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Three Days Grace Someone Who Cares Comments
  1. Kamaria The queen Outlander

    This is so true... I can relate. This should be my theme song.....

  2. poziomka

    "what's the difference between emotional and physical pain?" physical pain ends..

  3. Matt Heere

    I miss Adam.. i like the new guy but no one sounds like this guy

  4. Dark Wolf

    My parents...
    They constantly belittle the music I listen to, say I look "slutty" or a "tramp" (because I wore a fitted tank top and leggings), literally told that I can't be myself, told that black lipstick looks bad on me, that I'm bad at singing, they didn't do ANYTHING when my brother called me trash, that everything I say and do is "crap," or whenever he's being a complete ASSHOLE to me. Whenever I'm talking, and my brothers interrupt, they focus all their attention on them. I'm forgotten. Whenever I do or say something, I'm ignored. Whenever my brothers do the EXACT same thing I say/do, they are a genius! Revolutionary! Funny! Original! Cool! I get in trouble for doing the EXACT same thing my brother does to me, but he NEVER gets in trouble or talked to. Oh no, just because he whines about something, he gets his way and I'm told to shut up, but whenever I do that (which I hardly do), I'm told to grow up. Every little thing is MY fault. I get in trouble for accidentally moving a tray that happened to make a loud noise and am accused of having an attitude (I was just looking in the cupboard to get something so I can eat). I got in trouble for not wanting anything to eat when we were out.
    So basically my fucking existence is a nuisance and worthless. 🙃

  5. Trever Cosby

    This song is so sadly true this can relate to anything that's the good part of this song but sad to know it relates to sadly and wanting someone to love and care about yo

  6. Magical WolfGamer

    I relate to this song a lot

  7. Lemons441

    Great song

  8. Alex Gulewich

    This song says a lot. I did some thinking, I'm an extrovert at school, but any other time I'm a shut in who doesn't see anybody that I know because other then my immediate family there's only 1 guy that I'm close with, and that's because I've known him since kindergarten.

  9. Ink Sans & OCs as well as Burnt Ashes Sans

    Yeah I just feel lost so this fits me actually

  10. Jazmine Prince

    My life😥😢

  11. Andrei Ionut Raileanu

    This reflects my life ,even in high school, even nowdays sometimes,true lyrics

  12. GearsGravity

    I guess everyone need to be cared for, but most people don't want to care at all. The real problem of this society.

  13. Grubby

    Fuck life man 😭😭

  14. Christine Deepa

    Because you are looking down on some one. There are even worse people who can't see why they are evenworthy to ask why it's worthy to ask why they are unworthy? They don't even know they are better than these who have to be stripped. Pity play!!! For what? Money? Fame? Ego?

  15. AlphaTengua VENTz

    #abuse never ends. - This world just sucks. Bless this tune..~Hatter

  16. Poison Empress

    Sadly this song is still relatable to me years later

  17. I am angery

    Does anyone else see the the word BIg in the URL

  18. Adyan Sharp

    This song is so relatable that I started crying😭

  19. makayla nicole

    Me being overdramatic and lonely in school xD


    Rachel Rio Hernandez who care about you we don't CARE GO MARRY CECILIA FLORES YOUR BUTCH FROM HOLLYWOOD GANGSTER.

  21. Danilo Martinovic

    Everyone talking about gfs and bfs and me here be like (having a rock cocert in a room with my neighbors complaining).XD

    Danilo Martinovic

    Sry for grammer

  22. Adriana Ramirez

    Deep shet and so relateable

  23. Adam Aburas

    Asking for a pencil in class

  24. Jackson Cline

    Is this stolen the credits say a diffrent name

  25. Sampyy 95

    Feeling chill in the air ?!

  26. bloub bloub

    Damn that freaking feeling

  27. Levithebest Animeschal

    This song is so true

  28. AlphaTengua VENTz

    This is so true for me but the strongest issue at hand is "Keeping it together when you've come undone!" and not so much 'care in general' people will "Care" when its convient for them, and "Care" as long as they want to - but as soon as you're not perfect anymore? BYE BYE.

  29. G Chs12

    Alguien vino por john wick?? xd

  30. MythicalTrashcan

    Story of my life *shrugs*

  31. Osiris Simmons

    When your friends bail on you for no reason

  32. Jayda Martinez

    The beginning sounds like the intro to break and it's a good song

  33. Aaron Clements

    Who Am I ?
    Someone Who Cares

  34. SB lan

    A new song to discover 👀

  35. Josh Callahan

    Hell yeah

  36. Vallery Luna

    🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 :3

  37. billny thehighestguy

    Welp nothing like some 3 days he when you are drunk and tempted to killyourself. Distracted enough by it to not do that.

  38. MakeMeDinner

    Simple question.
    With no answer.

  39. Prince of Loarderon

    "Everyones got a place to be
    But theres no room for me"

    Omg so relatable

  40. Chris Oldenburg

    Why is it so to find someone who cares about u

  41. Sarena

    How many people can relate to these songs. Like I can relate to all of them one time or another.

