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Tiffany Step Into The Sky Comments
  1. Tyneisha Hoe

    tiffany definitely didn’t win that fight. the door hit sky, Tiffany didn’t.

  2. Jaedynn Sucks

    *Y’all sky one that she literally got Tiffany to the floor the only reason why sky was bleeding is because she got hit by the door*

  3. Ash Peeler

    I swear black ink has the worse camera crew ever we can barely see any fight

  4. REAL N.W.A

    Damn how they put it, I thought sky finally got her ass wooped😩

  5. k.o Rocky

    *Tiffany is so tiny.*

  6. Aniyah Jones

    You got beat up

  7. Haja Sillah

    Dayum I don’t like that bitch sky whoop her

  8. Lakia Mines

    The door hit her in the

  9. Ms.Trish S

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂team tiffany

  10. Wes Williams

    Not the same wig but go off boo

  11. dani marie

    Sky slammed tf out of her😂😂😂😂

  12. Double trouble Tv

    That’s wasn’t even the same wig 😭😭👋🏽

  13. Axel Alfaro

    She the tear the skin out of sky I'm very proud of tiffany that's why I dont like black cruelers especially potential people that's why I get armed with guns now what.

  14. Juliano SB

    All the sky fans trying their best....Sky really let she have it...her hair that really let her know who is the best gush getter in that house! How do you get to be so delusional to the point when you see someone getting their asses whooped so hard they go crying to an ambulance for stiches and you still believe they "won" the fight? You guys are so ridiculous.

  15. Juliano SB

    Sky is just stupid... sorry. But still wish her the best.

  16. Stephanie Foster

    Lol that wtf sky get. I used to like her, but she cant work in a professional environment cause she dont kno how to b professional. End of story. Now ur ugly fake ass leaking out here 🤣🤣

  17. Resident Evil

    I knew I knew it. Sky's clitoris chasers 😂😂😂😂😂. Tiff had her leaking. Lls

  18. Emanie Harris

    she hit her head , tifanny ain’t do nun .

  19. Jordyn Mcneil

    Tiffany just because you pulled a wig off and sky started bleeding doesn’t mean you can fight🙄

  20. Øreø_ Gãñg

    Tiffany didn't even win the fight just bc u pulled her wig out doesn't mean u won she like threw u on the phone like that's on a period 😭😂😂💖💜

  21. Jesus Alfaro-Garcia

    Serves sky right.

  22. meme savage

    Sky beat that ass let’s be real .

  23. Tiffany Monique

    Thank you Tiffany!

  24. Lamdon Johnston

    Tiffany beat skys ass badly lol

  25. Laini Richardson

    Haaaaaaaha yea shut yo mouth

  26. Paola Rodriguez

    In the most sophisticated way “ no I’m gonna kill her “ 1:29

  27. Florisa

    Nobody beat nobody there was NO FIST BEING THROWN😭

  28. Camille Maez

    Sky needs to grow up she always resorts to violence, like you think you're so intimidating which you are, but damn

  29. ke uvo uvo

    they sey it was all the plastic on her face thats wat they sey

  30. ke uvo uvo

    the bitch just got beat by a mexican chicuagua

  31. TheReall Angëll

    they hyped this too much, change the caption goofies 😂😂😂

  32. Moo Moo

    1:03 “ I don’t like you either”
    TikTok ppl:”I don’t like you either tf,I don’t like you,I don’t like you,I don’t like you,b*tch I don’t like

  33. rerefbby

    She so unprofessional😂😂😂 that girl said we need to talk about it.

    Sky: nah, we gone fight👊

  34. Łïfê.åš .kãłėâh

    You still didn’t win😂😂😂💀

  35. Rickira Fennell

    She snatched her wig and thought she won 🤣🤣

  36. BBountyHuntyr

    1:16 This was the best part, I felt this soooooo much Lolol

  37. Mulattopapi

    The way the threw her dwn 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Egypt Robinson


  39. Sugar Jones

    She whooped you for real

  40. Alfred Mahon

    Why is sky on a tattoo show when she doesnt tattoo

  41. Chuckie Moore

    Let this wig be a reminder that u got yo ass beat and that u only pull hair😂😂

  42. Mera channel

    But at end of day sky beat tf out her

  43. Adriana Rodriguez

    Tiffany was making a point. Sky was being hella rude and instead of being mature enough to sit and talk about it, she was quick to fight with an employee. Not good for business.

  44. Miss Kaya

    You know she had to rush sky because that girl wouldn't stand a chance if it was a fair square up like sky was intending it to be. Gtfoh. That door saved Tiffany's life! #doorssavinglives

  45. Taleisha Sneed

    Why is it that when the lames fight sky or Donna they always take off their wig and think that they won the fight and then in the confessional they act like won.. like no bitch , we know that ain’t the same wig... 😒😁

  46. tasha myles

    TIFFANY just bloody SKY ASS LOL

  47. WuTang Chris

    She slammed Tiffany so hard lmaoooo

  48. Princess

    Sky butt look like it stank 🤢

  49. Love Reina

    Just cuz she bleeding don’t mean u beat her ass. Sky slammed ur ass on the ground Fym

  50. Revosaxplayer

    Man I don't like Sky that much but even I know she was bleeding because she hit her head, not because of Tiff lol.

