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  1. JaiJam neri_padilla


  2. izz cuteee

    Star Girl brought me here

  3. janfurdy comahig

    Parasite brought me here

  4. Sonam Wangmo

    Who's a blink here?

  5. Leon Birch

    I like this song

  6. Wiwi Widiyati

    im here because star girl game ver tiffany alvord dream world

  7. Anjo toledo

    Im here because of jenlisa

  8. Jason Palak

    It made me cry😭

  9. Jang Wonyoungiee

    Baby i love yooOOou<3

  10. Dewa Kusuma.

    I watch this song 8 years ago..

  11. angad Singh

    यह गाना बहुत सुंदर है

  12. angad Singh

    बहुत सुंदर है यह गीत

  13. Natalie Moon Sings

    I used to randomly check her vids out when I was 12

    Soo like. U go girl 😂 my one favourite is ‘possibility’

  14. Khalid A

    I loved Tiffany since her beginnings on Keek app. God I miss my old self. I miss feeling alive listening to this song as a teenager in 2013. I miss having a crush on Tiffany.
    Now I’m nobody, have no feelings, dead inside. I know I will never feel alive again and this is the sad truth.

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Khalid A You have to seek mental health help Khalid you need therapy the brain can get sick just like the body cos of circumstances out of your control. Big things happen in life love ones die etc our brains cannot process this stuff it’s too extreme so it begins to close down a bit that starts depression your head is saying take time out. It can hit at any won’t last forever. Having some sort of faith can help in some cases. I love listening to Westlife you tube sing You Raise Me Up on you tube the vevo version it’s words are so beautiful full of hope. I send you my best wishes for your recovery but be warned there’s no quick fix. Sitting in a room is a no no to isolating seek company even if it’s just the birds outside . And you may need anti depressants to if their available it’s easy in UK to get a doctor to prescribe them . Just try what you can 🇺🇸🇬🇧😂

    Khalid A

    Elaine Blackhurst Oh shit someone in the world know I exist and care to write me a comment, I never actually wrote a comment on youtube before but I’m glad I did because your words bring me hope and that I’m not alone so thank you. I’ll make sure to get a therapy when I can afford it and see if it helps. Also nice song, Thank you again.

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Khalid A I don’t know if your a Muslim. Pray to Allah to I’m Christian. I find having a faith in God. Or Allah helps cope with this shallow world we live in. It’s sad cos in UK mental help therapy is free For all and all ages.. anytime you feel sad just send me a note. I work with people like you
    What is going on with your family relationship does that need reassessment. I send you Gods love and peace 🇬🇧😁❤️

  15. victoria dinh

    7 years ago.i-

  16. Mark Ivon Jon Acujeda

    The lyrics of song is the lyrics also of from the bottom of my heart. I WANNA SAY ILOVE YOU. 💘💖💘💖💘💖💘💔💔💘💔💔❤❤

  17. Mist

    I remember being in love with this song

  18. angad Singh


  19. S Series

    Nice song

  20. nur nazzua atika

    i like this song so muchh😍❤️❤️

  21. Garyl Swindlehurst

    (( buddy just found out is dead RIP harvey!!!

  22. SeriousGamer

    Just say those 3 words to my face.. I know you want to... I love you too.. I want everything to be us and only us forever 😍💜

  23. Isaac HAUZEL

    Sanpaal ❤️

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Isaac HAUZEL and another name how many passports do you own. Some day someone will love you then you can stop changing your name🇬🇧🇺🇸🚄😂

    Isaac HAUZEL

    @Elaine Blackhurst I'm sorry what??

  24. Sidratul Montaha

    Do you remember Rafid Shaheb, I sang this song for you n sent it to you in Valentine's Day on 2017 ... You loved me singing, my voice, my effort, but still we are worlds away, if it ever finds you know that I really really love you n miss you at the same time... 😔

  25. Abc Cba


  26. SouL AsHMiT

    🙂 keep it up

  27. ur mom

    Ktoś z Polski?

  28. Rama Saputra


  29. sanjay sharma

    Had anyone checked description

  30. Bhoy Bawang

    2019 and still i love this song and her voice 😚

    Mohammed Elmogtaba Shaban

    I love it too💐☹️

  31. Duy Thời Sự

    Great ❤️❤️❤️

  32. You Mee

    Haiiiii 14 NOVEMBER 2019

  33. Baekhyun.

    This song make me fine🖤🖤.

  34. Baekhyun.

    I love this song , it’s my favorite song forever..

  35. lourence roquero

    I wanna say I LOVE YOU!!!😞

  36. Celine Hochwarter


  37. Duztyy Trailz

    Really good song. Found it looking for a diff song. The girl I'm with now helped me get through a rough break up an eventually I fell for her an was scared to tell her I love her. And now we have been together going on 6 months. An it's the happiest I've been in a long time. So I can relate to this song.

    Mynx Trailz


    Janet Digdigan

    Nice this song

  38. Khushab Mahawar

    O my god . . U r soooooo amazing. . . Your voice outstanding and sugar dissolving in ears . 🤟😍😍😍😘😎

  39. Vlrin Diki

    I love how the comments are so updated 😊

  40. Paul King

    Why has this girl not been given a record label yet?

  41. Alfonsina AB

    Omg love the song it's make me cry 😭😭😭😭

    Itz Wolfyjace


  42. Trung Tran

    i like it

  43. Cassandra Jill

    More songs like this plssss...😍
    I dont like ur pop songs.. sorry. 😔

  44. Patricia Anne Arellano

    I wanna say I love you! 💕

  45. Walker 839

    Love it. 💜️💜️💜️ how did i missed that song past years 😔💜️

  46. Nansimbe Zahirah

    Love it wow



  48. goandparkjiminthere

    Still my favorite 💜

  49. Risa Falen

    My fav song ever

  50. 1 minute Vine

    Whos listening this still in 2019??❤❤

    Caan Scott

    It's me!!

