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Thursday Turnpike Divides Comments
  1. Renaldo Matadeen

    2019 and we still here

  2. Daniel Daniels

    bless Thursday!!

  3. Olaf Kristiansen

    This song is amazing, I kinda wish they had released this as a single with a video... But then it's hard to think of a song that would do the song justice. This song, along with Stay True, was just a perfect way for Thursday to end. I'm bummed that they're not writing music anymore, but I'm glad they released so many great albums, I can always go back and listen to them. Also, No Devotion is pretty great, and I'm glad they're writing more music!

  4. Stephen Limron

    gotta love em!!

  5. Lorca Castillo

    Best song ever

  6. Patrick McGovern

    "Home is the place you can never escape"

  7. Patrick McGovern

    God level.

  8. Skankhunt 42

    God I love Thursday so much this song is incredible

  9. 3333927

    This is really the best on the whole album. This song also could be on "Full collapse"!
    I hope, their new album will go back a bit to their roots. :)

  10. JR A

    Love thursday ever3

  11. joemcbobinite

    "And I'll be counting the city lights..."

  12. Derk Ender

    I misss them :((

  13. pestopartyy

    Best ending to a Thursday song since Understanding in a Car Crash.

  14. theChotkiyOne

    в один момент тоже начала значить очень много, хотя не до конца текст перевел по ходу

  15. 00austin

    This is the best song on this album. Fuckin' great.

  16. joemcbobinite


    holy shit forreal man.

    AMAZING band, they've pushed out 7 or 8 albums!

  17. Sleepy

    This band is amazing and they need more recognition.