Tiffany Young - Over My Skin Lyrics

I got this vision in my mind
You got me sinning with desire
You got my heart on double time
And I'm not putting out this fire
Call me anytime that you want
Send for me you know I'll come over
Hit me when you're ready to go
Love me cause I like and I want ya
Ooh put put put put it on me

This woman woman woman woman woman
Wants you bad

(I want you over my skin)
'Cause I like it when you touch me
(I don't know where to begin)
Do nasty things and you don't judge me
(Say it again and again)
You got that something that undoes me
(I want you over, over, over and over)

There's nothing wrong with being bad
You know that's what you like about me
Just run your fingers down my back
Go head and feel up on my body

Because I'm owning what's mine
Confident I know I look good babe
Hope that you can handle my shine
Love me in the way that you should babe
Ooh put put put put it on me

This woman woman woman woman woman
Wants you bad

(I want you over my skin)
'Cause I like it when you touch me
(I don't know where to begin)
Do nasty things and you don't judge me
(Say it again and again)
You got that something that undoes me
(I want you over, over, over and over)

Love me
Respect me love love me
Touch me
I wanna feel you on me
I want you over my skin
Say it again and again

'Cause I like it when you touch me
(I don't know where to begin)
Do nasty things and you don't judge me
(Say it again and again)
You got that something that undoes me
(I want you over, over, over and over)

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Tiffany Young Over My Skin Comments

    I melt away when you wink at you The heart almost stops beeping. Long sigh. You affect the heart. Tiffany.

  2. AC Reyes

    The dancers pulled off this performance.

  3. Adriana Hernandez

    those ex boyfriends better regret for letting Tiffany go, like really..

  4. Wangi Lima

    Tiffany's move still stiff for me, but yes she's way better than she was with SM

    Allie Foster

    Yeah. But not only does she have to sing it but she also has scoliosis which can attribute to that

  5. Icey Hot


  6. Arindham Dharmsattu

    That ass

  7. DayswithLaguardia

    Stevie Dore always a stand out!

  8. Gummy Bear

    i miss your brunette hair fany yahhhh

  9. Nicole Buelna

    Yaaaaaas Queeeen!!!

  10. The Amateur Artist

    Ok this is a violation, damn she snapped😂❤️❤️

  11. RizkyMariant

    2:05 i’M NOT READY I——-

  12. leidy possu

    Genial!!!!! 😍😍😍

  13. ᅮᅮ레몬

    How is everyone so gorgeous ?!?

  14. sebxstian1993

    Stevie is so flawless

  15. chensia


  16. bank kps


  17. ferlyn)☆(taho

    I love how you genuinely seem to be enjoying yourself and not looking at the camera for approval :)
    You go girl!!

  18. Sofia Tarifa Demat

    Gew!gmtm kkg gmtm mg l flf mmfv lk lk L oiu germwewoc Kfkgjgkkfhjgkoknn sofitaridemat07💟💋

  19. blackevlyn

    we need like coreographer to BLACKPINK

  20. blackevlyn

    is amazing

  21. KrysTel Ong

    not every probably most? but for sure she's one of mine

  22. Bob Hager

    I could have done without the 2 soy boys "dancing"

    Karla Vanelys

    well one of “the boys” is the choreographer so deal with it.

    Bob Hager

    @Karla Vanelys I don't care if one of the "boys" serves her tea, I could do without them

  23. Glitz Glitter ;3


  24. margarita valdivieso

    Amazing dancer especially Tiffany 🔥❤️💪

  25. Peter

    Tiffany danced too soft no musculus

    Allie Foster

    She has scoliosis

  26. Charity Medio

    Mommy fany

  27. NomNomBom


  28. Dogswill sing

    reached 2 million views - congrats to all!

  29. Ummi Aqilah Nadiah

    Remain the superior

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  31. Farrah Mae Alfaro

    woah woah woah 1:10-1:14 😜
    You do you Tiff! 😘

  32. Jimin's Whitening Soap

    Sexy Fany💜💜💜💜

  33. Jimin's Whitening Soap


  34. Jimin's Whitening Soap

    She's On Fire 💜💜💜 🔥

  35. Jimin's Whitening Soap


  36. sophie connell

    Her voice reminds me so much of britney spears!

