Tiffany Young - Run For Your Life Lyrics

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Run for your, run for your life (Run for your life)

Way that I move, got the whole world watchin'
I'm in a mood and I don't wanna hide it
Blue chills and white shivers
I'm ice cold, baby, on an ocean of glitter

Now walk
Run for your life
Run for your life, ah, ah, ah, ah

It rains out of control
These chains don't have a hold on me
Don't say I'm a sinner
I'm ice cold, baby, on an ocean of glitter

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Run for your, run for your life (Run for your life)

Feelin' the danger in every motion, now
Don't be a stranger to your emotion
Truth hurts but lies wither
I'm ice cold, baby, on an ocean of glitter

Now walk
Run for your life
Ah, ah, ah, ah, run for your life

It rains out of control
These chains don't have a hold on me
Don't say I'm a sinner
I'm ice cold, baby, on an ocean of glitter

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Run, run for your, run for your
Run for your, run for your life

Run for your, run for your life
Run for your run for your life

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Tiffany Young Run For Your Life Comments
  1. Irma Bruynel

    Why did this song not blow up, it slays so hard I love it

  2. agnes bax


  3. kitty isti

    Here again after she said it's her fav 😂😂

  4. Alexa Rodriguez

    Me encantó esta canción

  5. Ahmad Musaddiq

    when will queen drop a new single ..I need more content from da queen.. it felt like 20 years ago already since rfyl drop even though it's just 4 months hahhaaha .. ''She must be working hard on new song FOR SURE''

  6. Christian GM Guzman

    Tiffany Queen

  7. Moch nur Huda

    tiffany young when are you guys coming back we sone miss you guys together again even I am crying because i miss you guys together I hope you guys will come back soon

    kermit que

    Give them time. They all dedicated over 10 years into Girl's Generation and this is their chance to do what they want as individuals. I know all Sones want them to release more music but this is what they all decided because they know it's for the best.

  8. Cherisse Tillman

    I swear this remind me of Lady Gaga. That's the first thing to mind

  9. ros

    Some parts gave me strong Caroline fake mother vibes, I don't know why

  10. Jazmin Medina Lopez

    I love it♡

  11. sergio muñoz

    only 2 M come on Sones wdf ... O_O

  12. Lxxrt

    This sounds like a runway SONG

  13. Kiky wang

    Waow finally 2M guys💕

  14. shin glaaa

    Tiffany dejo el sótano de SM para ir a la agencia de su novio el parásito ese el productor , y cagarse la carrera con el puto auto tune. De tener una hermosa voz a escucharse como un maldito robot.

  15. Sean Ke

    2 million!!!

  16. Lilly Clark

    Hater: ewww


  17. sin7ent

    2 million views on Valentine's Day, hurray!!

  18. the car window guy

    0:20 1:18

  19. 붸에

    진짜 존나 멋있다

  20. daphine Barnedo

    this deserve more views i will not stop playing this song

  21. 이예원


  22. wackson hollands

    yo si la amo diosmio

  23. Safira Azzahra

    actually Tiffany will never be separated from the question of 'SNSD', because if it were not SNSD, no one would know her. but I respect his decision. hey Tiffany do you remember that you said you wanted to focus on acting? but why are you singing again ?. Actually I know that SNSD now only has 5 people. but because you love Sone so much, you guys say that you are still part of SNSD. You know Tiffany, I don't know that you have changed a lot now, I'm sorry but I see that your face is not the Tiffany that I used to know, I see now that you are very old because of your makeup. maybe when you were in SM entertainment, maybe all the fashion was set by them and that's what makes you can not style according to your wishes, maybe. and now you are free to choose your style and choose the genre of song. actually if you don't come out, maybe Now there's the latest snsd song in 2020, because for me there is no dead snsd. but I feel that maybe you guys think, it's time for a new gilrband to show his talent, and you as seniors succumb. Tiffany, if you read my comments, know that I really miss you guys performing on the same stage, I will wait until it arrives. whatever happens Tiffany is still successful with your choice. iloveyou

    kermit que

    First of all, SM and the entire group have confirmed that they are still an eight member group. Secondly, fuck you for calling her old.

    T de Lioncourt

    Right how dare Tiffany be happy and glowing on her own? /s
    Stop with the passive agressive BS, Safira, it's not pretty.

    Safira Azzahra

    @kermit que . no one knows what actually happened there. I am sone and I am sure that those are just words to make happy every sone in the whole world that they are still SNSD. but even so I keep waiting for their comeback as they say. about the face it's just my opinion

    kermit que

    @Safira Azzahra Tiffany has said that SM and the three who left are on good terms. Do you honestly think SM would decide not to continue with SNSD? The one thing SM cares about is money and SNSD brings in a hell lot of money from albums, merch, tours, etc.

  24. Natalia Harrison

    So i'm not the only one who felt that Lady Gaga Vibe. She's looks gorgeous and her voice goes so well with it

    kermit que

    Same producer from a lot of Gaga's work

  25. xolovemich _ss

    1,992,261 almost 2M!!!

    Stream Lips On Lips too and let’s reach 10M before Feb 22nd 12am PST!

  26. ash

    I don't listen to this type of music but damn I love Tiffany. Her voice suits this type of sound & omg the outfits 😍 & this will probably become another LGBTQ+ anthem abdkandm yAs

  27. matheus Oliveira

    my god this is perfect

  28. iambackwithabang

    Tiffany is fierce 😍🤩🥰😘

  29. 김민석

    변하지 않는 아름다움과 멋 ...❤️

  30. kakak tua

    my earphones:

    Tiffany Young - Run For Your Life
    0:35 ━❍──────── 2:47
    ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
    VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%

  31. xolovemich _ss

    1,987,016 let’s gooooo 2M!!!

