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Thug Life Str8 Ballin Comments
  1. Laura Brown

    Heyyyy2020!!! And still listening to my man Tuuupac!! Who else

  2. Marki 1975

    I heard this song for the first time when I was 19 years old in 1994...

    26 year later I'm still fucking listening 🔥

  3. C reb!


  4. Nomad 2019

    The Goat of all times . Still listening to pac 24/7 and never get bored .

  5. Starr Marie

    Balling in 2020 🙈💸

  6. Cameron Espinosa

    It seems I’m stuck in the same place providing for those who seek solace...for the moment ill accept im still Eating for tryage and millions’ll never be known I’ve been seeking those who accept for knowledge although their downfall will be dreams from their own form of memories... it’s up to the sunrise ... to provide us with a true silent
    Passage by a form of knowledge

  7. Cameron Espinosa

    It seems I’m stuck in the same place providing for those who seek solace...for the moment ill accept im still Eating for knowledge and millions ....

  8. king zero

    Wish they had an official...

  9. Cee Cabron

    Hoodstar music never dies,it stays in the heart for life.THUG LIFE!TILL I DIE.

  10. Shy Zakaria-Singh

    2020 and still listening to Tupac... Straight Ballin!


    Still pumping 2020 shout out from down under 🇦🇺

  12. sausau ia

    2020 still jamming this

  13. livefree794e

    2020 thug 4 life🖕

  14. Mark Bixby

    This whole song is all hip hop quotables... this was my favorite song .. loved the Bootsy sample... then Pac killed it... ! I still know this track word for word...the greatest

  15. Bene Rina

    Calore nel frio

  16. Luis Valadez

    Who’s still blasting his music 2020🙏🏽

  17. King Rubio

    Still bumpin in 2020 keep up🔥💯🐍

  18. Monica Dumers

    Motherfuckers don’t know nothing about this

  19. Nakisha Williams

    2020# straight balling!!!

  20. Southern California

    Good music never gets old 💯

  21. Jennifer Elizarraraz

    I would share the definition of ballin' with you white folks
    But, now, the game if for the soldier, not, so, fuck you

    I'm up before the sunrise, first to hit the block
    Little bad mothafucka with a pocket full of rocks
    Learn to throw them thangs, get my skinny little ass kicked
    And niggas laugh til' tha first mothafucka got blasted
    I put the nigga in his casket
    Now they coverin' the bastard in plastic
    I smoke blunts on a regular, buck when it counts
    I'm tryin' to make a million dollars outta quarter ounce
    And gettin' lost on the five-o, fuck them hos
    Got a forty-five screamin' 'bout survival
    Hey, nigga, can I lay low, cook some yay-yo?
    Hollar "one-time, " when I say so
    Don't want to go to the pen, I'm hittin' fences
    Narcs on a nigga back, missin' me by inches
    And they say how do you survive weighin' one-sixty-five
    In a city where the skinny niggas die?
    Tell Mama, don't cry
    Even when they kill me
    They can never take the game from a young G
    I'm straight ballin'!

    Straight ballin'!
    Straight ballin'!

    Still on parole, and I'm the first nigga servin'
    Pour some liquor on the curb for my niggas that deserve it
    But if I want to make a million, gotta stay dealin'
    It's kinda boomin', and today I'll make a killin'
    Dressin' down like I'm dirty, but only on the block
    It's a clever disguise to keep me runnin' from the cops
    Ha, I'm gettin' high. I think I'll die if I don't get no ends
    I'm in a bucket, but I'm ridin' it like it's a Benz
    I hate to stip, but let my music bump
    Drinkin' liquor, and I'm lookin' for some hos to fuck
    Rather die makin' money than live poor and legal
    As I slang another ounce, I wish it was a kilo!
    I need money in a major way
    Time to fuck my Beyatch! Hey, and gettin' paid
    You other mothafuckas fallin'
    But me, and my mothafuckin' thug niggas
    We straight ballin'!

    Straight ballin'!
    Straight ballin'

    Damned if I don't, and damned if a nigga do
    So watch a young mothafucka pull a trigga just to raise up!
    But don't let them see you cry, dry your eyes
    Young nigga, time to do or die
    I keep a pistol in my pocket
    Ready, on my block
    Ain't no time for a nigga to even cock it, shit
    And I done seen that mothafucka beat pain
    At point blank range, 'cause he slept on the game
    Ain't a damned thing changed
    Shakin' the dice, now roll 'em
    If you can't stand pain better hold 'em
    'Cause ain't no tellin' what you might roll
    You might go catch AIDS from a slight cold, nigga
    Best to live your life to the fullest
    Be quick to kill a fool, got a pistol, mothafucka, better pull it
    'Cause even when they kill me
    They can never take the game from a young G
    We straight ballin'!