  51. Mabayamban Marvin

    Baby I love you ❤️❤️

  52. Con Đường

    I like you

  53. ღCandyCloudღ

    This is my fave love song

  54. anh dũng tôn thất

    Kệ sám lục căn-Khoá hư lục& Luận Thành Duy Thức. Trần gia thị tộc.

  55. L khual Ngaihte

    Pretty eyes

  56. wonmachui luikham jr

    Baby I love u

  57. Maknae Nayeon

    I love these lyrics so muchhhhhh

  58. mc cagape


  59. ayushma kharel

    My every time fav song

  60. H Kosovo


  61. Joseph Toledano

    Tiffany you're beautiful

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Joseph Toledano Your not so bad yourself haha🇬🇧

  62. Anusorn IDK


  63. Wira Maharddhika

    I love this song


    I love this song😍😍

  65. DaiKa Meo

    I love you

  66. Arakin Roza

    Love it 😍😍😍 but it makes me cry 😭😭cus it's something I can't hide.

  67. SaraSong2653

    Im gonna show this to my freind she is gonna confess to this boy she likes

  68. Virginia Valerie


    แพรว พราว


    Chaca laca


    Kam gangz


  69. Сергей Иванов

    А вот и русский коммент.Просто супер.

  70. Zee Knights

    Ok I'm gonna say it

  71. My Game

    I'm in love with someone who never talk to me and he doesnt even know me
    I sing this song when i think about my crush cause i'm afraid to say I Love You to Him :(

    SouL AsHMiT

    Like me its also my problem 😞

  72. lefai sama

    I hope my love come back to me.I miss it so much😢😢😢😭😭💔💔

  73. Tipu Jajo

    Check this cover of *Baby I Love You* Trust me you'd love it. 🙌👌❤️💯

  74. Rickynate mxz

    Im in love with this song

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Rickynate mxz If you want a change and want lovely male singers try you tube Westlife singing You Raise me up. The VEVO version beautiful song from UK🇬🇧

  75. Lucie Voltz

    Damn, here I am, back to my 9 yo, idolising her xD It was 7 years ago

  76. Johanna Cortez

    Love this song 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  77. SDSCN보물을

    Wattpad thank you 😂

    My Game

    ?? I dont get it lol

  78. RijalGamingID

    hello every one im from indonesia im from jawa barat bandung

    Aleena shaqueena Myesha

    Abdi garut kang

  79. Angga Perawat

    Hello there... Im from indonesia... I like this song... Saya sangat suka lagu ini... Salam dari indonesia khususnya daerah jawa barat, sukabumi.. Mana yg nonton 02-Okt-2019... Jempolnya angkat dong.. 👍👍

  80. HACK Le

    I wana say i like this song

  81. Chunghu Lian

    I love your voice

  82. Usnim Weasley

    I wish my voice is good enough to sing this song to the girl who is in my school bus💕 and ofc i wish i had that much courage😭

    croco ads

    Good lucks!

    Usnim Weasley

    @croco ads thank u🤗 I'm still waiting for the best time to talk to her...

    Zee Knights

    You'll succeed try bro!

    Usnim Weasley

    @Zee Knights I'm not your bro, I'm your sis but who cares about gender, right!! Thank you for encouraging me^^

    Zee Knights

    @Usnim Weasley sorry my bad good luck Sis!!!

  83. Hillary Silva

    😍 ALOVI

    Hillary Silva

    AMO. VOC❤💚💚💜💙💛

  84. moon lovely4


    Mshwk Dkgwo

    Army 💜💜💜

    Snigdha Das

    Me too😊

  85. Saranya Maity

    I am too late 😅 to listen this lol

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Saranya Maity Your never to late or to old to love 🤦🏼‍♀️💗

    Saranya Maity

    @Elaine Blackhurst but this song is 8 year old 😝

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Saranya Maity Marriage can be for life if you truly love and respect one another not just a few years❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸💁🏼‍♀️

    Elaine Blackhurst

    Saranya Maity Watch Westlife on you tube the VEVO version singing You Raise Me Up. love comes to all ages and in many ways it’s a moving song❤️🇬🇧🇺🇸💁🏼‍♀️

  86. Coreanos Biased


    Ɩıɱɛ ʄơҳ

    Coreanos Biased ,Yes

  87. Hasanbasarudin Pesanggrahan

    Good joob👍

  88. Sugary Heaven

    I haven't watched this since 2012

  89. Minjung Min

    This song takes me back to my college days. I'd sing this to him every night. Wish I could go turn back time and live in those moments again. I miss him.

    shādøw wolļf

    And who was he?

    Minjung Min

    @shādøw wolļf My ex. He left me

  90. May Plant Starr Waters

    I remembered hearing this lovely song when I was 9 years old and played Star Girl on my dad's phone. It was when my life was so simple, I wish I could turn back to those day <3

    Mert Demir

    Good old days...

    shādøw wolļf

    :') nostalgia is the most beautiful feeling in the world

    kawaii anime

    Ah yes, those were the memories.

  91. Stella the Draw


  92. Elaine Blackhurst

    Never tire of this beautiful song and words 💗🇬🇧

  93. Cyrena Batemon

    Love you too baby😎😎😎😍😍😘
    Happy 💘💋birthday 🎂

  94. Edmar Flores

    First time i heard this song . It's really captured my heart..

  95. Alanis Miano

    i love this song since 2014 😍

    lion in your area

    I love you in 2019