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Tiffany For You To Say Comments
  1. Kirk Boo

    I yearn for an era where I can ride a horse past a building in midtown without making a political statement.

  2. Joe Glass

    The song playing in "Spencer's" when you asked out the cashier girl.

  3. Kaine

    dope video

  4. dragoddude101

    Breakfast at Tiffany's is a boring film and if that's all you two have you two need to see other people anyway

  5. bijou bijoux

    This song always annoyed me. Like he's dealing with some hot bitch looking for just one thing in common and they both happened to like one stupid movie.

  6. Augh Bable

    The band who sing this looked Irish/American. FEEL GOOD FILM!! This song really captures it ... ! The band created great feel good tune! I'm one of those who has been listening from the great decade of epic 90s😂😢...puberty is calling..who else? Can't believe it's almost 3 decades since😶

  7. coolrunnings

    Awesome song 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Calibet Zeal

    This song is like hotel California a song every generation can enjoy

  9. last hope lutfi

    The amazing hair fashion and look like today.

  10. IB shipment

    thanks for you .

  11. Senor kevin Ricardo lopez

    Décember 2019 still listening this song buena Musica 🇨🇴

  12. pymats

    Wish I coul go for breakfast at Tiffanys in 2019

  13. johnny dollar

    so lame and yet so entertaining.

  14. Tim Pool, more like Tim Cool

    And I said whadabout gay sex at Tiffany's

  15. DoThaWork

    This song is soo 90s

  16. Art Ronen

    One of The BEST! Song Ever!
    & I like The Video Clip too :)

  17. Class Act

    I havent been going insane, ive always had a memory of seeing waiters pushing carts through new york city streets. It was this video!

  18. Ignazio Pecorella

    what a load of crap 💩

  19. Ollie L.

    Hullo, dogmen!

  20. Effie

    Ok Mandela Effect

    I swear the lyrics were and always have been -

    And I said 'What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?'
    She said, 'Which one? The book or the movie?'
    I said, 'Neither, the song that I'm singing -
    And that's the one thing that we have both got'

  21. Jonathan Lumanog

    i got a crush on you audrey hepburn , youre so beautiful and sexy,...

  22. Jonathan Lumanog

    amazing 90's era of music really,...

  23. Tammy Mauer

    Almost 2020 and still missing the music of the 90s!!

  24. FlaResenha


  25. • Reddie fangirl •

    I came from "Everything Sucks'

  26. wxyz

    I love how the vocals sound like the guitar notes :)

  27. MetalFaceOff

    If YouTube existed in the 1990s, this song would have over 2 billion views generated over a couple years.

  28. Crow Sword

    Ya realize THIS ^ is EXACTLY what I'd had in mind back in the teenage years when I was rockin' the Andeck sorta plates ~ MOTHERFUCKERZ

    Crow Sword

    I meant da sound ffs

  29. John Parkin

    I love the song. But the dude in blue, towards the end makes me chuckle. He's headbanging to this? He'd die if he was into metal of a broken neck!

  30. John Bettinger

    One of those songs you like and connect with from the first time you ever hear it. Aaah music, you soothe the soul.

  31. N.Z. Storm Waver

    Great film and song.


    2019! still listening!

  33. Megan C

    Ha! 3:50, girl in the white dress has that Audrey Hepburn look from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's!

  34. katty

    I'm not ready to be old enough to see people not old enough to remember when this song came out be adults.

  35. kingofgames 0934

    why is my p**p** stuff blue😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  36. Colin McMahon

    How was it?

    Old Faithful. I didn't say it was a good name, obviously not good enough to remember.


    Look what grew of two of you.

  37. holden magroin

    Makes me think of the show Friends

  38. Jonathan Lumanog

    Who is holly golightly act as model girl in deep blue something breakfast at tiffany????

  39. Moflow

    This song only makes me think of an episode of Seinfeld.

  40. midinerd

    This song sucked when it was released and it still sucks.

  41. Anna Dempsey

    🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😃😃😃😃great song to listen to while having my breakfast

  42. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    A definite classic in Woodstock's Jukebox ☮️❤️🤘🖖♒ Rock on guys!

  43. ciaran4ea

    The lead singer is my film teacher

  44. Sandmaster

    I was today years old when I found out this wasn't by Barenaked Ladies.....

  45. brian kukk

    who is in Africa think you doing a good job

  46. Mike Brooks

    Oh how I miss 90's music.

  47. jacob tjellesen

    i love it when ginger people sing........ its almost like they are normal

  48. DerSchnelleWegZumOrgasmus

    dude is strumming the bass

  49. Luke Salazar

    Still a great song.

    And Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

    Rogers Falsettos

    Luke Salazar lmfao

    Daniel boxing fan

    yep, 9/11, pearl harbour where inside jobs and the British (German) royal family funded the natzis before WW2

  50. Marty A.M

    Dumbest video

  51. ganesh kulal

    Nov 2019

  52. 10inarow

    My dads favourite song, he has been together with my mum for 15 years today and married 5 years in 2 days


    I love this song!
    Great memories!!

