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Thursday Past And Future Ruins Comments
  1. maryshayel

    there's something so addictive about the panicked feeling the last 20 seconds or so gives me

  2. Sam Brown

    This needs some fresh comment. Thursday, a band that feels like a fog filled town to me. Like Silent Hill. Or something special. No oversaturation of fans all over the place. But appreciated. Good bye Thursday. Long live Thursday.

  3. Voultiongan


  4. Gene Ramirez

    Man. I remember listening to this song the day it came out. Where the fuck did all my time go?

  5. jamie199208

    They sound similar, so what. Some people complained when linkin park's, What Ive Done sounded a little alike. Theres so much music in the world and only a few notes to work with. Both songs sound great, isn't that enough? Now please go troll elsewhere.

  6. michael james

    ive been listening 2 thursday day for about 10 years and the clearly a punk/industrial/screemo band

  7. Khee Hoon Chan

    @MyKrampus I heard both songs, and although the songs do have a similar "feel", I doubt it's plagiarism. Nevertheless, thanks for letting me know about The Microphones. That song in particular is fucking awesome.

  8. MyKrampus

    Hey Epitaph, any comment on how your boys Thursday blatantly plagiarized The Microphones' "The Glow, Part II" in their ripped ballad "Empty Glass"? Fucking pathetic.

  9. Jason A Durant Sr

    another beast song from a great band. I love this band, they kick ass.

  10. Eager for Violence

    @raoultjah you're a god damn idiot. thank you &may raw rock kill you forever &ever amen.

  11. Eager for Violence

    Hold your head underwater try and see if you can breathe. Drown in shallow doubts of your belief. Cause somewhere their must be a better place :D

  12. StrizzMatik

    16 people don't like good music

  13. joemcbobinite

    fucking ACE song Thursday :)

  14. joemcbobinite

    I'm sorry...truly sorry.


  15. Alexander Sievers

    Tucker Rule Is The BEST!

  16. Graydon19

    @GUNITsoldieification Jet Black New Year is their heaviest song probably.

  17. omar contreras

    intro sounds like adtr casablanca sucked anyways

  18. azmir abdullah

    "a little bit sounds like underoath"??? are you guys deaf or what?

  19. drdomm

    @denscorpse oh dude, pls shut tha fuck up.

  20. Shaolin2419

    @NintendoFever11 This song has way too much singing in it to be an Underoath song but I get your meaning. This is probably why they went on tour together. It was kick ass if you had a chance to see it.

  21. Sam T

    @MegaKlinefelter same here xD and Frankie did too~ so i had to check it out xD lol

  22. saintjunia

    @MegaKlinefelter BWAHHAAHA LOL the same...

  23. meleelai

    Difference is Thursday is actually a good band.

  24. denasaurus

    wheres the band "friday" ? lol

  25. Jake S

    im gonna freakin buy this.

  26. mister got it

    @ryanxdavey Common Existence was one of their best albums. People are mostly just like, "THIS ISN'T FULL COLLAPSE 2.0 DURR THIS SUCKZ"

  27. Alyn Naslund

    @raoultjah i guess my brief understanding of ADTR is not enough to base something on, don't know why i posted that comment if you hear that in this song cool. sorry if i came off like a dick

  28. raoul scheele

    @Trytobedifferent yes I did

  29. Alyn Naslund

    @raoultjah nope

  30. bassist3286

    Sounded like Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine.

  31. Leto Bain

    oh i Eric..i like how you show up in all of the videos i watch

  32. Alicia

    @CodyCTG omg ikr?

  33. emiliobatiste

    @CodyCTG hehehe

  34. Raechelxx

    wow they sound so different, love it :)

  35. Ron A


  36. pat burke

    damn yo theyve been around forever

  37. Grumpy Natt

    @JmoROCKpants yeah I think that too

  38. raoul scheele

    @Zanirtak never said this sounded like adtr

  39. Sketchfpv

    This is a band that has never disappointed

  40. breakingthisdown

    Wow, this is sooo diffferent.

  41. Gene Ramirez

    youtube should get a repeat button!!!!

  42. Jade L

    Last time I heard Thursday they weren't screamo haha

  43. phantomoperarox

    eff yes! I LOVE THURSDAY MAN!


    epic screams

  45. Crusty CockRoach

    damn i love this!

  46. guitartedoutlaw

    whoa... what a come back! I'm stoked on this release for sure!

  47. Asha

    thursday is back!

  48. Henny Hoekstra

    This is.... AWESOME!

  49. AnnigjeP

    I got damn high of the intro <3

  50. Gene Ramirez

    I love this :)

  51. Daniel Caldana

    sounds a little bit like underoath but without all the screamin

  52. Ken Juarez

    sick drumming as always.

  53. Aaron Collins

    @raoultjah Colder Than my Heart, If You Can Imagine

  54. raoul scheele

    For a second I thought it was an ADTR intro!

  55. MrSkeloton

    OMG Best Song

  56. jessie jess

    Thursday <3
    I feel like such a hardcore fan being here within in the first 10 minutes <3


    I love Thursday, best band in the world!

  58. Umbra Lyra

    best band ever