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Tiffany Feel The Music Comments
  1. Brenton Jones

    The Guy on 2:40 not the blue t shirt but the left in the strips, i seen him on the video before with tiffany from 2017 Live in San Antonio video from march, wow how strange, love the country vibe tiffany.

  2. Banana 9

    Wow! Didn't know she did country?! She sounds great...a natural!😊

  3. Jose Cardenas

    She sounds amazing!

  4. Micheal Cinquina

    Great album but just a tad to short

  5. windschaser101

    Tiffany can sing anything!! Tiffany rocks!!

  6. Suzy Krcivoj

    Tiffany is a great pop and country artist all the way !!!!!!

  7. Eric Springer

    I think Tiffany is GREAT!!! I love how she is doing country...she seems to be so eclectic!! That is great for any artist to be :-)