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Three Dog Night Chest Fever Comments
  1. Edgard Agosto

    Turn up the 4 track stereo

  2. T. Davis

    First time I heard ever heard this was in Summer of 1970--favorite version!

  3. Trollcat _22

  4. Dan Brown

    The few times I heard this song during its heyday I was never fortunate to hear who the group was playing it. My best guess was Spooky Tooth at the time. Now I discover 3DN does a version as well. There's so much more music to uncover

  5. 74yomomma

    My favorite version.

  6. salmurry

    Didn’t know the Band even did this at first. Both versions kill it.

  7. Rich

    "Chest Fever" one the seminal songs of the 1960's, covered by many (even an "Eagle!") and it comes off fantastic each time. Here's to "The Band!"

  8. rkernell

    This song hooked me on Three Dog Night. So many other great songs but this one defined them for me...

  9. Joel LaRoint

    One of my earliest memories is being 3 years old and being able to work the phonograph. I thought this song was a funeral song.

  10. donald judy

    They did a good try !

  11. Raymond Dobos

    The 45 RPM version of this is even was the flip side of "One" which was Harry Nilsson's..originally


    And I played the shit out of it at age 14.

  12. Tom Hardenbergh

    Heard and bought this 45 long before hearing about The Band. Oh, the organ in both absolutely grabbed me. 3 Dog's is a bit more funky. Band's is complete Americana psychedelia.

  13. brian powers

    Love this version!! So awesome!!

  14. Dallas Lockrey

    Soooo crunchie. I love three dog night.

  15. brother thor

    I can't understand some of the lyrics - they are a bit garbled at times. But I like the song , for the most part.

  16. Tim Williams

    Great cover by TDN I wasn't aware of this one!!!


    Propelled them to 1969 record sales, with CCR  AND SHONDELLS

  17. Jim Marlatt

    Until I read the comments, wasn't aware the Band did this. So after listening to both versions, I like TDN vocals a bit better...but it's really too close to call. Guess it comes down to personal preference.

    T. Davis

    I heard TDN's version first and just liked it better than The Band's--like you said, it all comes down to personal preference.

  18. Scott Lunsford

    Heard this for the first time October 1969...having dinner at "Signor Pizza", Kenmore Sq., Boston.
    Over the next few months, I spent a small fortune feeding quarters into their Seeburg jukebox...
    I was addicted. Still sounds great almost 50 years later!

  19. js4sons10rings

    My past brought me here.

  20. mackb909

    Good cover. Jimmy Greenspoon (RIP) does Garth Hudson honor. Still love The Band original best.

  21. trfesok

    Who's doing the lead vocal?

  22. XMIR10C

    #3 sales 1968, TJ /31` , BEQATKES 2

  23. Bob Schneider

    My first time EVER listening to the Three Dog Night version of this amazing song, and I gotta say: I've NEVER heard Three Dog Night rock as hard as on here!! This is an amazing cover of an amazing track.

  24. Billy Tague

    Bought the 45 single back in the day for the song "One". Ended up playing the flip side, "Chest Fever" more and continued to long after i lost interest in "One". Great song.


    flip side of one , in  my country

  25. Jinx /aka Rita S

    My favorite song by them always made my sid right !

  26. michael miller

    As a kid I would go to the dairy queen and on the jukebox was elvis in the ghetto, one and side b was this one.

  27. Ryan Kuhlmann

    I love the Band, but this is fucking awesome.

  28. TheIsreal0312

    I do not usually post critical comments or give thumbs down. But as much as I like 3 Dog Night, their versions is terrible. They took a great county flavored song and made it a rock song with a stupid fuzzy guitar.

  29. Ray Mccue

    One of the most underated bands ever! Why aren't they in ROCK N Roll Hall of Fame???

    phil armstrong

    Ray Mccue mu00but IQ

    Judith Webber

    Probably because Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke, in my opinion. Disco bands? Soul bands? Blues? Folk? Don't get me wrong, those genres all have their place, just not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Robin Swenson

    Because they did not write any of their material. 3 Dog only did one or maybe two 'original' tunes; all else was sourced from pro writers(Nillson, Newman, Axton, etc).

