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Tiffany He's All Man Comments
  1. Michael Crist

    Tiffany... you're still looking [& sounding] good all these years later!If you'd consider being a "mentor" for someone in the country music genre... please consider Hannah Mulholland.[She has a YouTube channel.]

  2. Danielle Bellnie

    Tiffany can have a great career in Country music by joining Jessica Harp together to reform The Wreckers as both can do better than what Michelle Branch accomplished before going back to her solo music project.

  3. Janellbird

    Tiffany was one of my teen idols. Debbie Gibson, too. So glad to hear she is doing new material. I love this song!

  4. trains100walter

    tremendous sound - tiffany sings with soul - glad to hear the new music.

  5. Suzy Krcivoj

    TIFFANY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. siberianstarpenny

    Glad to see she is still performing. Her career should have been much bigger than it has been. Unlike a lot on "stars" of today she was a teen with talent

  7. Chuppa777

    Really good! Her fans need to stick with her and get this on the charts deserves it...nice sound..