Tiffany Young - What Do I Do (English Version) Lyrics

I'm thinking for the reason, baby
Why you might second-guess me
We seem so perfectly aligned and ready
Forever me together with you
I'll never picture myself with nobody else
With nobody else

Never thought that you would change
'Cause I'm here, still the same

Don't know what to do, baby
'Cause I'm not over you
What do I do, baby?
You're still the one
And I can't seem to move on
I'm afraid of being apart
I'm sitting here alone and lost and confused
So what do I do?

No this can't be the end, no
I know you can't be serious
I'll ask you once more for the sake of you and me
So search a little deeper baby
You gotta remember all of the things we shared
All the things we felt

I need you to reexplain
Why your heart had to change?

Don't know what to do, baby
'Cause I'm not over you
What do I do, baby?
You're still the one
And I can't seem to move on
I'm afraid of being apart
I'm sitting here alone and lost and confused
What do I do?

(Can't be without you)
Don't know what to do, baby
I'm so lost in you, baby
I need you right next to me, yeah!

Don't know what to do, baby (don't know what to do)
'Cause I'm not over you (I'm not over you, baby)
What do I do, baby?
You're still the one
And I can't seem to move on (ooh)
I'm afraid of being apart
I'm sitting here alone and lost and confused

Don't know what to do, baby
I'm so lost in you, baby
I need you right next to me
Don't know what to do, baby
I'm so lost in you, baby
I need you right next to me

So what do I do?
Tell me, what do I do?

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Tiffany Young What Do I Do (English Version) Comments
  1. JojoLovely 94

    Mariah Carey/Arianna Grande vibes

  2. ica ca

    2019, anyone?

  3. Petrina Wong

    sounds like a response to her breakup with nichkhun then

  4. Syafiq Zainuri

    There is only singing recorded at 7 members sing what do i do: Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon and Ryeowook.

  5. Jean Kipling

    This song fits the mood I have right now 😯😯

  6. rahmadina fadhila

    Better than korean version

  7. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Ryeowook Yesung Donghae Siwon Leeteuk Eunhyuk Shindong

  8. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Ryeowook Yesung Leeteuk Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon Shindong

  9. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Leeteuk Heechul Yesung Shindong Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon Ryeowook

  10. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Ryeowook Donghae Leeteuk Yesung Eunhyuk Siwon Shindong

  11. G-Dragon and Taeyeon


  12. G-Dragon and Taeyeon


  13. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Donghae, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Shindong

  14. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Ryeowook, Yesung, Donghae, Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong is so singing a lot.

  15. G-Dragon and Taeyeon

    Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon and Ryeowook is nice singing. Heechul did not participate

  16. Syafiq Zainuri

    Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon and Ryeowook

  17. Syafiq Zainuri

    That's only seven members has: Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon and Ryeowook for singing members. Heechul doesn't get any lyrics

  18. Ignatius Wiwin

    What do I do... Taeny

  19. Jay K.

    I heard this in uk h&m 2 years ago. I was really surprised when I figured out the singer. And it's still my jam😍 I personally think Tiffany sings much better in english than in korean.

  20. 蔡方瑜

    I love this song sososososo much!!!
    It’s still my morning alarm everyday

  21. sara

    who comes after "over my skin"?😂

  22. J O

    So proud of you Tiffany! Fighting 💕

  23. dooe Kwon

    I dont want to be called delusional but the song kind of reminds me of Nickhun.

  24. SicaTaeNy SN9D

    Such a good song

  25. captain_ smart.casual

    My TaeNy besotted ass can only think of one thing when listening to this song...

  26. Girls Generation

    She wrote this.
    I thinks its for khun khun wahaha just kidding.
    Its remind me Khunfany for this song.

  27. Girls Generation

    Please tell me the meaning of song??

  28. CutieGirl


    PD: Thanks for the video!

  29. 1242 2832

    Where did you get the english version of this song??

  30. Jeong Soo Yun

    My fav after ijwd

  31. hanoo kpop

    i need you right next to me 💔

  32. Goddess Jessica

    Me af rn

  33. Unnamed Kpopper

    Wow, I really like this song!

  34. mishwiyanᄏᄏᄏ

    Much better 'coz I can understand.