  32. meaf cover

    her face in the thumbnail is look like sunmi for a while

  33. Konichiwa bitches!

    Hino injustiçado! Fico possesssssssoo!!

  34. Atilla b


  35. Atilla b

    Look like Lady Gaga ❤️

  36. Atilla b

    Video and song very powerfull ❤️

  37. Puppet Must Die

    So beautiful 💕

  38. 多啦a夢TV

    For those who don't know,
    She is tiffany from the Nation Girl Group of South Korea - Girls' Generation aka SNSD

  39. K M


  40. Mercy T

    She looks like Yoona/Yeri 1:57

  41. Mercy T

    1:33 ok.. ok.. ok...

  42. Dan Han

    i feel like the lyrics/chorus don't match with the underlying beat



  45. 김유

    아 이분 미국인이지....완전 다른사람됏네

  46. citrus

    underrated bop

  47. Debee

    Hello people!!!! Why does this have only 1,9 million views?!?! This deserve way more!


    Yes, when this releasing, I thought it will hit 10M views in a short period. Sadly, this song is underrated.

  48. RBLXwithAnn

    🇨🇦Veiwer from Canada🇨🇦

  49. Jeenifer Alberto

    My favorite song from Tiffany ❤❤ I can't get enough of it ❤❤

  50. Other Space


  51. Kurt Lagasca

    Woah an asian woman who doesn’t do K-POP??? That’s amazing she’s breaking boundaries in Hollywood!!!

    Kurt Lagasca

    BishImshooky. Exactly, seeing an asian woman or asian male all ppl will immediately think is they’re kpop artists. My point was to show that asian artists don’t just do kpop they can also do english or western music.

    Kurt Lagasca

    Poker Face omg I LOVE NIKI!

    Josh Mateo

    LMAOOOOOO the definition of irony right here. The woman in the group for a decade that paved for the WHOLE genre to be as big today .


    Kurt Lagasca lmao that’s kinda bs

    MiSO is my religion

    Jessica jung (her former bandmate) also debuted in english and has 2 eps in english

  52. rihaznafri mendes

    Idk why, i think tiffany young really needs to collab with rich brian. it will dope!!!

    xolovemich _ss

    rihaznafri mendes yasss transparent x 88 plssss we need this to happen!!

    kermit que

    suprised she didn't sign with their label. then again that label focuses more of hip hop right? i mean niki is under that label so 👀

    xolovemich _ss

    kermit que yeah it’s more on hip-hop and r&b type of music whereas tiff does r&b too but more on pop. 😅 nevertheless, I still want to see them collab 🎶

  53. xolovemich _ss


    2M soon!!! Such an underrated bop. ❤️

  54. Rizky

    the rah rah bitch vibe

  55. bruno bardales garcia 2

    Saludos de Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪 hermosa

  56. Hernan felix Collanqui yana

    God is a woman and her name is TIFFANY YOUNG ♡♡♡♡♡

  57. Andrea Sone E.B.B.K

    Mi favorita 💜

  58. Gabri Dragomir

    why i have the feeling i watch Lady Gaga?

  59. Metaly Black

    Asian lady gaga?

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  61. Sana Ijaz

    Ocean of glittaaaaa

  62. K마링

    레이디 가가...?

  63. eno ishak

    1:32 me having tall legs in roblox

  64. eno ishak

    This giving me Lady Gaga Bad Romance vibe

  65. Sander Put

    this bitch fucking me up with non stop bops WERK

  66. 사랑나무

    티파니 항상 응원해요!!!

  67. clown cherry motion

    Why is this so underrated?? Tiffany world domination

  68. Saturne

    Too underrated. you will make it big in the usa i can tell tiff<3

  69. Malnourished Pig

    even more amazing with headphones/earpieces

  70. xolovemich _ss

    “Just the OHs” 🤣🤣🤣


    the cockroach when i walk into my room

  72. Wendell Alban

    Mumshie 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  73. Vy L.L

    1:32 that’s so extra 😂

  74. Never Mind

    Nghe nói Sơn Tùng idol Tiffany nên vào xem thử:))

  75. Michael Carnes

    This is my daughters dance song

  76. Angelina Hernandez

    Lets just say she out did most bitches from the future not all not all just most <3 shes a Leo after all. <3 iconic lioness

  77. Sulli&hara&jonghyun

    QUEEN 👑

  78. sin7ent

    can we get it to 2 million views anytime soon?

  79. joy82 pm

    Somehow sounds like Ldy Gaga

  80. Matthew Gaither

    This is totally fierce!

  81. Jovnathaniel Maratas

    Philippines 🇵🇭 here love ya Tiffany

  82. Genie S.

    Ocean of GLITTA

  83. Lidka

    I love it

  84. Gowon's Crunch


  85. Kylie Jo

    Tbh this sound like a Lady Gaga song and I'm loving it.

  86. ChumbaWumbler NBHNC

    Proud of you baby Squirrel!
    Been a fan since SNSD
    Love ya♥️

  87. Rem Aguas

    justsaw here in manila, god tiffany!!!!

  88. F N

    Lady Tiffany. 👑💞

  89. Brax

    I wish this song was longer

  90. 예린

    엠버님이랑 티파니님 그래도 하고 싶은 음악하시는 모습이 보기 좋아요!!

  91. Yarvo


  92. Esther Han

    she totally sounds like Lady gaga

  93. heyedddie

    This woman deserves more views.

    xolovemich _ss

    heyedddie yassss

  94. N Love


    backup randy

    N Love thats the point of the song. It hs to sound grungy and distorted

  95. James Perez

    Lady Gaga vibes

  96. s njau

    Am blown away by her voice!!!

    xolovemich _ss

    s njau check out her other songs too!!!

  97. ari moon

    Marry first Tiffany young before sex. Ok? No free sex.