  30. Rhonda Evans

    The "Live at the Forum" version is even better than this!

  31. J.P. Kempkes

    heard them live in '70 and
    the next week heard The Band Do it too!!!!!!

  32. Sentimental Lady05

    This was originally The Band song with THEE GREAT LEVON HELM singing!!!!! Go check out the song from The Band it's better. and no I'm not putting 3 Dog Night down but The Band did it phenomenally better!!!😉


    It was actually Richard Manuel singing.

    Sentimental Lady05

    +Danzigx When Richard Manuel passed away, Levon Helm took over singing this song. I watched the documentary on Levon Helm and he was singing this song. That's why I wrote it on my post.


    +ann vieirakoski oooh I see

    Baltic Bettyboop

    Disagree. This is much heavier; love this 100x better!

  33. Joel LaRoint

    I listened to this as a little kid in 1974 on a scratchy 45 RPM record. Hearing it for the first time in many years! Still a cool song!!

  34. jerry kolbe


  35. Jonnie Rose

    RIP Corey Wells.

  36. Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Bon Voyage to Cory Wells, he will be missed.

  37. Lisa Lee

    This cover of "Chest Fever" is very well done. However I am certain that it was "The Band's" goal to offer Garth Hudson the lead role on keys. To magnify the sound and speed in which he played the organ and piano. I am still partial to "The Band's" version.

  38. John LaStrada

    Forget "Jeremiah was a bullfrog"....this is Three Dog Night as a superlative group of musicians. An excellent cover of The Band's classic song done with respect and power.

    Paul Jackson

    Singers not musicians ! Not to be picky just for your information ! Waaaay better than The Band !

    Terry Duncan

    Much better than the Bands boring version...


    Ryan B - "Feeling Alright" was originally a Traffic song, written by Dave Mason. And as for them doing "Try a Little Tenderness" better than Otis Redding, I think you're off your meds, or you just don't really understand what "soul" is.

    Ron Walker

    Yep when they did the frog I was done with them.

    Davan Mani

    Ryan B I liked Hoyt in that film. I wished he did more.

  39. Ricky1968

    This is GREAT, along with Sugarloaf's version too !

  40. David Dickson

    Just heard chest feaver on letterman loved the memory.

  41. ChicagoKid5

    RIP, Jimmy Greenspoon.


    What a monster player on that Hammond B3 !!

  42. MrGregOtis

    Oh my gosh.  I forgot about this tune.  It rocked for me.  With Jimmy Greenspoon's passing, I've been bringing back 3DN memories.  RIP Jimmy.

  43. alan chrisman

    "Chest Fever", Three Dog Night, 1968.  Written by THE BAND, from their 1st. album, Music From Big Pink.

  44. old dude

    Around the World , Three Dog Night , still kicks !  Found my time machine , it's covered in 8 tracks . Got some Gov't Mule on , Thorazine Shuffle , or maybe it's in my head . Sounds good , think I'll play it out !  Long live 3DN !

  45. old dude

    Hey Ed ! I listen to a lot of stuff a to z . The Band  does sound better to me . Got to see Dylan a few times , never the Band . Levon kicks it big time ! Ever watch the Festival Express ?  Janis talked about the train , ".... it's all the same $%-+&; day ! " . Met  Dave Nelson , he was on the train ! Rick Danko  was on cloud nine . Rember 4 tracks ? 1964 I think , didn't hit , along came 8 tracks . Maybe it was Further Express , dust in the attic . Long live tunes !!   Justin who?

  46. old dude

    Saw these guys with REO for fifty cents . Where 'd ya' hide my time machine ? See ya' , I'm gone .

    Edgard Agosto


    Edgard Agosto


  47. TimS440

    This was the first version of this song that I heard. This is good, with the harmonies and all, but the Band's version on Rock of Ages is great!

