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Thundercat Inferno Comments
  1. dinosaurpotatoes

    Pay attention to the ending...the drumming is so abstract,I know that took some time and REAL thought. The ending is reminiscent of TOOL.

  2. Colten, with the black knees

    Bruh I need someone to reccomend me some albums/artists like this. Thank you❤

  3. Kate Marsh

    Signs of the time

  4. Trevor's Head

    Anybody else notice the Fist Of The North Star sample at 1:32?


    Trevor's Head yes! I just came here to say that.

  5. Salmon

    After descent into madness anyone?

  6. Erica Davis

    Ooooo I wasn't ready for that switch at 2:37. I damn near dropped my phone

  7. Ceasaro Grant

    The outrooooooooooooooo!!!! Every time!!!! Volume please!!!! What planet are we arriving in?

  8. Lit Jay

    I listen to thundercat and just cry 😂

  9. Dylan Allen

    Spice Adams brought me here

  10. Andres Hernandez

    1:05 is that the Wii menu sound?

    Braeden Campbell

    It does sound like it, but its just the piano playing similar notes

  11. Christopher Sikora

    thundercat, youve done mad acid. theres no other explanation... and its fucking awesome

  12. Jim Wallace

    Will we be touring all nine circles in the future?

  13. jennifer gale

    Fucking amazing...

  14. slowfaller

    Reminds me of Sean Lennon

  15. 「Dorian VonBeck」

    Where are the voices sampled from?

    Lacey.Jckson Lcy

    Its him singing pretty sure

    「Dorian VonBeck」

    @Lacey.Jckson Lcy I mean the laughing and stuff

    Bad S

    @「Dorian VonBeck」 spice adams is the one laughing

    「Dorian VonBeck」

    @Bad S Oh. Source?

  16. Thiago Rangel

    adoro essa musica !!

  17. theflash3100

    This song sounds like someone dying and thinking they went to heaven but actually getting dragged to hell

  18. Mac Allan

    What subgenre is this

  19. Tomas Echevarria

    The last part of the song is the best. That FUNK.

  20. Erica Davis

    When your favorite album was released 2 years ago and you're just not hearing it in 2019

    MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    Erica Davis welcome 😍

  21. datboidown duhstreet


  22. Justice Umbiya

    I had to stop my boss from talking to me.... He got pissed until I put my headset on his head. Now he understands why I'm not paying him any mind.

  23. Silver Man

    I want my casket sent out into space while this is playing! Let me corpse venture through the cosmos with this God tier sound!

  24. elfoxy

    I was the thousandth like on this tune 😎

  25. juantheard

    I will never be able to hear this track without hearing Spice Adams do his laugh....'aaaha ha'

  26. ΔŦŁΔŞ

    I was high the first time I heard this , and it was amazing

  27. MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    Theme music When I’m bout to set tripp🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. juantheard

    All of Spice Adams videos from Instagram basically brought me here. And now I can’t even listen to the intro without hearing his laugh ‘ahh ha ha’

  29. NorthernMI_VHSHub

    They don't make music like this anymo- wait, never mind. Listened to this whole album last night. Not good, not great, but decent. Definitely getting an EW&F vibe from this guy.

  30. original cameron

    Anyone else here from spiceadams???😂

    Alicia DuBose

    That's a fasho right on

    The Bucko Himself

    @Alicia DuBose perhaps

    Shaydes Of Blue

    Still trying to find he 5month old vid


    The cig flick🔥🔥😂

    Handsome With The Handgun

    original cameron no don’t be queer

  31. BAwesomeDesign

    Reminds me of the Jack Conte tune "The Disaster"

  32. Wolfdaddy Williams

    The ending sounds so evil! LOL!

  33. Wolfdaddy Williams

    So good it's scary!!! #WOLFDADDYWILLIAMS





  35. Antonyo Sprow

    When you hear “Out of the pan and into the #FIRE” that is the moment when you realize how lit this song is about to be..... no pun intended lol !

  36. Tony Goode

    If your going to hell, this is the song you wanna hear!

    Kamau Y.A.H Naturemonk

    Yeah you might want to chase this with "Clay" by Flying Lotus once you get there. Have a wonderful time

  37. Redbones Honeypot

    Feels like he's taking me on a tour of the underworld...scary!

    Chris Roberts

    Redbones Honeypot I feel like if people were allowed to sing in Hell this is what they would sing.

    Redbones Honeypot

    Chris Roberts
    I know right! This is what would be heard in the background. Not that I want to find out anytime !

  38. Grant Smithy


  39. BBF TSP Warehouse

    ..quite possibly my fave track on this album..



  41. B Witty

    Yellowstone's gonna blow! Boo-Boo no!

  42. pimp icy

    you can hear his vibes all over "to pimp a butterfly" album. him & Kendrick go together like a dutch master and some loud! a perfect combination💖

  43. theQuazzz18

    Best song on the album imo

  44. Anthony Rezende

    Brasileiros deixem o like

    Deboleau Bass


  45. TheAphexTim

    This sounds more like a descent into madness than Descent Into Madness.

