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Three Days Grace The High Road Comments
  1. vanessa lima

    Only you Anthony E. Rosprim lol

  2. GamerCZ

    This song remainds me about last year with my class witch I hate but love...<3
    Not 'cause the text...the melody

  3. Nycranim

    *insert deep and somewhat witty comments*

  4. ReeceIsMina YT

    Am I the only one who sees this as a love song? I mean, it could just be me...

    Sir Riot

    Yes, a little

  5. Kyrie Sparda

    The thing I like of Matt is that he sings the songs that Adam Wrote

  6. _its_just_ a_emily_

    Anyone like three days grace's old music better then their now music

  7. William Waters


  8. Adityan Singh

    0:28 triggered!!

  9. typhlosion 787

    This is the banned pokèmon episode Electric Soldier Porygon as a music video

  10. ozorio garzia al habla

    Gran epilepsia xd

  11. Sara Withner

    I’m going live on Instagram someday and singing this song and more. But this will be the first

  12. aLittleFATGIRL's Game Corner

    I feel old now.

  13. Louis Baker

    This song is the only happy memory I have of my mother

  14. Zero Budget Productions

    I was very glad to see Slender Man pursue his interest in music

  15. Myangel Brown

    I usually don't listen to rock but I love this song.

  16. Mong

    I don’t like the new singer but Adam is life

  17. Brxken ii

    For people who broke the repet button

  18. Ace The Not So Great

    My mom loved this video a lot, she even started dancing on the floor

  19. freeyourmind88

    It's hard to take the high road, life is unfair but u will be better for it.

  20. Loxie Sweet

    Will you straighten me out or make me take the long way around??


    Nah I'm good

  21. gpc 1

    1k people didn’t take the high road.

  22. Amy Tarkington

    I am blown away by this song !!just heard it on my IHart app channel.. ths songs speaks volumes to me at this moment in my life.. thank you and I love it

  23. KID EAZY

    I hate these guys gone yea they got the same instrumental people playing but the voice gone period change my mind!

  24. шоу пьяного в голове

    Переслушала весь альбом уже не знаю, сколько раз, хотя раньше почему-то не хотела именно его слушать. Грустно было что-ли, что именно после него Адам ушел. Ну вот. Зашло блин так)

  25. Julija Mišić

    I'll do whatever it takes to be the mistake u can't live without 🌠

  26. Sibicho Company

    I feel old when i remember i used to listen it on early 2010's man.

  27. Dxnny Reise Reise

    Why adam leave? =/

    Black Puma

    This is my opinion : Neil Brad and Bary wanted to make commercial music, Adam wanted to make songs from his heart

  28. EdgeLord


  29. Seth R Rusaw

    This song is absolute brilliance he's raw with his emotions because he knows everyone suffers but if we can suffer and help a little bit it goes a long way. He's a amazing person he took getting kicked from his band in stride.

  30. Christian Johnson

    Always a banger👌🏾

  31. Jorge Aquino

    Muy buena música, Adam Gontier es el mejor!

  32. Horton El Troll

    I just learned this song on guitar to impress my little tiny dinky.

  33. Kyra Croxford

    *Music like this is the best addiction possible*

  34. Dylan Snowrove

    1:50 orgasm

  35. Ace The Not So Great

    Guy in mask and hoodie: Can I stop holding still please? My entire body hurts...

  36. Felipe Dos santos

    Saudades de Adam gontier

  37. Enrique ET

    It really hits me because she was the only ligth for me, now she just decided to walk out of my life. I've never felt so bad in my entire life. =[

  38. Baby crocodile26

    If you disliked this song I’ve got six words “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKIN!!!!”

  39. Mark Great


  40. Jorge Conte

    I like the concept of the video, but the lyrics are so hard to read :/

  41. Miss K

    I'll be whatever it takes, to be the mistake you can't live without

  42. Castiel

    its 2019 and still this song is sick :)

  43. Tuxedo 25

    I love this song but this is the most unreadable lyric video I’ve ever seen

  44. Beau Nobles

    I like to listen to this when I'm depressed


    I started to puke after this video not because is bad, because flashly lights make throw up

  46. Stewart Patterson

    Just so I make it clear with YouTubers only thing I like about this short ad is the song other than that I hate ads and it sucks you have to pay for YouTube premium they should give it to you free I've been a YouTube subscriber since 2014 hook a brother up

  47. That One Weird Kid

    I hope no one here has epilepsy 😳

  48. ALF God 69

    When did Rorschach start doing music?

  49. Donald Moore

    one problem, the song says 'sometimes it doesnt matter at all'
    maybe its just me and im weird but im thinking of a situation where this guy is asking his gf, crush, whatever for help.
    it always matters
    and if it doesnt
    something's wrong
    very wrong

