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Three Days Grace Life Starts Now Comments
  1. DJcyberslash

    Great way to start 2020!

  2. Birdy Mullins

    In honour of the new decade i'm playing this. Happy New Years, i love this album

  3. Dallas Nateweyes

    2020 and this song stills hits hard
    💔 I remember listening to this in 12 grade. .
    💔 crazy memories coming back now that in l'm 12 grade .
    way too under appareciatted I will never forget the day you messaged me back at my lowest of lows 💔

  4. George Neves

    2:46 "eu sou fodãoooo"

  5. wabafet hacker

    i think iv'e listened to this 100 times a day for weeks lol

  6. T0Xxk

    When holidays starts

    Anyone 2019?


    i dont think you were around when this album came out lol... it was a though year not only for rock but for evolution we merely have cellphones or spotify services back when we could apprecieta a cd for what it was sure mp3 were out and it was a thing but it didnt have the capacity it has now

  7. Jordan McGowan

    Is it just me or is it not unique of Adam to sound raspy while singing clean?

  8. That One Weird Kid

    That chorus hits hard.

  9. Unloved Deathless

    Happy aniversary 10 years of LSN ❤️❤️

  10. Harley Collette

    "Make it through another day, just hold on..." I love this line so muvh, it's what I need someone irl to tell me.

  11. Maha Shakrouf

    It touches my soul

  12. Nathan Vaccaro

    elle est vraiment bien :-)


    Ah tiens un commentaire en français

    Nathan Vaccaro

    @Rising on est là

  13. Zack V

    At the pit of despair, weight gain, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, and energy loss... this song lit my heart up again to turn everything around. Change the way you lived for so long, and find the strength you had inside all along.

  14. Nicolas Roubedeaux-Loya

    I've been bottling in my emotions for most of my life. I have no idea when they'll break out. I'm always at war with my thoughts and battling my emotions. Sometimes I don't know whether to stay strong and keep smiling or if I shout just cry on the pain that feels like the edge of a knife. Everyday makes me happy but hurts so bad. It feels like in losing myself somehow but when I hear this song it numbs the pain like all the drugs I've done, I'm so thankful that I got to hear this. It's a little bit of strength that I need to keep battling the pain, the struggle will never go away so for whoever can relate to me I hope that you feel the same.

  15. Jamie Bernard


  16. FlintPL PolishGamer

    Me in 22th June

  17. Deanna Yablonsky

    this song helped me through so much...

  18. Joshua Stevens

    2019 anyone?

  19. LooP

    Melhor época do 3DG

  20. Tony Ch33cks

    My first love got me into 3DG back into 2012 & I was only 15 years old.... now Im 22 & not a day goes by where I don’t listen to them

  21. Vicky Carden

    I love three days grace. This song helps me alot through struggles and feeling like a failure. By the way i am 30 and beginning to understand that life starts now.

  22. Gammer Hourlies

    Played this song as soon as the last day of High School ended. That was almost 3 years ago.
    Life really started on that day...

  23. Mad Rad Revolutionary

    can’t stop listening to this

  24. Kyla Sharma

    Guys if music is the reason ur alive, I’m glad ur alive but
    U need to find another reason to live,
    Like the people who are there for u,
    There’s always someone

    Kek Exile

    music won't leave me c:

  25. Miss K


  26. anthony limaco

    que buena musica

    System rs

    Es lo MAXIMO!!!

  27. Ben Shakespeare

    This is the best Three days grace song by Adam

  28. sassakinchi Garcia

    Please someone help me in my mind crazy and sadness

  29. Именно Садист

    Good music:)
    I'm from Russia

  30. Noah Thorne


  31. Máté Mondovics

    This is my favorite Three Days grace song. So this is my favorite song..

  32. Drew Russell

    I think if you survived a suicide attempt this song takes on a new meanining of inspiring.

  33. lee Alghtany

    2019 😎

  34. SOUND of NOISE

    so many memories about this song

  35. Jakub Flesner

    The best song for workout..

  36. SSJ5G Reincarnated_YT

    This comment is irrelevant.
    Well, I bet no one will see this comment.

    - Spence -

    U are wrong my friend

    SSJ5G Reincarnated_YT

    @- Spence -

  37. nrf81

    I feel like this song is about someone who had some kind of terminal disease, survived it, and feels like their survival wasn't supposed to happen.

  38. Carla Johnston


  39. Radius 144p

    You'll make it through another day, you will survive this somehow.. how long do I need to wait when every day is as hopeless as the other one? Something needs to change but nothing does. fuck this life man..

    - Spence -

    Nah bro u are alright. when shit gets tought u gotta get back up and hit harder than life. Waiting wont fix it man u gotta change it urself. I aint tryin to talk shit bro im just sayin whats real.

    Radius 144p

    @- Spence - Change isn't entirely reliant on you. If you could control the world than the world will break. There is only much one man can do. Nothing changed since I've made that post. But I feel better. I've gotten used to it. I ate pain. Nothing good happened but I'm trying my best to live.

    You know, I wear a mask in public places and just stare at people. People stare at me first because I obviously have the mask on, and I look back at them as well. Most of them feel like me just from looks. I know I'm not alone. I wish one day I will feel so confident in my life I could pick up people who are like me easily.

    By also doing this I saw so many beautiful/interesting people. I know the world is diverse, large and not worth missing out. I just hope to see it before I die.

  40. Эд Умнов

    ЭТА песня самая лучшая ! Почему? Да потому что когда я делаю то что хочу то свершаеться . Я стал бизнесменом да, я стал отцом , я стал мужем, до этого была эта песня=)

  41. Lucas Felipe

    99% of comments - Saved my life of depression
    1% of comments - i love this music

  42. it doesn't really care

    Esta es una de las canciones que hacen que quiera seguir viviendo.