    Johnathan Battle

    Hi iii I

    Handsome With The Handgun

    The movie?

  46. bigben1986

    I can in slow motion, picture Michael Jordan dunking on all of the Knicks @ 1:09 fucking EPIC

  47. kyoto graphic

    This song feels like a trudgey, magmatic descent to me. Not in a bad way, but in an incredibly neutral way--just sinking, unto the next zone...

  48. nischon

    earth,wind and fire fucking vibes!! Damn I miss that group so much

  49. Chris Corcione

    Intro made me think of Nirvana - Heart shaped box

  50. Trevor S

    anybody else feel that "rock n roll mcdonalds" vibe?

  51. Lizzy Brightmo

    Beyond dope. My new fav album for sure.

  52. Hugo Arruda dos Santos

    Kinda reminds me of "Return To The Journey" tho...

  53. Michael Baker

    who else had to raise the volume to enjoy everybit of the outro??

    MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    SER DURAN Owens it’s me leaving my body

    Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

    I thought I was the only one. This song is so mentally pleasing.

  54. Ominous Pigeon Master

    What a masterpiece.

  55. Michael Baker

    I was driving and had to pull over when the beat dropped at 2:38. that's when it got real.



    MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    SER DURAN Oh it gets super real at that point the madness takes over🤷🏽‍♀️

    Kamau Y.A.H Naturemonk

    Um............. What is it that got real again? 🤨


    word up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An Eclectic Man


  56. Tremaine Triplett

    Gotta love that Green Lantern reference


    Tremaine Triplett "Brightest Day, Blackest Night, Inferno..."

  57. MrJakeJimmy

    Not really digging this album tbh

    Mavis Username

    MrJakeJimmy Whoa, really?


    Oi, u wot m8

    Daniel Hemsley


    That's Harakiri - Cool album bruh

  58. Junior Braga Zion

    Monster master!

  59. No Coronation

    This album is a fucking masterpiece, my god

  60. vanzilescott

    The Outro is straight madness, loving it

  61. Tania Pimentel

    Come to Brazil, mi bredda!! Salve!!!
    Alessandro, Fortaleza CE.

    Sucile Souza

    Tania Pimentel Come to Brazil !!!! #Recife #PE

    Pedro Winchester

    +Sucile Souza olha as moças que curtem música boa haha

    Tania Pimentel

    Pedro Makaveli O perfil é da minha mãe, brother. Kkk. Mas tá valendo! O importante é se ligar em música boa!! Abraços!
    Alessandro Pimentel.

    Anthony Rezende

    kkkkkkkk escuto thundercat desde 2013

  62. Slite

    thundercat is straight vibes 😻

  63. Czikkan Hardt

    Yeah. I limited myself to listening to three songs from this album before release, to tell me if I should get it. This was number three. That shit is SO mine.

  64. Czikkan Hardt

    "That's right... right..."

  65. OddMuch

    Hot stuff

  66. Mint Mtn

    thank you lord for this blessing

  67. akashik rekords

    now to get high and blast some thundercat bass

    Whom 197

    Aaaayyyyyy you know whats up lol

    Marshall Collier

    Right man? That's the shit.

  68. Diggy22

    I definitely have to play this album for my friends

  69. Augusto Krebs

    is it a whole new album on YT?


    Augusto Krebs yessir

  70. Belinda Martinez

    sound like these walls by lamar

    Matt Jinks

    Belinda Martinez thundercat collabed with him on that one

    Tomilola Adeyanju

    Belinda Martinez he was on it

  71. Martin Fernandez

    We love you Thundercat!!

    Martin Fernandez

    +Minibull037 ( • ) ( •. )


    Martin Fernandez lol, I thought you were quoting his live Lotus and the Jondy hecklers, haha

    Martin Fernandez

    +Minibull037 you got me Sir!

  72. papa cringe


  73. Michael Davidson

    Damn good album. Keep bringing these mysterious beats that make me want to climb in my plastic beach and hang out with some empire ants

    Michael Davidson

    forgot about this comment lol. failed on this one but i got top comment on The Turn Down lol

    akashik rekords

    Michael Davidson you are god

    Michael Davidson

    thank you sir Dave

    curtis vandenbrand

    Michael Davidson can I please marry you now

    curtis vandenbrand

    Michael Davidson no homo tho

  74. Adrien Rolet

    vibe after vibe after vibe

  75. marcusflippen

    Ohhhhhh shiiitttttttt

  76. Joshua Raz

    Everybody loves a callback

  77. helko1

    It is time

  78. 4L3KS

    Sid Vicious was better at bass

    B Witty

    4L3KS Sid Vicious also vomited into his fans mouths onstage. Greatness is relative & subjective

    Nonya Bidness

    Yikes....whose idea was that?


    sid vicious could barely play what are you talking about ggs

    Grooves and Messages

    @rosaatomica don't feed the troll.