Thug Life - Don't Get It Twisted Lyrics

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Thug Life Don't Get It Twisted Comments
  1. KMT

    really it s a song ı dont blieve this shid


    Desde Ecuador sigue viva las rimas fire fire fire fire gang

  3. Flies Like Eagle

    I wish I had concert speakers for this track

  4. Han P

    who wrote them lyrics tho o wait black people only think about gang fights dont think so... dont get it twisted #killuminati

  5. Brendan Thomas

    This shit harrd nigga

  6. Nell Nell

    Only true pac fans hipped to thug life.

    Insidious Vidz

    mynellemail Nell

  7. KnusprigerFlo

    The hate u give little Infants fucks everybody

  8. footlockerjl32

    they should remaster this album, straight fire. Today's rappers (except Kendrick Lamar) take notes!

  9. ThatBio Gpb

    2019 😎🔥

  10. Tj Detroit They say the Truth hurts

    Hookers u can get stroke & all of that I'll later be back foe yo motherfucken dope sack!!

  11. Jon Smith


  12. Keith Morrissey

    2pac made thug life world wide 4REAL

  13. StayGold PonyBoy

    This has Cypress hill vibez

  14. C Knicks

    this is Muggs beat

  15. Oakwood Pulaski

    The way that flow starts with " Just cause a nigga calm an' he got style
    Don't think I won't flip and
    Don't pull your file" Makes you bob your head.

  16. This Guy

    55 people got it twisted

  17. Beobachtungsstation Verascher

    Danke an die Polizei oder an das landesgericht eure ganzen birefe haben mich nicht verägert sondern von den ganzen „alkohl „ aufgeweckt und danke das ihr mich weiter auf trap haltet

  18. Jackson Five

    Die sind wie vom Erdboden verschluckt

  19. Keine Beweise

    this is the sound of people making fear because it is niggaflow and old where they were still real

  20. onetwoonetwo3

    Do you know who you fukkin wit

  21. Some random person on the internet

    Just randomly got this song in my head, it’s been a few months though

  22. Ovi V.

    Respect from Romania!

  23. Ryan Christensen

    I miss the 90s! all this crap that is coming out nowadays cant even compare to this masterpiece!

  24. Antonio Baylor

    This the New York 2Pac

  25. David Casas

    To all the fake politicians, fake educators, doctors, lawyers and cops. We run the game, don't get it twisted.

  26. thug for life

    Dont get it twisted Dont believe in lie Suppossed to be imaa possessed decisions somedody save me where you god no misery they got me religions my position myself witnesses prison the visions unjustice the hopeless confused future depends on me respect dont worry luckeed up difficult life forgive me fuckeed up deploration the brave lessons to my enemies suspicious dont trust we can you blame before blessed the still breathing get better days nigga street darkness i see evidence sereously reasons forever dream the main thing true insane i show you knowledge strengh no freedom genocide of came people guilty in pain you feel me never be the same to be a cursed shame the poverty working ima slave i hit em up no more the struggle dont stop atteiment desperate the letter haters block i wonder why little kids die no death my last breath dont cry mistake in sorrow lyrics remember disappation people misconception together i feel the pressure in ghetto ask soon ass i get home realize crazy born like a blaze up bring it on tell me reason the dangerous everyday give a promise my inspirations to be a honest reminicin draw away i gotta quastions rejoin recognision jelousy screaming if i die disappear regarded book of rhymes my time is over passed independent example

  27. east side south Disneyland Disney & friends clika

    I love this rap beat

  28. east side south Disneyland Disney & friends clika

    I was five when wrote this to me i croxed him out

  29. Skr Skr

    I always hated that pac wasn’t on this song

    Death Itself

    It still goes fucking hardd

  30. Knowledge Seeker

    Mopreme and rated killed this joint.

  31. AA/AD J

    How Pac verse were not appear on this song?? The beat is dope and Pac would kill this beat.

  32. BorderlineAlaska

    Dont get it Twisted.

  33. Patrick Henderson

    2018 still don’t get it twisted

  34. Ian E

    A remake of the instrumental I made if anyone wants to rap over it :P

  35. Jennifer Campos

    My favorite song why haha

  36. Jon Smith


  37. Benjamin Ten

    U know who you fucking with

  38. Outlawzzz

    Don’t get it twisted

  39. Jeral Hall

    1:50 - 2:01 best part

  40. Sempronius Densus

    2pac was the best white rapper, much better than eminem

    AA/AD J

    Sempronius Densus
    Yeah it could be if Pac let out all of his style like he did in his rapping abbilities in 1991-1994 which he have his own flow with better lyrical and passionately.

    Greg A

    I don't get it

  41. TheDomeOfGenesys


  42. oliverrando

    didnt really like this song that much

    Greg A

    Poor thing

  43. Jon Smith


  44. frank doemen

    Wish PAC had a verse on this damn

  45. Jon Smith

    Mopreme was Pacs cousin

    Johnathan Outley

    Jon Smith nah he was his brother

    Greg A


  46. Jr Jr

    Beats made by Johnny j rip

    Worn out Testicles

    Johnny produced Pour Out A Lil Liquor, not this one

    Sam Ramos

    Professor Jay and Big syke produced this one

  47. Jon Smith

    Ain't a damn thing funny when I spray your ass with my tommy

  48. Ricardo Rolão

    this beat it more heavy than my moms belt

  49. Enrique Lopez Del Real

    2Pac - Thug Life - Don't Get It Twisted

  50. Old Skool

    "I tried to warn you, but you missed it." I remember this shit from HS.