  37. hskiwilt uwu

    it’s 3am here and I’m in my room trying not to scream for what she does with that woman’s head and I think I have failed anyway thank you tiffany for existing because now we have the prove that god is really a woman

  38. hskiwilt uwu

    I think I’ve never been gayer

  39. Jo El

    Those dudes wear heels better than me

  40. John Peter Angelo Garcia

    THIS on music shows could've shown the new girls how it's done.

    john banana

    Ugh ikr

  41. rubber band

    get it tiff

  42. MissOtome

    I knew she was a kpop singer! I was like haha I'm right when o read the description

  43. Daniela Alayo

    Ok so, i'm so gay

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    تجنن⁦❣️⁩💟من معي يحط لايك

  45. AC Reyes

    Great dancers

  46. lahire22

    so chic!

  47. Thuan

    i think this video is even better than the orginal MV 😢 Fany 🔥🔥

  48. Moon_Lover

    LOVE HER!!!! <3TIFFANY DAEBAK! Hope her new music would have dance choreography T_T <3

  49. Cap'n Jace

    Supermodels dancing is now my favorite genre of music

  50. Anita Bhoi

    Wow hot
    Tiffany slaying 😘🔥🔥❤️

  51. soshiu_


  52. Nekomon

    She's so hot, it makes me wanna cry <3

  53. kenza h

    Okay Tiffany is amazing as always and even better but can we talk about the backup dancers. They absolutely slayed! This whole choreo wouldn't make any sense without them.

  54. Laura


  55. kim hwang

    My pretty queen Young 😍😍😍

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    ahh my heart 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️💔

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    1,946,681 (4:16 PM - view counter stalled again)

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    When I watched NCT dance practice I remembered this 😳😳😍 they used the same practice room

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  72. mahdieh jambor

    This song turns me on😂😍

  73. Neha Desai

    When the boys entered the dance slaying in those heels
    ********Wig snatched********

  74. Melharhyth

    She used to be super skinny, now she's actually a little bit more thicc and i'm so happy. I'm actually glad that she's now looking after herself properly, and not strictly controlled by Transparent Arts


    Wait let me stop you, she´s just as skinny here as she is just now and has been for the past years. And has nothing to do with her being "controlled by Transparent Arts". Transparent Arts is not SM Entertainment, they don´t control her if anything she´s freer now than ever as stated by herself in several interviews, she even considers herself a free agent for the amount of freedom she is given now.


    @Cam that last one is literally my point...

  75. luisa _ss

    Tiffany your really messing with my sexuality ❤ luv u! 💕

  76. SwampDonkey1987

    Everyone on here is talking about Tiffany, I couldn't take my eyes off of Stevie. Just saying.

  77. Eva Chen


  78. so one


  79. JM JM

    TIFFANY <3 <3 mi snsd favorita <3

  80. Jiří Valenta

    SM wants Fany over they're skin :D

  81. nagawa hawa

    I loved these guys so much on BGT. They are dope. I love tiffany now more than ever.

  82. Tip Za

    Taeyeon doesn't like this. 1:11

  83. Byun Bacon's Wings

    I'm just love the fact that this video is overflowing with confidence💜

  84. SNSD forever

    Always people have said that Tiffany is the Worst Dancer of Girls Generation and see this, she is the less talented in dancing and She is better than some Main Dancers in rockie groups. I love this amazing queen. ❤️👑

  85. Hey LaLa

    Can't believe that this girl is the same girl who used to sing "baby baby baby" "gee gee gee gee" "oh oh oh oh"

  86. Laure BTSFOREVER

    Cette chorée est tellement réussi quelle me donne chaud chaud chaud !!!!! Yanis tiffany stevie.... Etc je suis fan je vous love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    taeyeon would kill for this concept

  89. Noel Simon

    Literally a legend.

  90. Erika Angela Tumaliuan

    She is not the best dancer in that studio but she stood out in a good way. Does that make sense? She projects the song like she owns the people dancing behind her. She is amazing.

    Zaruhi Tshitoyan

    She's not a dancer though

    Erika Angela Tumaliuan

    @Zaruhi Tshitoyan yeah i know.

  91. so one

    Tiff Queen😍👑🔥

  92. Xuan Pan

    Why everyone thinks sexy is superior ?

  93. mj slmn

    When she started to strut forward I began gay panicking holyshi-

  94. Chiyan Law

    2:35 do you guys see how Yanis barely touching thr girls' body and legs? This is how you respect women 👍👍👏👏

  95. SNSD one and only Nation's girl group ever exist

    The mother of PINK Dragon 😍😘

  96. xoxo Tou's

    Hate me all you want bt this was booooring minus the two guys. They saved this video.

  97. L O U I

    This is so good. Good job Tiff and Yanny

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    she's soooo sexy!