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Tiffany Just Love Me Comments
  1. Jessa Edrolin

    Love her ❤️💃🏻

  2. Tranh Bee


  3. M.A.M A.


  4. cHallon

    Pany pany

  5. Abc Def

    perfect dance !!!


    love you!

  7. Cassiopeia SONE

    I guess i’m the first one who listen to this in 2020

  8. Mihály Hanics

    I still am mad at her for how she, Taeyeon and Seohyun treated Jessica.

    To me Jessica probably just wanted everyone in the group to be a giving member to the group and be equal (not stand out) buy Tiffany has been saying she'll be a solo since Day1 and that must have annoyed Jess who probably had some words for her. And therefore that's how they became distant, with Taeyeon and Seohyun backing Tiffany

    Also is really noone feeling how her leaving SNSD and especially SM for nothing is just selfish? If you really "want to be a solo" from day1, then be a solo and not debut in a band that you only debut in to start your career. She only used SNSD to gain fame. And imagine how devastated SM must have been, literally giving her everything, even care of her more than Taeyeon and she just leaves

    Mihály Hanics

    Jessica's contract wasn't terminated, she was asked to leave SNSD, which is a clear "leave SNSD we don't take care of you anymore", a legal way to get someone out of the way and get the contracts terminated by both sides. A common step.
    Jessica was fired from votings of the members, after members and members' parents felt unfair that Jess can get this and be supported by SM while other members don't and they felt that it's unfair. Get your facts straight, it's proven that SM supported her bussiness shortly before firing her from GG, it's also proven that she didn't miss any schedules nor had other problems, but a few sources knew of Jessica getting fired on September 28 and that she'll not appear on 30th on the fan meeting, and they all mentioned (on 28th, before any public statement) that the decision was made by group members, by voting.
    (You can find more sources stating this and that a Dispatch and AllKpop
    It was 1 (Taeyeon), 6 (Yuri, parents arguments) and 7 (Sooyoung) who brought up the voting. There were 2 votings, since the first one ended with even votes.
    That means 4 votes against and 4 votes supporting the kicking out of the group.
    So we have one more aside from the obvious 3 votes
    Since Hyo and Yoona backed her, the 4th could be only Sunny, Tiffany or Seohyun. I'm sure Sunny wasn't voting for kicking. It says in the Sept28 comments that Seohyun was backing Jessica here to not kick her out. I'm not sure of that, but I'd still guess that's probably Tiffany's vote not Seohyun's but other's are more sure that's Tiffany.
    One other thing could be is, there were only 3 votes for kicking but SM lied about being 4, but I don't see that as a possibility since SM were neutral, they supported the bussiness .
    Please look up this topic, there's great videos and proofs of all I said.

    Exactly, Tiffany didn't say that because why would she? She's not dumb to risk her career to say that. Watch videos of Tiffany and Jessica interactions. She disrespected her anytime, surely of jealousy and of different views on the band, maybe other personal reasons too. Taeyeon (the "leader"..) also disrespected her many times and Seohyun too, about the most after Tiffany, next to Sooyoung, but not as much as Tiffany. to think they had a good relationship, she was happy when Jessica was shown out of the door. One less main vocalist, I guess you could say.
    On TTS, I just mentioned that they had their own subunit and had more chance to stand out. SM supported them.
    I have my own opinion on Sooyoung and Seohyun too (although it's not as fierce as this) but I don't blame Sooyoung for leaving since she always wanted to stand out (not saying that's right) and SM didn't give her what she wanted, and I'm unsure of Seohyun's leaving (don't know that much about it) but it's a Tiffany comment section so it's not worth talking about it. I guess you're right other members are guilty too like Sooyoung but that doesn't take away anything from Tiffany's mistakes how she disrespected her many times.(I also highly dislike Taeyeon so it's not a "just hating Tiffany because she left" thing)


    @Mihály Hanics That's not how contracts work; clearly, you do not have a background in business, law or the entertainment industry--I do, so please know what you're talking about before posting. You cannot kick someone out of a contracted group without their being legal consequences; there weren't any against SM which means she breached her contract; that's how entertainment business law works.
    "Jessica was fired from votings of the members, after members and members' parents felt unfair that Jess can get this and be supported by SM while other members don't and they felt that it's unfair."--This is you thinking that. There are no facts that support this.
    No, you need to know what facts are, as you don't. Again, you have no background in law.