  51. Danton Steele

    Totally Cypress hill

  52. Jack Campone Cuhz

    Do you know who you fuckin with?!

  53. Westside187 CA


    Tyler Sinclair


  54. Wiggy Jay

    the beat i loooveeeeee

  55. MyValandra

    Man, this would be awesome for an NBA Starting Line Up Intro an underdog team about to face GS or something...haha


    No doubt lol

  56. aiden robinson

    This makes me want to go crazy

  57. Scion of Shannara the end

    im mixed up like a bowl o' nuts

  58. Jr P . WOOP

    R.I.P Pac Don't Get iT Twisted !

  59. Desiree Morales

    love this song

  60. Da Scarecrow

    Macadoshis has such a Gangsta Ass flow

  61. dontgetittwizted !!!

    dont get it twisted!!!

  62. FreshPrince

    classic motivation music bruh..

  63. Siddharth Choudhury

    I like The songs but where is 2pac voice ?

    Cixx The Chiller

    He's not on this or Street Fame

    AA/AD J

    How could be?!! Why Pac didn't rap on this ?!! He could kill this dope beat.

  64. Grimm Reaper

    Remake of the instrumental

  65. Greg Cummings

    this shit cold as fuck rip pac thug life 4 ever

  66. Zoe Bradford

    happy xmas pac much love bro

  67. Jadervason

    one of the few songs that goes harder than this one is Spice 1 - Born 2 Die

  68. kdot jones

    love this album ppl thought 2pac was out his mind when he made this group haha jokes on them!!!

  69. Gregory McNeal

    my shit real rap thats how fake ass nigga fake hos have a nigga feeling !!

  70. Golden Tash

    Mopreme is a class rapper

  71. Pietruh

    The Soul Fantastics - Ain't No Sunshine :D

  72. Keith Rogers

    This track still kills it.

  73. DAZ Killinger

    Og straight loc....and you can get smoked.

    Greg A

    Mopreme, not og Lol

  74. JewUnit6

    your all mixxed up like a bowl of nuts lmao love that line

    Bowl Cut

    lol  yeah . also, love when rappers dont cuss every sentence, and actually make something funny like this

  75. OSCronicless Rap/Hip-hop /OSC/


  76. Chris McG

    ahhh this brings me back

  77. Christian

    damn man why isn't pac on this track?, that would've been great

    Knowledge Seeker

    I can't see Pac's flow on this song. As good as he was this wasn't the type of track he could spit lyrics on.

    Worn out Testicles

    I was always pissed that he wasn't on it too!


    Knowledge Seeker yeah “some beats aren’t made for ya”

    Sam Ramos

    @Knowledge Seeker delusional lmao

    Johnny Spliff

    No, let It be...they murdered this track

  78. Toby Seraph

    This is blasting in my earphones at the gym

  79. P Roof

    I love Rated R`s voice and flow. Him and Machadosis are so underrated. 

  80. Chronick

    God i love this song

  81. Jose Mendez

    so raw and full of anger and emotion and lyrics. real hip hop. 

    Gabriel G

    Jose Mendez it's rap

    Sly Bacon

    my exact thaughts

    Nell Nell

    @Gabriel G it's hip hop and rap.

    Disciple of The Way

    Man who cares

  82. 850iStyle

    same sample "Roy Ayers - Symphonette" as Casual's "Fear No Evil", Souls of Mischief "what a way to go out", Large Professor "Kool"

  83. Yoshi DA king

    1 person got it twisted >.>

  84. nate wallis

    I clicked on some gay shit on the way here, glad I made it back in one piece

  85. thelakersforlife

    Best song on the album

    AA/AD J

    Under Pressure and Pour Out A Little Liquor are also the best.

    Ashley Mankga

    💯 💯

  86. gotohellaaron

    Isn't this beat a Cypress Hill song?

  87. 4Dv3N7uR3

    Mopreme straight lo * :D

  88. MrZeek4321

    whoever disliked is a piece of shit

  89. Martin Mireles

    INSANE IN THE BRAIN! Oh, wait...

  90. MakaveliMCG

    "..and if ya got beef best leave it in the freezer, Im no joke, Mopreme Street Loc......
    You mixed up like a bowl of nuts, Ya fucked around and got it twisted up!"

    Bomb Ass Raps East Cant Compare

  91. 051290ma

    this almost sound like muggs from cypress hill produced this track

  92. AA Barbone

    2pac didnt really rap on this hey?

  93. 4Dv3N7uR3

    Good Track.

  94. danroach420

    finally ...

  95. Naoshad S

    This gem needs more views

  96. Naoshad S


  97. NIMA375

    where the views at?