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Tim Atlas Tangerine Comments
  1. Core Mistir

    Found this guy through magic city hippies, I’m gonna go see them in ny ny for sure now

  2. Spicy Panda

    This song is so good I honestly don’t know how to compliment it

  3. Tay Marie

    I’ve had Figure A on repeat for like a year but never actually looked up the more of his music and I’m mad that I’ve slept on him for so long, like this is some good shit!!

  4. Annabelle Byrne

    this song is so underrated like -

  5. michizane


  6. Alfredo Macias

    So slept on, shout out Oakland from San Jose. Lonely Together is a life changer

  7. RollingBomberSpecial

    The dancing portions remind of Feist's "One Evening" video

  8. shesofurr

    this is so underrated i'm angry

  9. Joy Murphy

    I found out about this song on Apple Music and now I’m in love 😍 😍

  10. Randy Taylor

    This is so good it hurts. I can't get enough! That chick is adorable too!

  11. Jacob Storm

    This song is UNBELIEVABLY good. Love everything about it. So excited for the new EP!!

  12. Joseph Paglinawan

    The democratic panel is getting too crowded still. Bernie's platform is drawing the millennials in by offering student loan forgiveness, while Yang out of everyone else has a written plan. We'll see what happens next year ;)

  13. PauseMusicale

    lOVE FROM FRANCE : https://pausemusicale.com/tim-atlas-tangerine/

  14. JUDI

    okay wow, this whole song and video was a mood

  15. Brian Nguyen

    Let's be real here, Joey is the true star of the video!!! <3

  16. Youngbok Gomez

    I love everything about this. I love where you're taking your sound :)

  17. Alexandra

    Now I know the face behind this brilliant music I love! 💚

  18. William Smith

    When you gotta film a music video for the release of your new album and you only get 2 hours of sleep


    Awesome 👏


    No esperaba menos, está de lujo :) ¡Ven pronto a México!

  21. Ryan Ha

    Delicious! 🍊👌🏻

  22. Adriana Marquez

    in love

  23. Rox Chang

    the cinematography in this video is unbelievable <3

  24. waupfoo

    Your music is unique. Hope your music reaches more ears cause many are missing out. Very well done, continue on!

  25. volcryns

    amei 💞🇧🇷

  26. Selwyn Hansana

    Anyone else notice the tangerine and space suit from “Dizzy”? 🧐

  27. Michael Tang

    When you back in laaandaaan Town bro!? :)

  28. JV del Mundo

    I can definitely groove to this ❤️

  29. Saron AH

    Wait ur dancing...kindof dancing

  30. Angie Lorenza


  31. KamBQueen


  32. Faith San Diego

    0:01 ok already liked it!!

  33. Josey Gonzalez

    You’re my mint cream tangerine 🍊Love this video, love this song! 💕

  34. Arika Daryani


  35. William Gordo Jr

    This is a 2am, delirious, tired, and hella stressed out but seeing the nice little things, dancing alone in the kitchen in your PJs waiting for your cup noodles to be done warming up type of vibe.

    Core Mistir

    William Gordo Jr lol are you watching me?.... how the heck

  36. Monica Bueno Zamora


  37. The Opposing Player

    Sweet music. Always a big fan from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  38. Nemiah Hunt

    I love this! Going on my night playlist!!! ❤❤

  39. JeremyIvanLeopando

    This bangs sooooo hard

  40. Deejay Mercado

    Do a concert in San Jose!

  41. Igor Sampaio

    Perfeição 😣✊