Tiffany Young - Once In A Lifetime Lyrics


Amu geotdo mitgo sipji anhatji
Suthan mannamgwa geojitmal
Geuraetdeon nal byeonhwasikin
Nollaun iri saenggyeonan geol
Cheoeum sarangeul sijakhan geotcheoreom
Geochin siganui gangeul jina (duryeoum eopsi)
Ijen geudae pume jamdeulgo sipeo

You are my once in a lifetime
Geudaen gipgo keun bada
Sumswineun dongan ani
Geu huedo nae pyeoni dwaejul
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

Cheoeumen anil geora bujeonghaesseotji
Urin cham dallasseunikka
Jogeumssik urireul yeokkeun
Nollaun hime gamsahae
Amudo uril pulji mothal geot gata

Hearil su eopseul meon hunnal (oraen huedo)
Jigeum i maeum i neukkim geudaero

You are my once in a lifetime
Geudaen ttatteuthan baram
Sumswineun dongan ani
Geu huedo nae pyeoni dwaejul
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

Naege ssodajin nunbusin bicheun neoya
Memareun nae mame dasi kkocheul piwojun

You are my once in a lifetime
Geudaen neolgo keun uju
Nareul kkaewojun
Dasi utge han ojik han saram
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime


아무 것도 믿고 싶지 않았지
숱한 만남과 거짓말
그랬던 날 변화시킨
놀라운 일이 생겨난 걸
처음 사랑을 시작한 것처럼
거친 시간의 강을 지나 (두려움 없이)
이젠 그대 품에 잠들고 싶어

You are my once in a lifetime
그댄 깊고 큰 바다
숨쉬는 동안 아니
그 후에도 내 편이 돼줄
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

처음엔 아닐 거라 부정했었지
우린 참 달랐으니까
조금씩 우리를 엮은
놀라운 힘에 감사해
아무도 우릴 풀지 못할 것 같아

헤아릴 수 없을 먼 훗날 (오랜 후에도)
지금 이 마음 이 느낌 그대로

You are my once in a lifetime
그댄 따뜻한 바람
숨쉬는 동안 아니
그 후에도 내 편이 돼줄
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

나에게 쏟아진 눈부신 빛은 너야
메마른 내 맘에 다시 꽃을 피워준

You are my once in a lifetime
그댄 넓고 큰 우주
나를 깨워준
다시 웃게 한 오직 한 사람
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime

[English translation:]

I didn't want to trust anything
Abundant meetings and lies
A surprising incident happened
That transformed me
Like starting to love for the first time
Past the rough times (Without fear)
Now I want to fall asleep in your embrace

You are my once in a lifetime
You're a deep and wide ocean
While I breathe, no, even after
You'll be on my side
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

At first I was in denial, didn't think it would be
Because we were so different
I'm thankful for the surprising powers
That bind us together bit by bit
I don't think anyone can unbind us

Countlessly far days in the future (Even after a long time)
This heart and feeling right now will remain

You are my once in a lifetime
You're a warm breeze
While I breathe, no, even after
You'll be on my side
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime

Shining light that pours on me is you
Who made flowers bloom in my parched heart

You are my once in a lifetime
You're a wide and large universe
Woke me up, made me smile again
The one and only person
You are my
You are my once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime

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Tiffany Young Once In A Lifetime Comments
  1. QualityBlood

    The iconic "You are my~~ once in a lifetime" :)

  2. MoureLeila

    I love this song so mush

  3. Lariesh Felesety

    I Played it in 1:25 speed , ...................... Damn it's Freaking Good
    ( Warning: Don't Judge me, cause this is just my Ears Opinion )

  4. Jung Lovely

    The best Ballad

    Jung Lovely

    Not actually a ballad...but Meaningful song

  5. Girls' Generation - GG4EVA

    Bestt Tiffany songg ❤❤❤

  6. J O

    Best SONG <3

  7. Sarsar

    My fav 💘💘💘💘

  8. Shaden A.

    Tiffany is my once in a lifetime.