    Even though The lyrics are sad.
    It’s over bro.
    Just let her go. Lol

  54. Robert E Lee

    Just curious: has a particular song ever caused you to watch a movie because it was mentioned in that song? I knew of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s, but after hearing this song for the first time, I watched the movie. I highly suggest that to watch the movie because it is a great movie. I was just wondering if anyone else was like me and was prompted to watch a movie because said movie was mentioned in a song.

    Sun Child

    It happened, but not with this song...this one just makes me smile and want to jump and throw away all the worries of adulthood. And feel like a teenager again!

  55. Elfego Chavez

    Takes me back

  56. Scott Webb

    Wow almost forgot what its like to walk down streets where everyone isnt staring at their phones all the time

    Luke Salazar

    When was this?? I say this in half jest because I am a millennial.

    Scott Webb

    @Luke Salazar 1995 according to end of video

  57. Adam Demeter

    Thanks, 00's Top Gear.

  58. GLEN Dooer

    And I said what about the 100 bucks i gave you? you said I blew on on my old boyfriend and I recall you were screwing my Brother I think I remember that ..I hate when things are over ...So breakfast at Maccas???

  59. Gazza King

    But the song is closer to Roman Holiday....

  60. M.I. Matondang

    Wathing this after watching home alone movie.

  61. Skinny 270

    Weird Al did backing vocals while recording in studio.

  62. Michael Brown

    reminds me of a girl in school back when this song came out

  63. Yung Lombardo

    I don't think this song was ever good. Spin Doctors were better.

  64. Jen S

    What a great song... where did these people come from? And where did they go? I love this...

  65. Arabella Rose

    Gosh I miss the alternative decade ever

  66. cali

    2019 squad?

  67. Sonny Jr. Luy

    90's kid!!!!

  68. HALL 9000

    Nostalgia 🙄🙄

  69. Stoney Foster

    90s was one of the greatest decades of music

  70. Nicholas Bezanson

    Just here missing the 90's in 2019

    Michael Brown

    brings back so many memories hard to believe we are creeping on 2020

  71. huronkeel

    Sing along , power pop perfection.... And a cultural reference touchstone no less... Maybe the perfect One Hit Wonder...

  72. E :D

    It’s called 7 rings silly

  73. Captain Chlamidia

    Rest in peace Deep Blue Something.

  74. Chair Lover

    Its interesting isn't it? How life work. The first girl I ever truly loved we started dating after I invited her one time at my place to watch the film ''Breakfast at Tiffany's''. I use to play the song Moon River on the piano for her. That was more than year and half ago and now a month after we broke up I find this gem. Life truly is one really good structured joke that we spend way to much time getting upset over rather than just laugh at it.

  75. SuperEman500

    Remember hearing this while growing up in Dublin, Éire.

  76. Ron Myers

    Whoa! I just had a belly busting breakfast. Song appropriate.

  77. HerInfinitePossibilities

    I love how the 90's had videos of artists just singing and walking down the streets of NY. There was something so authentic about it. No sex, money, cars, alcohol or drugs. The ordinary people were your entertainment.

    The Deviant Developer

    Yeah cause not all music was crppy rap.


    There were music videos all throughout the 70's 80's 90's that seemed larger-than-life and weren't purely performance videos. The 90's wsa the era of Ghetto Fabulous p.diddy/notorious B.I.G. mini-movie videos. These comments r dumb.

    Jim AItruist

    HerInfinitePossibilities well said.


    @Jim AItruist ♥♥


    Have you ever seen a Dr Dre music video from this era what the hell are you talking about lol

  78. rhbdpy

    First now, after hearing the song for 10-ish years, I found out that in the video, they are having a literal breakfast at tiffany :o

  79. Scott Richards


    Scott Richards


  80. tj johnson

    I’m getting a lot of Boys Meets World vibes from this song

  81. David Brady

    Luckily this was the decade I was born in 😀

    Fred E

    That's cool, this was the decade I entered my 20's

  82. Leefrance Guevara

    90's never stop

  83. Bhasker Thapa

    That's what there looks like during day

  84. listerone

    A very,very deep of the best ever in modern pop/rock. Great video too...5th Avenue,Central Park.

  85. Tim Pell

    God this song sucks

  86. TheAien123

    where r they now?

  87. Sunday Hats

    Deep blue!!

  88. Mike Pazda

    😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭

  89. Mikey_Suze Four

    Being able to sing this tune in karaoke brought me here...

  90. K B

    Deep Blue
    Deep Purple
    *deep brown*

  91. Armageddon Speaking

    someday somewhere somebody else in a different universe.

  92. Darren Newbury

    2019 :)

  93. Geffy Rom

    I thank My God for recovering this song. Great!

  94. Cynthia Corcoran

    Only my sounds were recorded in studios sixtys.

  95. Cynthia Corcoran

    Soprano Schubert Ordained Minister Royal cynthia Corcoran

  96. Cynthia Corcoran

    My only SOUND cloud streaming this century.