  51. BbwQueen Smmythh

    Sky had her💯. And she did hit da door😒🤦🏽‍♀️

  52. Durant_ Productions

    sky bodied that little elf looking bitch

  53. Saphron Bruh


  54. pumphitter mi

    Sky:we going outside to fight
    Tiffiany:we gon fight right here
    Also tiffiany:sneaks sky
    Sky:dumps her on her mf fucking back and says ima kill her

  55. Jhaelis Pache

    That was the most quite fight I ever seen

  56. Gianna Ewing

    Sky won

  57. ShanataLashay Smith

    Sky can't fight. She just got a big ass mouth😂😂😂 bet that scene didn't go like that with her and Donna

    Yanna Tyanna

    ShanataLashay Smith boy or girl sky can fight🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. jeudy brito

    Sky was gonna handle that like a real b tallkin bout going outside to shoot it . Then comes the other bitch tallkin bout we can fight right here and goes behind sky. And still sky droped the bitch only for tiffany to say she won the fight cause she snatches her wig??

  59. Kirk Cherry

    Sky is sooo damn immature!! She need to grow up! That is why her two sons can't stand be around her no more!🖕

  60. Martez

    Everytime I watch this I be in DEADLY tears 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the way Sky just super swung ragg dolled her ass was priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it look like she was playing with her barbie doll

  61. Jasmyne Tyus

    The caption is so misleading lmaooo

  62. Jeremiah Rowlee


  63. Rat Queen

    *No im gon kill her..*

  64. La_daisy._ X

    tiffany a scary ass bitch

  65. Breymond Jones

    0:47-0:50 that’s soooo me lol I’ll let you know that no one fucks with you

  66. Lala Land

    I wish they hadn't broken it up. There's something about Tiffany's dumb ass that rubs me the wrong way.

  67. ladasia lewis

    Sky was always negative, so quick to fight and argue with people. Just a disgusting personality. But I whole heartedly believe that she only let her sons come on the show for ratings. She don’t give a damn about them boys.

  68. Jami Jones

    thats not even the same wig

  69. Artist God

    Girl you got a wig like stop you pulled hair

  70. Jesandra Espinal

    Yay you pulled sky’s wig off congrats 🙄 but guess what hunny sky slammed you to the floor that why you pulled her wig off cause you was mad that sky beat you up

  71. Ediana Ventrice

    Why sky didn't like her?

  72. Jeanel Smikle

    Tiffany said let this wig be a reminder to not mess with me like pulling a wig of course it’s gonna come off it’s not glued in with the right glue also cuz if sercurity didn’t walk in faster we all know who would’ve won SKYYY!!!!

  73. Cherise Davidson

    Sky threw her

  74. Eliza Mofreh

    It wasn’t even because of Tiffany it was because security ran in the door and hit sky with the door

  75. Tosha Scott

    Sky is ugly and she is freaked out very jealous of any cute girls in the shop!!

  76. Jaley Payano

    1:23💀 sky beat her ass😭

  77. Olivia Hunter

    Man they didn't even show the damn fight so idk who won

  78. Yasin Bills

    Sky be humble

  79. Púxta bítch

    idk WTF y’all talking about bc Tiffany came out with nothing. No blood, no bruises. Sky tho, LMFAO SHES ALL BLOODY. So who rlly won the fight lmfao. I don’t like Tiffany but stop being so biased 😭😭

  80. tanilyah Robison

    She put tiff on da ground she tried to grab her then sky grabbed her and that me shock

  81. Lushanda Poitier

    Lmao Walt is a mess talking bout Claire Huxtable

  82. E T

    I think the door was the one who sent her to the hospital. Not that little chihuahua.

  83. Lele Nicole


  84. Yagirldessi

    Mfs will learn to stop fuckn wit sky . Sky would beat her ass inna street fight

  85. janelle stephens

    Sky is crazy.... the way she was just sitting there looking at the floor was enough for me. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  86. Tamu Malone


  87. DrewGotta Blast

    Sky man handled her😱😱😂

  88. lu vierose

    I literally saw sky takle Tiffany right where the door hit her reminder it wasn't Tiffany that caused her the injury it was the door and the security guards

  89. Nicole Brown

    She fought her of guard

  90. Vanessa Moore

    Sky super slammed her

  91. Christopher Dapont

    Sky flung her to the ground lmaoaoao

  92. Ga Gaga

    Sky is the most useless HR Manager in HR history. She is classless, too ghetto, too violent and quite frankly she should have been sacked a long time ago. She should join MMA, Boxing or WWE. I'm surprised that people are supporting her for her bad behaviour.

  93. Kewana Nedd

    I swear I cannot stand Sky funny looking ass.

  94. Shirley Rodgers

    Facts she just sky!

  95. kiesha2k11

    Sky is coked allllllll the way out 🥴🥴

  96. Jeanel Smikle

    Tiffany talkin hour let this wig remind u that I’m not to be played with like girl it’s a wig not a weave so clearly it’s gonna come off if y’all fight or anything so booboo do me a favor and think before u speak cuz wut u just said didn’t make any type of sense

  97. YasieTV

    Lol big bad sky got her ass handed to her

  98. Bailey Hemsworth

    Sky the bully🤣 you deserve that

  99. Summer Tingz

    Let’s be clear sky hit the door . That Tiffany hoe on any day could never whoop sky’s ass 💯

  100. Asanti Brown

    That's not even skys wig 🙄