  9. therosrose

    I thought that it's cover for 1D song lmao

  10. Zeni Maria Putrinda S.S

    i love this song

  11. Joaquín García

    My favourite song from Tiff ♡ I really love it, the music and the vocals! So beautiful and relaxing, lyrics are pretty too ^^

  12. lurburly

    I feel like this would be a great wedding song

  13. Mario Timothy

    Finally! 100 times i have heard this song in a week

  14. Natthanan Nuanla-or

    รักพี่จัง ฟานี่อ่าา

  15. VAL V

    This songs about her mom

  16. Eren's ocean eyes

    Tiffany your a great singer and i just fell in love with your personality and unique voice. I hope its not so late but please continue singing. For us, For SONE.

  17. 소녀시대사랑해

    노래 너무 좋다ㅠㅠ 파니❤

  18. Booming system uh uh TY Track TY track

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 TIFFANY

  19. Zen

    This song sounds like Fany's singing to me lol oh my delu self wake up. It's just so romantic you could see this as a confession song or also an anniversary song its just too good

  20. Cherry Andrada

    i came here after the news saying tiffany will be out in snsd. Im crying rn. :(

  21. Choi Lizxy

    Why she look like jessica... Omg... My heartueu...

  22. forever

    Is there any christian here? I think she sings about God's love.. in my opinion. And this is my favorite of Tiff's album.

    Jonathan Chung

    I'm a Christian! That could be possible. After all, she's also a Christian!

  23. GreatestEverGuy

    does anybody the source for the image in the vid? Thanks!

  24. Emily Thaw

    Beautiful Song!!! Love IT! :)) Byong Byong! <3

  25. Monica gbrn

    i just love the beginning.... oh sounds good amazing

  26. Claire Estoque

    i super love this song!😍 it fits her angelic voice perfectly.❤💯

  27. Marina

    um nene lindo

  28. Kaonashi

    *THIS* *SONG* *WAS* *MADE* *FOR* *TAEYEON.* *_TAENY_* *_IS_* *_REAL!_*

  29. Han Jelly

    love this sweet song, feels relaxed from tiffany's voice, thanks for this nice music


    This should be in a movie or film soundtrack, love all my GG girls.

  31. forever sone99

    This song is so sweet💕💕💕

  32. LetyStone

    This song is so cute 😊😊😊😊

  33. J. Fazzoni

    This is so Taeny ❤️

  34. whatever Hello Hi

    omg this song is the song when I still had a crush last year I will always to this song this song is so calming now that I'm thinking back bout my past life and having crush is kinda sad :(

  35. gevinda awisya

    this real tiffany's song?

    Gia Hân

    Togeppi 23 Yes. it's in Album I Jusu Wanna Dance of Tiffany

  36. Eureka Shield The Ark

    No offense but this song sounds more about Taeny than soshi lol

    5 SOSHI Of SONE SNSD 4ever

    Wait this song is for soshi?? Did she wrote this song??

    Eureka Shield The Ark

    nope she didnt.. but she said in her showcase.. this song is about her members.. (you know she can choose a song for her album).. she chose this song thinking bout her members.. if you really follow taeny, you will understand what i said earlier..

  37. Gülten Genç

    Her voice makes me relax ^^ Tippany thank u ♥♡

  38. Anggi Desty

    This song is pretty beautiful😊😊

  39. ugh, your mind

    SM this is Tiffany's VOCAL RANGE. nothing HIGH nothing LOW. get it through your head, she isn't going to take Jessica's spot.

    Eureka Shield The Ark

    who said she;s going to take jessica's spot?

  40. EricaPatricia Quanico

    I still hate Fany (my bias😞) because of what she did to sica ! but still I'm watching and liking her videos 😞😞maybe I can't get over why sica leave

    Eureka Shield The Ark

    what she did to sica?


