage

    mo stack is too wavey


    Im here for Nana Rogues, bodied the production!!!! Man brought an RnB bridge to a trap song LIT!

  69. TheOppositesUK

    Na dis tune is heavy

  70. Mrckid97

    This hard, Tinie coming back to rap is a good move

  71. Mohamed Abdallah

    tinny went in

  72. UK Rap G


  73. Kwame Augustine

    This Tune is FIREEE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Tinie Definitely Launching An Assault On The game! Big Narstie Keeping It Realer than Most Per Usual... MoStack has definitely Landed! #MorePowerKings

  75. Ben Weedon

    i swear i've been listening to this since 5pm... (it's now 20 to 2 in the morning)

    Aubrey Tetteh

    +Ben Weedon U have a bad taste for music then... U need cleansing bro

    Ben Weedon

    If you don't appreciate grime why the fuck you here?

    Aubrey Tetteh

    Don't take me outta context, i said you have a bad taste for listening to this for that long. never said grime is shit! u shd listen to more genre's! U need peace in ur life

    Ben Weedon

    +Aubrey Tetteh

    bruh... i listen to most genres and can i help it of this was stuck in my head to the point where i had to keep playing it... no.
    you trying to rock arms on youtube so you need the peace bud.

    Aubrey Tetteh

    @Ben Weedon lol... jus messin wid u bro! it's normal for a song to be up in your head

  76. Ismail Uddin


  77. LeytzO !

    Chip ain't gonna be happy with this link up


    He's got beef with tinie and big narstie that's why... Plus narstie pretty much dissed tinie and chip on radio 1 extra about them doing pop songs etc and now he's collabing with tinie smh

    Jean-Mark Koula

    +guitarplayer3647 lol narstie sat on his fat ass laughing about he basically dissed him 😂😂

    Decl Matte

    Narstie used some old bars for this as well lool

  78. Jvy Pennant

    this instrumental needs to come out asap

    Music Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie T

    Jvy Pennant Nana was in my college class long time ago. Always knew he had the talent.

  79. ShotByMicah

    here for mostack.

    Junior Man

    +1 “Stryker” Up no

    S G

    +Touuchh im here for Big Narstie

    Cameron Richardson

    Here for narstieeee*


    your not on this music if your only here for him lock arrrffff

  80. KG.

    I see people are saying Tinie's verse was weak but bmt his flow on any beat, is hard for days. Salute the three on this joint👊🏾


    +Daniel Gyamfi
    He's copying the Migos flow lol nothing good about it..

    Rybo Bunk

    +RudeBomberBoy01 ayy you chip fanboys need to pipe down you'll find any excuse to say tinie is bad

    Owen Lynott

    Salute the magpie too

  81. Tom Thompson


  82. StealthedWolfzy

    YESSSS 👌🏼😍

  83. Tolu Ogunsola

    BIG up Asylum 33

  84. Adam Altaf

    tooooooo hard fam💯

  85. whyteXfang


  86. Archer

    The back and forth between tinie and mostack went in. This bangs

    Jason Erhabor

    The song banged in a whole

  87. Swerve

    But MoStack was 🔥🔥🔥

  88. Terence Scannell

    Tinie being a beast. Cannot wait for Junk Food. This Junk Food but in the new year I've got a new album with mad features!? Yes please!

  89. Adam Porter


  90. Rohan


  91. Letch M.Aden

    Big narstie is the man on this one

  92. Adnan Ahmed

    Junkfood is gonna bang for sure🔥🔥🔥

  93. Sarah Oaty


  94. Lav Edwards

    Yaassss Tinie

  95. Harry Steer

    aaaauttoogass ftw!

  96. RumeKing5675

    #JunkFood is going to be a banging mixtape