  42. Tina Tiller

    True fuckin song.... The way I feel about my life.... Nobody gives a fuck about's all good 👍 tho.... I'm used to it

  43. Samuel Partridge

    I'm just here for that bridge... My life is good tbh 👌

  44. experimenter19

    This song describes my experience during middle school

  45. Whatsername 21

    Its sad how much i can relate to this...

  46. wiola

    2019 anyone?

  47. Master Yi

    Lone 4 Ever

  48. LoveMe LeaveMe Devil666

    i know that cause im one of them

  49. LoveMe LeaveMe Devil666

    cause people dont care what they do on to other but the ones that are the saddest are the most wises people i have met and the most strongs people to deal with the bullshit they go through life cause of people

  50. aw780

    This is my life

  51. Kyla Sharma

    Oml it took so long to find this song

  52. sa as

    Really hard 😬

  53. Sasuke Coochiha

    Yall depressing ass niggas

  54. Malik gawasmh

    Why it's so hard to find someone who cares about you ?

  55. Kronx

    It's not hard to find someone who cares about me, but they will never understand me and just keep being pushy, which only makes matter worse.

  56. LOKI p

    Came here to this song cause my fiancee is talking about just throwing our relationship away and I didn't do anything wrong she's just tired of living n this state and for that reason alone I'm losing everything all at once

    Black Puma

    Be strong,brother

    LOKI p

    @Black Puma thanks man

  57. Jack Henson

    No one cares thoe

  58. Just Me

    for some reason I can't stop crying while I'm listening to this song

  59. Nick Montagnese

    It stays like a never ending storm

  60. Sand Box

    i was in the same Page as you guys. im still. but the only one who cares about you its you. You can change your life

  61. paul varus

    best TDG song

  62. EraAndErza 1

    Is hard because all only care about themself

  63. Good Boy

    Why is it so hard to find someone who will make any kind of effort for you?

  64. Guren Digo

    I 100% relate to this! some people will start bullying you and look down at you because they think you are weak and sometimes you fight alone and no one cares about you...god bless i have brethren who care and a Family

  65. Jasper

    This song goes good with how i always feel......

    Anthony Bailey

    alastor fangirl same

  66. Gabby Roads

    I just need good people in muy life i have no one

  67. Tina

    Who else can relate?

  68. General Grievous

    Fellas im glad in the comment section and we all comfort each other,

  69. olduselesschannel foreverdead

    Atleast he didnt fake his death
    Or even die

  70. Riley Breezy

    A summary of my middle school experience brought to you by Three Days Grace

  71. denial music

    me: im gonna have a great day
    high school drama: ha we'll see about that

  72. yee haw

    When your friend took the last slice of pizza

  73. Elaine. C. DeCarmo.

    After this life is finally over, as this world never knew what love truly is.

  74. Winry Rockbell


    Kylee Rasmussen

    U are?, lol

  75. soap

    this video is 7 years old

    and i still love it

  76. Bailey Smith

    Am I the only one who thinks at 3:35, that’s the best way ever to end a breakdown during a song? I get really emotional when he brings his voice up at a few octaves and lets the chorus ring like that. So fucking powerful

    That Record

    Been thinking the same, so much emotion in that part

    Bailey Smith

    That Record Adam Gontier is a fucking legend

  77. Dayron

    "Every street in this city is the same to me."
    Welcome to Canada, Adam!

  78. Greatness Overcomes

    my life is a mess

  79. ManicMonday

    Hey I love all of you, we're all listening to this song for similar reasons

  80. legoBuilder1999

    This song would be fitting for Naurto

  81. Simone Albertini

    This is real MUSIC

  82. wolf

    It hard to find someone who look down on me and it easy to find someone who care about you. All you need is to lose your happiness hope and dream

  83. Annie Wolgmatto

    Love this song

  84. Kovu The Lion

    Can't believe how much i relate.....

  85. D.A.E Harrington

    This is not my experience! People like me! My boyfriend's mom takes my side!!

  86. Bryan Brooks

    My life

  87. Redux 08

    Being used for every kind of resource. Fake smile's. Illusions of love. After all the work put in. I keep falling for this thing called companionship. Im nothing but a foolish resource, crawling back.

  88. Shawn Walters

    my life


    Love this song

  90. Montrail Wilson

    🖤🖤🤟🏾This song is so true

  91. Krystal Leigh

    Omg love this!

  92. Netsa Rock

    2к18 =)

  93. DialgaDiamond Gaming 20202020

    My life right here

  94. Shaibal Mondal

    2018 and i still feel the same way

  95. OoYOuoO / Russian38

    why look for someone who cares about you when you can be the one who cares about someone. make a difference in someones life!

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  97. Ιωάννα Ν.

    I can relate so much to this song.

  98. magic ham

    Since I was little I listened to three days grace