  48. trfesok

    This is interesting. The Band's version is pretty much dominated by Garth Hudson, but here, the guitar and drums are more upfront, plus the vocals are clearer. The Band's version, I guess, slighty edges out bcuase it's more down and dirty. But both are great -- I put them in my TDN playlist. Thanks for the upload!

  49. bluestate69

    This is good, but The Band's version is superior. Just my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I think that's usually how it goes, that the version you hear first, is the one you like best (with any song, btw, not saying you didn't already know that!). To me, the production on the Big Pink version is far superior. Its just a real dynamic song, audio wise, not just song wise.


    "...usually ... the version you hear first, is the one you like best..."


    But not always, as I can attest.

    Bob Schneider

    gil.gosseyn And that rhymed! 😉

    Eddy Burch

    The band is better on this song but I love 3 dog night out in the country and one and Eli s coming good stuff

  50. Moose Eliot

    the definition of "funky"

  51. Mike Thomas

    One of MY favorite bands along with...Steppenwolf,Buddy Miles Express,Iron Butterfly,Creedence,CSNY,Rare Earth....DAMN, There was a veritable plethora of top notch groups in those days.Glad their music has been preserved.

    Edgard Agosto


    Methos Millozotti

    @Mike Thomas So true, there really was a veritable plethora of top notch groups back then - I think more so than any other time in known music history. And yes it is great the music has been preserved. But you know what else, it really was something to live our lives, to grow and mature and have our 10,000 sorrows and our 10,000 joys with music like this as part of the fabric of the experience. What a gift we were given.


    With Steppenwolf, The Mamas and the Papas, Jimmy Buffett, Joe Walsh and Smith and many others being amongst ABC/Dunhill's roster of talented artists during the 1960s and the 1970s!!!

    Bravo, Three Dog Night!!!

  52. eyemalmostthere

    Best version

  53. 640down

    Good stuff! Even after all these years.

    Edgard Agosto


  54. indianajonny1

    Great song! Brings back memories of me and girlfriend in the back seat of my 1970 Chevelle SS 396 cranking it up on my 8 track player!

  55. brad allan

    a great group. their music in the late 60's and early 70's was fantastic! they got kinda pop
    later on but love their early music...

  56. ChihuahuaboyDH

    Three Dog Night's version of "Chest Fever" is incredibly great! I prefer the version from their "Captured Live At The Forum" LP, though! The only question is why aren't these guys in the rock & roll hall of fame? Mind boggling, isn't it?!

    Bravo, Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron & Cory Wells! R.I.P., Joe Schermie.

    John Melcher

    I don't know why. I just Can't Explain it.

  57. BluesImage1

    What about Sugarloaf's version?

  58. bandity2k

    Floyd Sneed on drums .........sweet !! Loved TDN

  59. John LaStrada

    The Band is incredible but I have to admit Three Dog Night's cover smokes. It's too bad TDN got caught up in some cheesy top 10 music because their earlier material was heavy duty. They were contenders -- just as The Soul Survivors could have been, & Strawberry Alarm Clock (doubt me? Check their "Me & the Township"), Climax ("Park Preserve"). Some of these so-called bubble-gum bands had jazz backgrounds & they prove it on these tracks. TDG's single "Try a Little Tenderness" is also a scorcher.

  60. Richard Taylor

    No way! What are you thinking? This is the big R&R sound the this song demands. Way better. 3 Dog Night

  61. MrChetwannabe

    never heard this version before but to anyone that enjoys this song listen to the band version. they did it first and i think its much better

  62. bluesrocker79

    Check out the TDN live version of this song recorded in Rochester,NY. 8/1/70 posted here on youtube. I like it better than this studio version. Of course I like this version

  63. donaldinks


    (Been searching for years...)


  64. bigcwdbjd78

    great great great song by tdn.cannot get enough of it.

  65. beautifulsweetp

    Haven't Heard this in so Long!!!! My favorite Three Dog Night Song !!!! thank you!