    "it's proven that SM supported her bussiness shortly before firing her from GG"--please cite your factual sources-you can't.
    "it's also proven that she didn't miss any schedules nor had other problems"-please cite your factual sources-you can't. There are also sources that said she's been late to a practice or missed a practice. So you and I both do not know which to be true, if either. Hence, those are not facts and cannot be used either way.
    "and they all mentioned (on 28th, before any public statement) that the decision was made by group members, by voting."-no, this was NOT ever mentioned, you are assuming this is what happened because you don't like Tiffany and Taeyeon. Please provide the media statement where it says this. Again, you can't.
    Your opinion on the various girls--all except the one you like best, the one who actually left the group-is just that-your opinion. Considering your opinion has been wrong on everything else so far, as I've just laid out for you, why would you continue to believe your faulty reasoning and not consider that, hmmm-maybe you were wrong?
    You need to take a logic class. You also need to learn to accept information from people who know more about things than you do. Your opinions are not facts. You just want an excuse to continue with your "Jessica is a victim" storyline because you didn't mention at all why she'd now have a second instance of breach of contract, not why she wouldn't sue SM if she'd been wronged. If this was true then you'd be able to argue these two points with facts, not ignore them because they don't make sense with the "Jessica is a victim" storyline. God gave you a brain and would appreciate if you used it.

    Mihály Hanics

    Are you sane? "cite your sources you can't" here is everything you want, by a person who surely took more time analysing the situation than you
    Proof of everything I mentioned, and more. You live and breathe from that K-Sone Dispatch article's statement I assume.

    You're very ignorant and the problem is not you bashing me or anyone constantly but you being so full of yourself. You simply try to deny evidences by calling them "not factual enough" since they weren't confirmed by officials because you know they will never be confirmed by officials, as simple as. You use this to make your argument seem valid. I won't let you fool others, videos show clearly that:
    1) Tiffany and Taeyeon fully disrespect Jessica
    2) Members voted out Jessica out of the group (for you: didn't you think of that as an option for terminating contract?)

    Back to the topic: you still think Tiffany didn't want Jessica out? Well.

    Mihály Hanics

    but I cringed over
    "cite your factual sources-you can't"
    "cite your factual sources-you can't"
    "that's you thinking that, with no background" (lmfao)
    do you stalk on me to know what I've watched and what I haven't?

    "you need to know what facts are as you clearly don't" Another point where you just try to defend your point by knowing officials will never confirm this publicly. You're abusing this to defend Tiffany, you calm fans with this so they don't get into the topic and look it up. That's how you can only defend your idol.

    Mihály Hanics

    I don't expect a comment from you that'll not be about you trying to save the situation by saying "it's not confirmed by officials".

  9. ade rohmah

    Semoga karma akan nyamperin u fanny

  10. ade rohmah

    Tiffany fake friend y jessi ge benci u


    Tiffany still keeps in touch with all the Girls' openly. Jessica does not. Jessica is also getting sued by another company for breach of contract. That should be telling you a lot of what you need to know about how things went down with SM.

