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Tim Atlas Sidestep Comments
  1. Ayu Mardalita Dias

    Exactly song that describe my life after 25

  2. Sonate

    Loving this lit song it's so indescribable. 😎
    I wish u could collab with Omar Apollo because u both have the same musicality.

  3. heytheremogwai

    I don’t understand how your videos don’t have more views! Your music is killer.

  4. Yasmim Minil


  5. hannah quesada

    i love tim so much. i just discovered him bc of his song unwind and i literally love all his music i didnt know such a perfect musician existed.

  6. Master Shake

    Yeeees Tim!!!!!

  7. fic jeonal

    hoping for u to gain more attention! both you and your music deserve it


    Yeah, like 100 times better than most stuff you hear on the radio today. In fact that's my favorite genre and the one i would deal with if i were an artist too.

  8. Charlie Brown

    Tbh i really hear this song n i can relate to my life alot thanks tim

  9. Emma Slattery

    Just found this song and have been listening to it on repeat! So happy I found your music! Everything you write is so amazing!!!

  10. TeraVolt

    I see pure genius and talent here, this song needs to be on the radio.

  11. Spider bat

    I actually want you to get even more popular.

  12. Jaypee Peralta

    The dance at the window! Haha! I love this! ❤

  13. Num Thekop

    อ้าวเฮ้ย อุ้ม ธีราทร

  14. Elle y la luna

    You are a dream. <3

  15. The Ultimate Heroes

    Love it 😍 Great job, bro! Prouda yah!
    -Mark Sahagun😊🤘🏻

  16. bubbl

    Very 80s sounding in a good way. I love the visuals and the shots. They really capture the spirit of the lyrics

  17. Burger King

    Here before it blows up

  18. tawny.

    I have been waiting for this omf

  19. apple kim

    finally new music! so so glad to hear another banger from you :^)

  20. chloe lee

    so good!!!

  21. JV del Mundo

    I missed your songs bro, keep it up!

  22. Hunyo

    This is so good. I will listen to this until I hate it.

  23. DruMeister

    looks like this was filmed at your house

  24. Coal E Moal

    You have definitely gotten extraordinarily better! Keep up the great work. Love what you're doing with your sound. It's not what you hear now-a-days.

  25. whoknows

    Biiiiiiitch this shit is GOOD

  26. Vendav4l

    Love it! Great job tim🔥

  27. EightZeroStudios

    Really good Tim. Love this.

  28. waupfoo

    Great job with the song and video! You have a unique way of portraying the words into video. Keep it up. Your poor dog though, he or she thought you lost your mind taking a shower in your clothes and turning on that fog machine in the family room.

  29. Larry Soliman

    YAH BABY!!!!!

  30. Cas De Vente

    Yeaaah lets go! Missed you Tim 🌹👌

  31. Daniel Fernandes da Silva

    So good! Congratulations Tim!