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Tim Atlas Color World Comments
  1. jazz0103

    This song makes me happy 😊

  2. Tag_

    Why does this not have millions? It's AMAZING!

  3. Turnicut Dubz

    gives me chills. love the chord prog

  4. Alaniz Macias

    Color World has been my favorite song since December of 2018, I love it :)

  5. Shane Livingston

    Fucking SOUNDCLOUD GEMS 😍😍

  6. The Void

    I love this, Spotify brought me here

  7. j Heise

    Damn that is good, well done!

  8. Gift Yelewah

    Im glad i listened this awesome jam made me forget about my X girlfriend & financial problems...

  9. Oanh Truong

    Guys. I heard this for the first time when Hablot Brown played live, the vocals, the instrumentals, the song itself is so fricken real and hits u in the soul deep like you a futuristic but retro renegade. Fuck. I sound like hipster trash but bro... if you can hear them live, plz gooo

  10. high_noon_hermit

    Heard this song playing in one of my my art classes and now I can't stop! So glad I found your music. Keep it up! 🌻

  11. GREGarious

    Really excited for what's to come for you! This is one of my all time favorite songs now. We need more of this collaboration!

  12. Siyabonga Mntambo

    This is on REPEAT

  13. Chris Wilkins

    Tim! Just discovered you man. So much talent here! I write music too and this vibe is what I try to emulate. I'd love to send you some songs! Anyways, much love!

  14. photobinh

    lol his song gives me nostalgia of things I have not experienced! so good 😊

  15. Green Goddess

    Obsessed with this song!!!!! 🌈

  16. edgar alvarado

    Great sound 👌🏽🤖👽

  17. Jonathan Hart

    This song is dope af.

  18. Labwork International Design

    sounds so relaxing

  19. Dãrrell Rich

    Thoroughly enjoyed this. I’d be interested in hearing an entire project.

  20. Burger King

    You need to drop more music soon!

  21. Jay Deelzer

    I thought this was a female for weeks! Love ya sounds atlas!!! Breakn Dwn trees to diss!!!

    Jay Deelzer

    Wow atlas loved my comment! Star struck!👼😍😍😍👦

    Jay Deelzer

    This song is kooler than Dillon from 90210! LOL

  22. CookieCrumbs

    made my morning awesome

  23. michee

    Fire Emoji Afff

  24. Aidan McCay

    Absolutely iconic duo

  25. Jorge Alonso Mendoza Blancas

    Sounds amazing! Greetings from Peru 🇵🇪

  26. Ricky Thich

    Do more collabs together please!

  27. Alejandra

    💞Nice :)

  28. JUDI

    I love this so much 🤧

  29. squirrel_justice

    Another day another bop

  30. Charlotte Scott

    Love this!!

  31. Alexandra

    Love this

  32. Skylar Lawson

    Can’t wait for more! 😄

  33. Coal E Moal

    Keep up the work, man. Sounds great!