  11. shaunna

    still iconic

  12. Tranh Bee


  13. Wei Wuxian

    Miss this

  14. boy 11

    I think this kinda music fits her best then her normal music right now

  15. Ims Lim

    Miss u Queen

  16. Hone Hone

    I mistaked the title with "dance the night away" at first

  17. Trà Thanh Nguyễn

    2019 <3

  18. jean venderfield

    i really like sm's producer like it brings euro-pop, house dance genre rather sticking the hip-hop/trap genre

  19. Christian GM Guzman

    Tiffany Queen

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    I love the top she is wearing

  22. APink Pink Panda

    Blackjack suporting, Tiffany just become my 5 favorite solist
    My ranking:
    1. Bom
    2. Dara
    3. CL
    4. Minzy
    5. Tiffany


    SONE here supporting Bom and CL's recent solo stuff--so glad she is finally out and releasing material and I'm happy for you Blackjacks (and Minzy was great on Sister's Slam Dunk and is such a good dancer) <3

  23. Monica díaz

    2016: This song is amazing
    2017: This song is amazing
    2018: This song is amazing
    2019: This Son is amazing
    2020: This song is amazing

  24. Queen Alicorn

    Guys lets stream this to 30M, we can do it!!! FIGHTING!!!!!

  25. Rick Valusek

    I like the locations Tiffany shot in this video. First she's at the Pink Motel on San Fernando Road in Sun Valley, California. Then, she's rolling around in Santa Monica in a beach parking lot. I just saw her in concert in Hollywood. Love Tiffany Young!

  26. -ตíղ T̫a̫e̫H̫y̫u̫n̫g̫i̫e̫


  27. 너굴너굴

    이 노래는 티파니가 안불렀으면 어쩔뻔 했어 진짜 티파니를 위한 노래다

  28. Putri Dutty

    I love this songs so much xoxo ❤️

  29. My Hwang

    I still here it everyday. Its time Tiffany most beautiful in my eyes.

  30. دَلال.

    Luv tiffany

  31. ahsal h

    2020 we staill here ❤

  32. Karen Moufarrej

    dance the night away

  33. Ghea Gayatri

    And November 2019 I am still watching this ... is there the same as me?

  34. Fasha Candy

    I want Tiffany perform this at America srsly , this song really have American vibes af

    Rick Valusek

    She did perform this in concert throughout her Magnetic Moon concerts, in America and Canada.

  35. Jeremy Loayza


  36. APink Pink Panda

    Girls Generation (GG) member solo debut:
    1. Taeyeon (2015) "I"
    2. Tiffany (2016) "I Just Wanna Dance"
    3. Jessica (2016) "Fly"
    4. Seohyun (2017) "Don't Say No"
    5.Hyoyeon (2017) "Wannabe"
    6. Yoona (2018) "To You"
    7. Yuri (2018) "Into You"
    8. Soohyeo (2019) "Winter Breath"
    9.Sunny (????) "???????"


    Sunny (& Henry) "U&I" (2017)
    Sunny "This Is Your Day (for Every Child, UNICEF)" (2019)
    I know it's not quite the same, but...

    <3 <3 <3

  37. Jeremy Loayza

    Best song ever 🔥😛💕

  38. Trang Nguyen

    2019??? Anyone? Just me?

  39. 개나리

    이 노래 개띵곡인데 넘 묻힘.....

  40. My Channel

    so happy to see how far she has come , she’s rocking in in the US

  41. Joseluis Valdivia

    💐💐💜💜🌷🌷🌟🌟🌟. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  42. Joseluis Valdivia

    💐💐💜💜🌷🌷🌟🌟🌟🌟. 🌟🌟🌟

  43. Joseluis Valdivia

    💐💐💜💜🌷🌷🌟🌟🌟🌟. 🌟🌟🌟

  44. jxmer vien

    Crying while listening to this. Idunno, i miss tiffany as a korean artist. But i'm really proud of what she's doing rn. Let's all support her.

  45. Jeremy Loayza

    this is totally a bop, and no one can say the opposite fight me bitch 😛🤣

  46. John Tyler

    She either wants "two Dan's" or "to dance."

  47. Laiba Khan

    The phone vibration makes me think my phone is ringing.

  48. Movy1011

    I can't believe in just a few days I get to see her live in Toronto! I've been a fan of her for 9 yrs !!!