  35. stan xoloveStephanie

    This track is definitely saying what she felt after she ended her last relationship with that guy. It look like Tiffany gained so much pain and she has difficulty to get out the probably bad memory. I don't count khun bcuz I don't like him before they started. I hope my dear Tiffany and could find a guy who can give her real happiness and knows her very much, a real gentleman who is not like the playboy in the lyrics. I love her for years and she is already involved in my life. Her smile her optimistic energy cheer me up all the time. She always brings the joy to the surrounding. She deserves better. Love Tiffany forever and I'm always ur stan by ur side. I'll supp u without any reason and forever♥ Hope happiness could be with u consistently!!!!

    markeu puppy

    stan xoloveStephanie we don't know about the real deal between the two, pls don't judge too early.

  36. Glia •

    Tiff's song for khun.. cause until now she still cant move on.. #khunfany

    stan xoloveStephanie

    Probably this was a memorable relationship to Tiffany and she is like an easygoing person but she still feels it hard to get through. If the person in her lyrics is khun I feel very tragic cuz I don't count on this Thailand guy to give any happiness to my dear FFany from the begin of this relationship. And the lyrics show him is not a good guy, at least to Tiffany.

    Fgh Gsgt

    Shippers are so dumb.

  37. ica ca

    One of my fav 🙈🙈🙈

  38. Yoongieee Im

    the lyrics of the song reminds me of KHUNFANY!!!!!!!

    stan xoloveStephanie

    Possibly is saying what she feels after she broke up with khun

    Yoongieee Im

    xoloveStephaniestan truee.


    Yeah, I think the same because according to some chinese news/pages, there was a misunderstood between Tiffany and a chinese actor when she was in China. Some Nichkhun fans started to hate Tiff and maybe because of that misunderstood they broke up :( (I feel very gossip, srry xD)

    Girls Generation

    Yeah wahaha

  39. adaszkun

    What genre is this exactly? I really like this one

    Jack Baichtal

    A mixture of pop and R and B, I guess

  40. Fu Shim

    Only I think it sounds Ariana's style?

    Will G

    Originally Mariah’s style shocker

  41. raie


    Leslie Ann

    call lisa pretty and nasty hahahaha onga

  42. 707

    *My locksmith mind is going crazy*

  43. ritsusthighs ////w////

    san francisco native supporting right here 🙌

  44. jolina cunanan

    listening to this kept on reminding me of her relationship with Nickhun. and to think of that she herself wrote this song!

    Viel Andie

    Jolina Cunanan Same here #KhunFany

    dooe Kwon

    Oh my God someone who thinks the same as I do.

  45. MADPunkyHeartLESS

    I think she should make an American debut. I feel like with her style and her voice, she'll probably be able to make a good name for herself here. :) And I know she was born here, too, so that's a plus.

    Alyssa Borja

    MADPunkyHeartLESS and now she already did!

    Gea Canete

    now she already did debut in US yaaaay 🙌

  46. MADPunkyHeartLESS

    I like this song. :) This song is giving me early 2000s vibes, also.

  47. Kenzo Drieno


    Dereck Cameron

    Kenzo Drieno tiff wrote this song sooyoung just did the Korean translation. actually tiff did the melody and music too

  48. Suci SG

    this sounds so ariana, love it 💕

  49. Alex F

    Been listening to the Korean version only. Glad to know there is also an English version. She needs an English album 😀

  50. Ladys_Sam

    Cette chanson en France on l'entend toujours à PIMKIE 😘❤💋

    Mister Kpop

    SAM976 woooh ah bon


    Mister Kpop oui à Pimkie Rennes 😉

  51. 소시Sarah


    Robin Assels

    Sarah 소시 ikr!

    mohamed rz

    Im seeing it rn wow

  52. Kpoperz Dancerz

    She deserve a US debut. I know she can do it better than CL. She born and grew up in US. She love her hometown music style and the most important is Fanytastics(Tiffany Fans) always support Tiffany Hwang!! 💕💎👑🔥🎉🎈💪

    Goddess Jessica

    WoW cL is so relevant you had to bring here when there is absolute no correlation

    Ronai omo

    Kpoperz Dancerz
    Tiffany is amazing but please dont shade CL.


    she's just do it !

    sad sushi

    Hey I'm here from the future. She got her US debut :)

    Kamen Rider Chronos

    She made it.she is not a K Pop singer anymore. She is becoming western.