    i do love the song tho

  50. The DaSkullzz

    This song's sound is Outstanding. 😷

  51. Serhat Murat Asbit


  52. Manuelgold

    I told you I was hurt
    Bleeding on the inside
    I told you I was lost
    In the middle of my life
    There’s times I stayed alive for you
    There’s times I would’ve died for you
    There’s times it didn’t matter at all
    Will you help me find the right way up
    Or let me take the wrong way down
    Will you straighten me out
    Or make me take the long way around
    I took the low road in
    I’ll take the high road out
    I’ll do whatever it takes
    To be the mistake you can’t live without
    Standing in the dark
    I can see your shadow
    You’re the only light
    That’s breaking through the window
    There’s times I stayed alive for you
    There’s times I would’ve died for you
    There’s times it didn’t matter at all
    Will you help me find the right way up
    Or let me take the wrong way down
    Will you straighten me out
    Or make me take the long way around
    I took the low road in
    I’ll take the high road out
    I’ll do whatever it takes
    To be the mistake you can’t live without
    We’ll I’m not gonna give it away
    Not gonna let it go, just to wake up someday gone! Gone!
    The worst part is looking back
    And knowing that I was wrong
    Help me find the right way up
    Or let me take the wrong way down
    Will you straighten me out
    Or make me take the long way around
    I took the low road in
    I’ll take the high road out
    I’ll do whatever it takes
    To be the mistake you can’t live without
    I’ll do whatever it takes
    To be the mistake you can’t live without

  53. patrick grondines


  54. Royce G

    I’m sorry but I loved this band so much more with Adam. His voice was unique, the replacement isn’t bad.. but he just sounds so generic.

  55. Jared Estes

    Good shit guys..

  56. AltFreak25

    Such an amazing and beautiful song!

  57. Michael Pierce

    the worst part is looking back

  58. dakota lavelle

    This song always makes me so sad

  59. Vicki Garrity

    Addict physical

  60. Kara Kavanagh

    Such an underrated album and song!!!!!!!!

  61. Byron Hill


  62. Death Death

    crazzy what its like leisting to 3dg from the age of 10 now listening back now i understand the songs

  63. Vicki Garrity


  64. Vicki Garrity

    Jeff alike in cumkimcum

  65. Moriita UwUr


  66. David

    How do people hate this album this album had amazing songs with meaningful lyrics

    Naysa Hearn

    They Just Do.

  67. Michelle Maldonado

    This song never gets old.

  68. ramdom gaming

    Cool video but kinda beats the purpose of lyrics. Like seriously I can't see.

  69. Malo 1471

    To all my friends there's times I stayed alive 4 u, theres times I would've died for u.

  70. Maxella Roe

    Hello epileptic seizures. :D

  71. T Hof

    Adam has one of if not the best voices in Rock music !!! Such a fuckin talent!!!

  72. prywatnewalsh


  73. Max Palmer

    This song is amazing 🤘🎸

  74. Max Palmer

    The people who disliked this SUCK !

  75. Max Palmer

    ONE X was my first TDG album and got me hooked on this band a friend of mine is a huge fan and she introduced me to TDG I miss Adam but I enjoy the new stuff to I’m a MDD fan two both bands are good I think Matt is a good singer two I like both vocalist 👨‍🎤TDG is fire sure in my top 15 bands of all time

  76. Moriita UwUr

    MENKANTAH AHHHH ❤❤❤❤❤❤♥❤❤♥💕💕💕💕

    #AdamGontier4ever uwuwuwu

  77. I'm gonna say the n word

    *Want a spite cranberry?*

    Naysa Hearn

    What's That?

  78. Max Palmer

    I told you I was hurt bleeding on the inside I told you I lost in the middle of my life

    Naysa Hearn

    There's Times I Stay Alive For You,
    There's Times I Would Have Died
    For You, There's Times It Didn't
    Matter At All...

  79. Shinigami Sama

    Mexicanos, hagan presencia :v

  80. Idk Idk

    *seaizure warning* lmao the colors flashing

  81. Eline Schollaart

    Can this be made in 8d audio plz

  82. DockM 21

    u say Justin Bieber, I say Skillet

    u say Bruno Mars, I say Five Finger Death Punch

    u say Lady Gaga, I say Breaking Benjamin

    u say Miley Cyrus, I say Evanescence

    u say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

    u say Rebecca Black, I say Linkin Park

    u say Daft Punk, I say Green Day

    u say Flowers, I say Nine Lashes

    92 percent of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop. If you are a part of the 8 percent that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DON'T LET ROCK DIE!

  83. Bruno Newgate

    Gosto demais dessa música e principalmente da Banda, me traz sentimentos nostalgicos.

  84. Leo Asm


  85. Jay Even

    November 2018!

  86. 4 Zuicide

    Buena canción hoy en el 31 de Octubre 2018

  87. Wtf Kanji_Dball4

    As the days go by I have to live "on my own","over and over" my life goes to hell. I have to live with the "Pain" I've suffered, Cause "Life starts now, I'm turning into This "Animal I have become" . I need "the good life" but my soul is cursed down to a "World so cold". The happiness I had no longer lives, this hell became a "riot", If only "someone who cares" could worry about me so then I can rise but "Life starts now", I'm running out of time to "get out alive". The world is going to "Break" because It's all over and we should "let it die". The others I've hated and fighted are "Goin' down" with my ability to burn them down. "Give me a reason" to stop now cause I'm "on my own" to survive I fight for the last stand,"I Am Machine" I'm not "Just Like you" I have "My own life" to live. I will probably be the "Last to know"... I honestly think this appropriate for this song; if you didn't know these are the songs he sang in three days grace

  88. Nelu Costa

    I do whatever it takes, to be the mistake, you can't live without...
    Melhor parte

  89. Shadowboy XL

    I guess this song really didn't matter because it doesn't have alot of views for being on YouTube for 5 years.

  90. Max Palmer

    I wish Adam was the lead singer he had so much emotion

  91. Max Palmer

    This song is amazing it’s one of my all time favorites from TDG