    EricaPatricia Quanico you just like kid😂 in 2013 concert, jess kicked and hit tiffany's head. so did she bullied tiffany? not at all. dont close your eyes and ears there were complicated reason with jessica kicked out and even jess suggested her leave first. i wont tell you to support both of them. but at least please dont hate anyone by immature and distorted rumors. sorry for my english

    Eureka Shield The Ark

    It's funny ppl only look at one side story and ignore the other.. It's sad ppl only believe (100%) what they see and read in internet.. bashing and hating without knowing proper reason.. as for me, I dont hate snsd because of their close friends and staff.. your friends and ppl around u determine 89% what type of person are you.. if they really that bad, do u think other idols such as Kara, AOA, T-ara, WG, Shinee and many more will be friend with them? No.. look at how they treat their staff.. look at they treat ppl around them.. look at what directors and pds said about them.. it is sad ppl believe an unknown source more than these kind of interactions..

  41. amelia ravenclaw

    I feel like she wrote it for SNSD :) lovely song <3

  42. Dii Nhược

    I love you Tiffany <3

  43. law janson

    this song reminded me of my friend that left me earlier.....

  44. TheGrapeTyphlosion

    Such a beautiful song <3 ;_;

  45. Siya Mathur

    And people say that she cant sing...

  46. 5 SOSHI Of SONE SNSD 4ever

    Is tiff is the one who wrote this song?


    TaeNy... UR + my onCe in A liFe Time = UR mY onCe in A lifetime

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    taeyeon feels :) and I know it's tiffany's song

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  50. Skyler Feathers


  51. vien nguyen cong


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    This song just makes me so giddy. Love her album so far. Hope she can promote her other songs from her album live.

  53. Mohd Badrul Ihsam


  54. Van Nguyen

    Will she ever make an English version of this song?

  55. Eureka Shield The Ark

    Tiffany said this song is for soshi.. but looks like it for Taeyeon.. lol

  56. Adeline Seah



    Hi sone. Check my linkTiffany i just wanna dance remix version

  58. nadia maradhika

    i love you unnie , i dont care about what the f**k they say

  59. استغفر الله الحمد لله يا حي يا قيوم

    l love you Tiffany the voice so beautiful l like this so much 😘😘😘😘

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    this is my favorite track along with Yellow Light! Am I falling in love?!!! :(

  67. Courtneyspeaks

    Definitely my favorite of the album! It's funny that both my favorite from her and Jessica's new albums were the last songs. They both have different tones from all the other songs on the album. Love!

  68. Vaseline Palmolive

    I really like this song...the lyrics is very meaningful...

  69. Yoda Universe

    This is my fav song in the album ♥♥ Tiffany Voice is juusst ♥

  70. Carla De Chavez

    Parang may OPM akong narinig na ganto din yung tono. O sadyang ako lang yun HAHAHAHHAHA

    smple amity

    +Carla De Chavez Oo, un ba ung pagdating sa lyrics na Once in a Lifetime?

    Carla De Chavez

    +smple amity Oo. Nalaman ko na kung anong OPM yun. Sa isang sulyap mo *di ko sure title* Talagang pinarinig ko pa sa kapatid ko kung may katunog ngang OPM HAHAHA

    smple amity

    @Carla De Chavez Parang Hindi naman.

    Gfriend Trash

    +Carla De Chavez Ung intro parang sa isang sulyap mo

    Carla De Chavez

    +Gfriend Buddy HAHAHAHAH, kaya nung nagplay feeling ko sobrang familiar ng tune

  71. Jeanne Chritienne

    I love this one
    Relaxing to the ear ❤️

  72. 전정국's bae

    this is so adorableee, i fell in love 😍💗

  73. Andressa suzi

    just me or is this song for Taeyeon ?

    Cindy Nguyen

    Tiffany said this song is for SONES <3

    Gia Hân

    Andressa suzi in her concert. When she were sing this song. and background of her back is many Taeyeon's picture . And when i listen U R of Taeyeon. i only can think about Tiffany 😂


    there were not just pictures of Taeyeon...she showed photos of all the members. I atmit there were more pics of Tae than of the others but it's not just Tae...i have a picture of the live performance on my pc where you also see a pic of Sooyoung and Yoona

    The song is dedicated to all the members not just Taeyeon

    p.s: i'm a taeny shipper too

  74. we love Yoona

    the more i listen to this song, the more i love it. It's so nice!