  53. Norhan Elsisi

    she is trying to be like Jessica but she lose😂😂


    dont compare tiffany to jessica because they're different from each other. Be mature


    Aw, that's cute. Tiffany co-wrote this one song while Jessica co-wrote half of her 1st album and most of the 2nd one! Dig deeper on Wiki, dude! Pretty sure Jessica is as talented as Tiffany, if not more!

    GoldenMelody LuvieSone

    Norhan Elsisi In what part did she tried to be jessica!? Even sica said that she and fany has different style in music...

    Ji Lee

    Are you trying to be funny or what 😂😂

    Jaden Frei

    This does not make sense. Taeyeon and Tiffany released their solo debut albums before Jessica.

  54. Michael Surak

    It's crazy that she has so much of a American accent when she sings this, if u heard this without knowing who sang it you probably wouldn't even know she's Japanese

    MushroomFany Taengoo

    Yeah its so crazy american had american accent.


    She was born and raised in the U.S haha


    LMAOOO japaneze

    Ressentiment Baby

    I'm sure she is better than you on american accent because she is an american :) what a racism. Damn, If you feel like she has perfect american accent, you must think she is an american first



  55. lee min jung

    I came because of YulTi. Yuri said this is her favorite song of the album and this song was composed by Tiffany


    lee min jung from where?? I do ship YulTi also

    lee min jung

    Phat K [Locksmith Thailand] from V app live...Yuri called Tiffany and talked about her new album

    dragon lord skaterxxzzxx

    you have video for that mate?

  56. Kailee Broadway

    I love the English version so much better... I feel like its her US album or something

  57. Mateja Savic

    They played this song at H&M the other day I got a little too excited lol

    Gangus The Refrigerator

    Mateja Savic They play a lot of SM ent. artists in general..... I remember hearing Shinee's view playing and F(X)'s 4 walls also!

    choi minho

    OMG they played in H&M in Greece as well and i literally lost my shiet!!!

    Huy Truơng

    Mateja Savic now she is H&M’s global representative

    C. Sebastian Snchz

    @Gangus The Refrigerator i heard Power by EXO play in a McDonalds before, and this was in Australia


    @C. Sebastian Snchz I heard fake love at McDonald's once

  58. Zero Omar

    Melody and Lyrics by Miss Tiffany Hwang. Good job, Fany! :3

  59. swiftlyswifto13

    the fact that she wrote this song... damn!


    yeah sooyoung wrote the korean lyrics

    MushroomFany Taengoo

    Tiffany wrote this version aka the original ver then sooyoung wrote korean lyrics since tiffany isnt that good with writing korean lyrics.

    Angel Mater


    captain_ smart.casual

    OH MY GOD, did she really!??! That's amazing!

    Hatikah Idris

    swiftlyswifto13 sooyoung wrote the korean lyrics and she wrote this lyrics

  60. ugh, your mind

    ariana should so make a demo of this song. its sooo her styleeeeeeeeeeeee

    GoldenMelody LuvieSone

    she's a fan of Ari :) watch some of her cover :)

  61. Ayesha Hannah

    when i heard this song for the first time in an instagram vid, i thought she was singing in korean n then i saw this vid and.. she's actually singing in english ._. no offense tiffany .

    kim the besttt

    this song has korean version.

    Ayesha Hannah

    kim the besttt yeah i know that.. b4 i commented , i heard the whole korean version but its lyrics sound different from the short vid i watched in ig .. then i found this one n it sounded same

    Jessica Wang

    Ayesha Hannah You know that she is American right? She was born and raised in Cali

    Ayesha Hannah

    Jessica Wang yep..i know that..shes very cool tho ;)

  62. reina lee

    "I never pictured myself with nobody else"

    This line is really making me cringe


    got chainz? Why

    revelthot ً

    girl it has two negatives, therefore is grammatically incorrect

    Regina Lee

    got chainz? ikr

    stan xoloveStephanie

    This side I'm same with Tiff


    lol the double negative? cause same

  63. Siya Mathur

    I've been listening to this on repeat for like 16th time already!


    I felt that ❤

  64. N S

    such a good song