    Straight ballin'!
    Straight ballin'

    To my niggas in the penitentiary
    Locked up, like a mothafucka, when they mention me
    'Cause you fuckin' with the realest mothafucka ever born
    And once again it's on
    I'm bustin' on these bitches till they gone
    Who the hell can you get to stop me?
    I'm in the projects, parlaying with my posse
    I keep my glock cocked
    I need it, 'cause they're all shady
    I finally made it
    Now these jealous bitches tryin' to fade me!
    I ain't goin' out, I'd rather blast back
    I'm on the corner, with my niggas, watchin' cash stack
    And I came up a long way from food stamps
    And takin' shit from the low-life ghetto tramps
    Could you blame me? If they sweat me I'm a open fire
    What could I do? Pull my trigga, or watch my nigga die
    I'm representin' to the fullest, givin' devil slugs
    I'm on the block, slangin' drugs with the young thugs
    And, mothafucka, we be ballin'!
    All mothafuckin' day long, stay strong!
    We straight ballin'

  22. Gudda Rose

    Rip my favorite rapper tupac

  23. Emmanuela Mchiwa

    2020 anyone?

  24. Alex Garcia

    Listening to it in 2020

  25. Michael Lozano

    Str8 Ballin in 2020 this shit never gets old 👌🤘👍

  26. Murkeno The Trash Player

    Making this shit my daily 2020 wake up alarm

  27. Romney Mcgruber

    Str8 ballin, nearly 30 years on. I was a young buck when this dropped, still that young wide eyed kid

  28. George Pennington

    I don't know how you can hear Tupac and be anything but happy

  29. A R

    "And niggas laughed til the first mothafucka got blasted"

    This line came to mind when I watched Joker in the scene where he kills those 3 dudes in the train.

  30. Tanya C

    Im n a bucket but im ridin like its a benz.real talk

  31. FierrO SantoS

    Giv I n devilz slugz" str8 Ball!n.....tupac.shskur..

  32. Lovan Berényi


  33. Deividas Kinderis

    2020 and we still straight ballin🙏🤘

  34. Anthony Adkins

    Greatest ever not even close pac

  35. Scotty Marciel

    Elgin tx till casket drops we playas don’t stop pkayinin. This luv game to the foolest

  36. Hailey Villarreal

    How many people are still bumping this in 2020? .
    RIP 2PAC!

  37. Stoner love

    It's 2020 still bumping this joint Tupac you live in my heart. Love you and love your messages Real Gs don't die. I will be back here years form today and read my comment

  38. Joseph Christensen

    Still bumpin in 2020!

  39. Drip Toohard

    2020 anyone still loyal??

  40. Alvelon

    Straight ballin in 2020 anyone with me ?

  41. mr. highznberg

    Str8 ballin in 2020

  42. Geta Buzz

    2020 still bumpin

  43. Jon Correa

    Even if they kill me. They can never take the game of this young g.
    2020. Pac

  44. Gabriel Vasquez

    2020 still bumping to this , pacs music will neva get old keepn it old skool

  45. Reynald Ross

    We gone play this shhhhh til we cant play it no mo. Real talk. Best rapper that ever lived!!!

  46. karinitha ysabel

    Yea nigga

  47. Paola Caruso

    2020 still here

  48. Mikey G

    Sippin listening to the PAC THUg LyFE!!

  49. Anthony Garcia

    2020 still bumpin

  50. Jiang Li Feng The Underground BeatMaker

    Maaan Krayzie Bone killed this on his fixtape. When i heard this beat on his album years ago when my brother gave me a case of bone CDs i thought about pac after running across tracks on yhe album and found this beat. Bone and pac are my favorite.

  51. Darian Mitchell

    We hur 2020 if u here right atm...

  52. Tony Mack

    Str8 ballin still in 2020 jan.1.....classic thuglife....

  53. Jack Boy

    Who here 2020

  54. Ethan Arellano

    Who else bumpin this shit heading into 2020?

  55. Jose Rock

    2020 bumping this shit

  56. Twizo Buckley

    This Classic track has the sample from #BootsyCollins "What's A Telephone Bill"...Just livin and loving,Waiting for the moment,When you got time to kill 🎶

  57. Joe Flores

    Bootsy Collins!!!