  75. 0zijing0

    Dont noe y i just keep listen Taeyeon's UR and Tiffany Once in a Lifetime... lol~ btw thanks for translate, i feel touching.

  76. Jessie Pham

    why isn't this the title song/

  77. wanbyukhae

    Everyone be talking about TaeNy but here's me getting Caramel Coffee by JeTi feels ;-;


    Yes! All the JeTi feels! Especially the lines "처음엔 아닐 거라 부정했었지 우린 참 달랐으니까"/"At first I was in denial; didn't think it would be because we were so different"! Jessica and Tiffany always talk about how their personalities are nearly polar opposites and Jessica was overwhelmed by Tiffany's exuberance when they first met.
    I might be being too emotional and just have JeTi on my mind, but those lines just jumped out at me. The funny thing is, I'm not even a "JeTi 'shipper," or whatever; I'm mostly about TaeNy with a tiny bit of KhunFany.

  78. Mickey 'Jsp

    This is my favorite song :D

  79. Alyanna Borromeo

    #khunfany feels :( I hope they didn't broke up.

  80. FiShsing

    ชอบฟังก่อนนอน. ชอบมากๆเลย

  81. Devi Budiono

    Brain, It's Tiffany's song not Taeyeon okay. The heck you make Taeyeon running around my mind while I listening to this.

    And Thank you so much for this!

    Tou Vang

    Tyas Kim But I swear I can hear a bit of Taeyeon in here

    Gia Hân

    Tyas Kim in her concert. When she were sing this song. and background of her back is many Taeyeon's picture . And when i listen U R of Taeyeon. i only can think about Tiffany 😂

    5 SOSHI Of SONE SNSD 4ever

    +bbuilk T what concert??

    Gia Hân

    i don't remember, it's maybe a concert or showcase. Search in Youtube, you'll find it



  82. baek hyun

    thank you for this!! ❤️

  83. Tafiana Blue

    this is my favorate song of her album.. ty!!

  84. Tich Quang

    hay tuyet

  85. retno kusumasari herdhika ayu retno kusumasari

    I hope there is english version of this song

    Van Nguyen

    She's working on it actually

    MiSO is my religion


    Van Nguyen

    Hmm I heard about that and I am still waiting...

    5 SOSHI Of SONE SNSD 4ever

    Ikr i want to sing this song

  86. GhOstKillEr

    yes! thanks a lot :D

  87. Laika Calapit

    I have a strong feeling that this could be the OST for Beaty and the beast in disney movies😏😂✨💞👏

  88. 소시Sarah

    my fav song of her album ❤ and all I can think of is that she is talking about her members ❤

  89. Gigi Unni

    Apparently she wrote this about SOSHI which I think is adorable


    +Geethika Unni She wrote this? O.O

    Gigi Unni

    @xxxmii sorry no, she didn't write this. but ik she dedicated this song to soshi


    ohhhh~ wahh I see I see *sniffles* //touched//
    Wait..but she probably helped out in producing it...right? :)

  90. Pink Lover

    vote for tiffany in mcountdown <3

  91. Pink Lover

    vote for tiffany <3 for her to win in MCountdown

  92. Analiiee Aya-ay

    I love this

  93. Sarah Jung

    I think this song is more like Tiffany. Love her voice!!!

  94. kat Rodríguez

    Taeny song like UR

  95. Tita Chay

    this song is something like magical

  96. mypearlB

    Oh my god. This sounds like an OST from a Drama ^_^

    Janine Cadiz

    me too I agree

    Aurynazahravanka ID

    What drama?


    @Aurynazahravanka ID any

  97. BeautyKpop101

    My favorite

  98. Kim Taengoo_ss

    Best song in her album :')

  99. Mieeluvsnsdkpops

    this song has like a disney vibe tbh!!

    Kinanti Bonita

    Agree !!!! 💕💕💕

  100. Ann D

    I personally think that this is the best song in her album.


    Ann D yes