Thursday - A Gun In The First Act Lyrics

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Thursday A Gun In The First Act Comments
  1. SubstanceD91

    They always had a problem with the vocals being too quiet, was really annoying

  2. joemcbobinite

    This woulda made for a killer music video.
    Guess us fans will just hafta make it in honor of the band sometime :)
    I like this band alot if you couldn't tell, thats why I comment so much and use happy faces haha

  3. joemcbobinite

    It would be a dream to witness another album from these guys, they could always pop back up after they feel more secure in their lives.


  4. jamie199208

    Thursday spoke of the world today and this album is no exception. What a finale.
    Thursday 4 life.

  5. Xavier Le

    RIP ? … Just end of the world if thursday dead … i never see them in live … =( ! (Bad English, sorry).

  6. joemcbobinite

    please came back Thursday...

  7. thatcrazyartist

    If you search 'Geoff Rickly', you can find an interview about it.

  8. ~Super_12~

    @lazyatthedisco R.I.P?? why did they separate?

  9. wizwoz S

    agreed, best song on the album

  10. lazyatthedisco

    The best of the album. R.I.P. Thursday.


    Haha little did you know...