  58. Junior Negrão

    Owwwwshitttt Shit man Crazy Song Tupac

  59. AzulCrema sixonenine

    Im representing to the fullest giving devil slugs, im on the block slanging drugs with the young thugs.... and mothofuckr we be ballin!

  60. MrAlanAko Ako

    He was 25 when he died, do u get it? I didn’t even know what I was doing at that age, I’m 37 now and his lyrics can be related to after all this time

  61. hannah bell

    And dammed if a nigga do

  62. hannah bell

    But me and my motha fucking thug niggas are strait balling

  63. Scotty Marciel

    Mob till the casket drops 512

  64. Laura Gonzales

    I just plain n simple don't like the new music era...

  65. Willie Terrell

    Listen to him now

  66. Luckycuddy 415

    Rip tupac amuru shaker

  67. Luckycuddy 415

    Rebel in paradize pain angel

  68. Luckycuddy 415

    Rip pepper baby i miss you

  69. Niko Gauna

    2020 and beyond...

  70. Mike of many Mikes

    Tupac is Akil the MC...look him up and say hello!

  71. Ryan Adkins

    Hate the white part in the beginning cuz this is my favorite pac song

    Mike of many Mikes

    Tupac is AKil the MC from Jurassic 5. Look it up playa, and you won't feel so bad about all that talk about division.

    Ryan Adkins

    @Mike of many Mikes I know Jurassic 5 but not the other stuff u were talkin about.u sound like ur from the east disrespect.but I'm gonna peep what ur talkin about real quik and let u know what I think.cheers!

    Mike of many Mikes

    @Ryan Adkins I was referring to the part where pac says fuck white people. He was pushing that racial division. When you get a chance, check out this video of AKIL sounding just like Pac (he disguises his voice in other interviews) :

  72. Della Johnson

    Rip blessed by tha best Pac loved🙏Blessed in peace🙏Mac Town blessed by tha Best Best Rodrico🙏☝

  73. J Jilla 093

    Sick still

  74. martydundas

    Dedicated to Pac, Early May 2019, on The Las Vegas Strip so everyone hears the word of a baller. 2020 right on the corner from this post. Hit the strip and let the music bump.

    The one guy with a hat

    Still bumpin in 2020!

  75. Zeke Herzog

    Pac made you proud of thug life not dirty he was a rider period. Motivator period. He always made you Hold ya head

  76. Erik Jackson

    Thug Life

  77. Pedro Arango

    2019 anyone?

  78. Derrick Perez

    I love the I'm gettn money version too!!

  79. Robert Mũnũku

    "...even if they kill me, they can never take the game from a young G" ... Tru dat.


    20 years later he still in all news

  80. Lana Campbell-Moore


  81. Shawn Laps

    One the best hip hop rap albums all time. Every song is good true masterpiece

  82. Aisha Smith

    I’m million dollars outtta a 1/4 oz........I’m in bucket but I’m riddin it like it’s a BENZ

  83. Natasha Bullis

    Reminds me of my love 🖤

  84. Lewis Brunson

    Never knew I'm getting money was actually str8 ballin I like this one much better

  85. Tafadzwa Gilbert Kays

    We straight muthafuckin ballin in 2019

  86. Aztec King

    Str8 ballin big as thee tallest kid look what the baldest hid so many flawless did 1 in this lawless bizz want a brawless syst showin me buoyancy upin her goddess glist 2 toda topless tits thats what i like still goddlyest of goddesses like ok ora fuck my life 3 gotta love my wife wether tuff or nice ese upin eyes man and woomin goan love tonight 4 goin over board is a soldiers scorns upstate to the valle calle east los cloverforns 5 with some doper swarms of a locster borns to sober horned to knows her horns 6 october to october forms to be soldierific check my jams if got message sad leprechaun clover sickest 7 as i solar eclipsez from then to now in a bolder resistance light skin mexican and brown shawuuu!!! 8

  87. Playa R

    Almost 2k20 and i still baaaallin' !!!

  88. Adan Roque

    Straight G shit

  89. 2Sick J

    2019 still listening 😎

  90. Rod Hall

    Fukin classic still in 2019

  91. Dj.Neolitico c

    Legends never die


  92. joanna luv4 melanin

    Still up.😉

  93. joanna luv4 melanin

    GEMINI energy!!!🙃🙃🙃❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💯💥🔥💔

  94. Autumns Fit

    I dont know really know much of anything harder than this beat expcept Tupac himself

  95. Maf10s0

    Play at 1.25 speed 👌