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Tim Atlas Dizzy Comments
  1. Melu

    omggg <3 <3 <3

  2. Lyka Lolo

    love your music, been listening to your songs for weeks now ❤

  3. Kris Mapili

    Tim when are you coming to the east coast??

  4. Xaiden Trujillo

    Tim where is auntie quel??? Nani I like ur vids

  5. Roger Xiong

    I wanna know the song that was playing in the background of the coffee shop lol but great song and video! I dig Tim’s vibe

  6. Shary Aguilar

    I love this 💕💕💕

  7. Jonathan Basuel

    I’ve been in such a funk lately and ever since I discovered this song, I’ve been in such a good mood playing this on repeat. 😁

  8. Weird GaLaXy

    hey tim i dont know if you remember me but i used to be one of your students.

  9. TalktotheJARVIS

    Whooooaaa Super talented man! Keep it up!!
    Btw can you re-upload your cover of Bonnie Raitt- can’t make you love me pls!!!

  10. Tiara Jobim

    I just found this gem . And I'm so happy! New fans here Tim!

  11. Francisco Andrade

    What’s the song in the beginning in the background???

    Spider bat

    Sounds like one of his sounds but probably unreleased not sure.

  12. Rafa Wwaz

    Gua mau ninggalin jejak disini. Sebagai bukti kalo selera musik gua bagus.

  13. Alan Ladan

    Definite Wes Anderson VIBES! This is so great

  14. RUU

    I love your music soooooo much 🎵❤️💕💕
    All the love all the way from Tunisia 🇹🇳

  15. JV del Mundo

    Always amazing mannn!!

  16. ArvLie123

    "it's not for idiots who don't know how to read signs" holy double entendre

  17. AJ Operiano

    Damn this song is back a retro vibes for me 💙 cool dude

  18. Marina Beth Live

    This was amazing dude!🖤👌🏽

  19. na HuU

    ur music makes me feel like 🥰

  20. Yendis Rodriguez

    I love this song so much already 💕

  21. Andrew Kim

    what's that song in the beginning?

  22. Victoria Del Cid

    You’re insanely talented! I love the concept of this video

    no u

    Couldn't have been said better.

  23. Jesús Ignacio

    where is the apex gameplay


    wtf apex haha

  24. Kelly Chan

    SO AMAZING! Way to go Tim! Keep up the creative and talented vibes!!!

  25. Fox Sounds

    fav video in a whiiiiile! very sick. love the song. love Jesse too XD

  26. Tim Atlas

    Thanks for the love everyone ♥️

  27. Carlo Salinas

    EVERY CHILL. Like the way Marc Webb’s (509) Days of Summer or Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom or any of Michel Gondry’s movies ever gave me, I LOVE THIS SONG AND VIDEO!!! I hope these actors and actresses do movies someday, too :’)

  28. kql

    keep this energy

  29. Elizabeth Cowan

    genuinely a really great music video!

  30. EightZeroStudios

    Whoa! Yes Tim Yes! Simply magical. Keep goin!

  31. Josh Morales

    This is the best

  32. Quinabil Rizal


  33. Jesse Barrera

    oh yes.

  34. Emma Slattery

    Amazing as always! Always love everything you create music and video wise!!! Such a great song!

  35. SarahRM

    I love ur hair!!! It’s so voluminous

  36. Brian H.K. Lee

    Love this! This is so you, Tim.

  37. jPBisa

    So awesome!

  38. Joseph Paglinawan

    There are too many candidates for the presidential democratic slot for 2020. Let's stand up for the people.


    Joseph Paglinawan Agree, BERNIE 2020

  39. Monique Angelica Carzon

    love everything about this vid!! visuals are so good!

  40. andrewsalvatin

    Andrea!! <3

  41. Mark Rodriguez

    Dude holy shit

  42. Francisco Andrade

    Most amazing video ever!

  43. Jay Deelzer

    Love it!!!!! Awsum choice of angle on the story! BBBLLLLAAASSSTTT OOOOFFFFF!

  44. Bobby Kole

    I like that the girl he meets is just above-average pretty and not the typical music-video-model-stunning, it's more relatable that way

  45. Burger King


  46. waupfoo

    Wonderful, you have a unique sound.

  47. Yesenia Ceja

    Love this !

  48. Kevin Manzo

    Cant wait for this!!! Inspiration to me!!!