  43. Spicy

    I’m not gonna make a cliche this song saved me comment but fr, can we get more depression songs like this? I don’t just mean rock, but the things that make me less depressed are the ones that pump me up.

  44. عاکف شاہ

    I remember people 2009-2010 complaining about this album but compared it to new album it's 100 billion times better...

  45. Clarice Anjos

    Q música pft!!😍❤👏🏻

  46. Juan Santiago

    Anyone know what guitar effects to use for the first riff ?

  47. Amber133 Xo

    3DG is not the same without Adam

  48. Meagan Crawford

    This song saved me and still continues to. You will survive this some how

  49. Alex 1885

    so good!! everything said is so emotionally uprising and perfect!

  50. A&R BN

    My soul is dead.

  51. James Heber

    Im leanining this on G off the flesh, get into it

  52. jth130

    All this hate, take your heart and let it love again

  53. Blocklegendzzz •

    Love Y'all ❤️

  54. Blocklegendzzz •

    😩😩😩Why so many depressed loved ones on here...

  55. Angry Chicken

    Such a big nostalgia song for me. A masterpiece

  56. Cj Mahone

    Lifeeee startsssss nowwwww😊💓

  57. Daichi234

    Kübra I love you 🙈😍😍

  58. Genesis Gabriela Gonzalez

    2018 and still fucking perfect <3

  59. Marcos Scharf

    just believe in yourself...!!!!! you are the best!!! you are the greatest one!!! don't be afraid of making any mistakes, they will make you bigger and greater!!!!

  60. Daniel Balbino

    Por causa dessa música n me suicido

  61. Mav Erick

    This song literally saved my life... This and One X... And Never too late... Heck a lot of their songs saved me from depression.

    Blocklegendzzz •

    Agnik Halder Are you Doing Good?

  62. Mosaic Slime

    once you have listened to this song, thats when life starts.

  63. Miranda Massie

    Usually my life starts now. Suicide isn't an option for me. I try my best at life every time we turn our backs we get stabbed by God for life. Thanks for making this Adam. :-)

    Blocklegendzzz •

    Miranda Massie Try your best at everything you do ❤️

  64. Cold Switch

    this band is one of the only reasons im alive..

  65. Sofia Lien

    2018 🧡

  66. Kylie Escobales

    Life Starts Now.

  67. LEGACY 2001

    A really underrated song

    Timothy Oconnell

    LEGACY 2001 yeah when I got this album I never liked the song but know that I’ve listen to the lyrics I appreciate it for the meaning and just the vocals of Adam is so damn good

  68. Francis Kigutaq-Sauvé élève

    Just Monika.

  69. k bro

    Just want to know enyone heer from 2009

  70. Enrique de Achával

    Best Song ever

  71. Top Tips

    Gotta fucking love this band. They mix the problems many people face on a daily basis and a rock/au rock perfectly. The music is fantastic, regardless of singer.

    k bro

    Agitated Beginning dude same love the band and I clicked on your channel and I think you should make some more videos

  72. Эд Умнов

    Когда я свершаю подвиги и у меня все получаеться в жизни когда мои мечты сбываться и свершаються я всегда ставлю эту песню ! Эта песня для тех кто постиг то что мыслил всю жизнь !

  73. Daniel Balbino

    My life XD

  74. Daniel Balbino


  75. k bro

    Dang this was released 2009 I'm here 2017

  76. bryan mendoza

    omg xdxdxdxdxd


    someone play this song when a baby is being born lol

  78. Alex Rowell

    Who else is here after getting over break up?

    Oscar recinos

    Alex Rowell same here lol


    life starts now and stay strong

  80. Pixel Flame 2


  81. k bro


  82. Jonathan Casazza

    This song and Never too late change my life <3

  83. Gabi Vlog

    2017 :)

  84. Vladimíra Jurásková

    This song helps me so much

  85. Эд Умнов

    Это песня самая лучшая из всех песен ! Все мои достижения я включаю под эту песню ! Приезжай в Казань обязательно схожу на концерт....

  86. sant yyc

    You will survive this somehow!!!

  87. Эд Умнов

    Это песня меня вдохновляет! когда у меня в жизни что то большое хорошее свершаеться я обязательно включаю эту песню ....

  88. Ohio fish1

    Oh shit!... My bad I thought life starts tomorrow.

  89. Batchedfg Doyle

    Dang, I drew an emotional picture to this targeting my own depression.

  90. pepito monte rey

    its never too late to make the life starts I Guess??

  91. Ciggaretes After Sex

    life starts now !

  92. bleach products

    this song saved my life i was going to jump off a 7 story balcony i listen to this before i was going to jump and i realized that life gets better so everyone that is in the depressing situations please stay strong

    Арсений Литвак

    cto ti pizdish gandon, fuk u


    @Арсений Литвак о ебать здорова.

    mother Crowley

    You buddy were not going to jump because I know that if you were able to you would because people who are truly suicidal don't want to motivate themselves not to do that they would you wouldn't you should be grateful that you loved someone or something enough to consider saving yourself from your darkness... I understand I hate this twisted world to but you need to survive for what is precious to you. with love Jordan...

  93. Duck sauce

    i loved this song back in 8th grade

  94. blurponyunicorn

    +Alex Mcghin Hey, what's up.

  95. ghost_gal_AGHH


    Heck yea it does...

  96. Matias ponce

    biba harjentina voludho

    pepito monte rey

    Matias ponce Atr perro