    Rick Valusek

    It was amazing, wasn't it? I saw her in Hollywood. What a voice and superb, thumping band in her live show.

  49. Anh Wisdom

    Why did her voice different from now so much? Omg, just come back here when listened her new MV on Tiffany Young's chanel in 2019

  50. SuperJunior elf

    Esta canción me trae buenos recuerdos😭

  51. Anisa Sosa

    come here after run for your life

  52. Dried Rose

    2019 October?

  53. 동방혜빈

    진짜 티파니언니일줄은 몰랐어...ㅠㅠ

  54. Hafiz Izwan

    English Version please Tiffany Young!

    Rick Valusek

    She did an acoustic English version:

  55. Liz Medina Riojas

    Diosa tiffany...... T amoooooooo😍😍

  56. Büşra GÜVEN


  57. Büşra GÜVEN


  58. Ma Ángeles Martínez Martínez

    thanks, de nada wey :v

  59. Mari Santi


  60. نوف


  61. Sugarshaz

    This song is awesome

  62. Nami Kun

    rewatching my baby fany's mvs because i miss my pink monster 😍😍😍

  63. Nana Luvz

    Here after RFYL

  64. Khuslen Gansukh

    Who is still 2019?!💗

  65. soshi 107

    who loves run for your life ?

  66. winwin is too smol don't touch

    This is such a CRIMINALLY under appreciated song looking back. Tiffany got so much shit during this era, for her vocals, for the song being too ‘boring’ ( a.k.a not the same overused tropical house tune ), she was even body shamed, like how disgusting is that? She lip synced ONE stage and people were already going at her, as if their oppas haven’t ever lipsynced in their careers. IJWD truly deserved better

  67. Adrian BR00

    Aquí después de Run For Your Life
    Wow el cambio es sorprendente, Tiffany multiconcepto

  68. salma 00


  69. mais uma army

    *Tiffany* : "I just wanna dance the night away"
    *Twice* : so "Let's dance the night away"

  70. Tanat dear

    I love this look!!

  71. Camille Rivera

    Who knew that pink can be a sexy color, too? 💁💁💁

  72. wari wari

    Form thailand 🥰

  73. Алима Осмонова

    I just wanna dance is good song, but I prefer her new songs. Tiffany did great decision. I think that she left SM is really great. Fany, you are doing well!

  74. Sugarshaz

    She looks amazing in this video 😍

  75. 영원히YoungOne

    I still come back here because Tiffanys music always slaps.

  76. QualityBlood

    idk why people hate this or even Tiffany herself. I love the music upon first listen <3

  77. Boiru

    2019 anyone?

  78. Jack Chen

    I know the reason, why Yoona is the best, including SNSD

  79. Jane San


  80. Wirulrat Pearodwong

    I miss u more 💋

  81. Oenie Edel


  82. Rodrigo Oliveira

    isso uma musica de verdade que bota a galera para dançar

  83. Istighozah Rahmah Ramadhan

    Ku masihhh selalu dengerin ini kekeke

  84. t u n e t t

    Unas de las canciones que me mejoraron el 2016🍃

  85. WebXT / PW

    I Just wanna meet with you Tiffany!
    *Don't tell me I'm alone in 2019!*

  86. Do Na

    I think is one of Tiffany’s best solos. Love the vibe of this song. She looks effortless.

  87. E. R

    0:08 scene nct127 album regular - irregular

  88. natsuki kawaii


  89. Forevermagicalwinx

    I just wanna dance the night away

  90. Forevermagicalwinx

    By the way best song ever

  91. Forevermagicalwinx

    Tiffany I just want to dance the night away ❤❤❤❤❤

  92. Twiceistwo

    I Just wanna dance
    Over My Skin
    Teach You
    Born again
    Lips on Lips
    Magnetic Moon

  93. Kim Miojo

    Smile beautiful 😁

  94. Tifanny Valeria Diaz Bautista

    tiffany is the best woman in the world