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Thousand Horses, A Southernality Comments
  1. Marilee Dent

    Glad to see you back lol lot of love Marilee

  2. Darla Flannery

    Post more videos.

  3. Mirko Di Benedetto

    This band is Fire!🔥

  4. Marilee Denr

    Love it

  5. Ronald Neville

    sounds like a thousand horses


    Too any slogans and cliches but the music is good


    thats the f****g rock and roll spirit , you say cliches , but i say way of life.


    Cliche is "whiskey, girl, truck" All of which are not in this song, but in about half of all top charting country songs. They did have "dirt road" in it which is probably top 5.

  7. Geoff Wilde

    Daniel Romano and Dylan Earl is where modern country is at

  8. Marilee Dent

    thank you ,I love it. I'm in the South

  9. Tam Lee

    My #SOTD on my countdown to Fenway.

  10. Keenan B

    There playing at the Tillamook county fair

  11. WᴏʀʟᴅsSᴍᴀʟʟᴇsᴛVɪᴏʟɪɴ

    this song was a massive flop on radio. real shame.


    Really is, I think it is awesome.


    @Learning2Farm they are a great band, love southern rock


    Usually the best bands/artists flop commercially for way too long. Thank God for music but f*** the business & politics of it.

  12. Sabrina Lynn Pierson

    Hell of an improvement from your follow-up to the HIT "Smoke". DO NOT COME AT ME with that bullshit garbage tryin to sound like the first single "Smoke". Right outta the winners circle and give me... "Drunk Dial".. NO thank you. Now this effort, "Southerality" shows the passion I expected from a follow-up to the sultry, seemingly seasoned HIT single "Smoke". THIS I can work with. Another important note. DON'T walk around as if you've accomplished a great deal JUST because you happened to strike a cord with "Smoke" right outta the newbie box... Walk around like you've EARNED the right to portray yourselves as a HIT band..?

    NO! No Sir's. NOT JUST YET. Show me something sustainable.. "Drunk Dial" WASN"T IT. This. MAYBE. We'll see. THEN maybe you can take your ass's to the bank,.. And strut that stuff. EARN THAT SHIT FIRST!!!

    I do have faith in you. Just don't get so freakin cocky right off the bat.

    Your friendly, or not so much... amateur reviewer and fan,
    Sabrina L. Pierson

  13. Mike Bub

    do not really listen to country music but i love this band. they are awesome


    I wasn't into country music either but after I started listening to a couple bands I liked, it grew on me big time.

  14. Caleb Beasley

    The voice reminds me of the Van Zant voice.

  15. Melody


  16. FaZe Rain's Lost Son

    Here before it becomes #1 hit

  17. Amanda Selkirk

    loved being a part of the pit during the recording of this video in charlottesville..amazing

  18. GoodOl'Boy01

    This is my favorite song on the album. 193rd view

    tilo dyer

    +GoodOl'Boy01 Hey awesome profile pic. Good Time by Alan Jackson is actually my favorite of his albums.

  19. amber janney

    My favorite so far!! Was there at the concert most of this was taped!! LOVE IT!!!

    amber janney

    +Ally Hundley

    Roanoke, Va

  20. Lauren Ashley

    my favorite band by far!!! they gonna be huge!

  21. [email protected]!E's Fun...

    Got here before it becomes famous 8/4/16


    [email protected]!E's Fun... That's my birthday!

    Kcara Psfour

    +Molly Beth happy birthday


    Thanks. Lol

    +Molly Beth HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby ...😉...


    @[email protected]!E's Fun... Thanks!

  22. CerritosSLPmx

    Congrats on your new music video !

  23. casey race

    I love this band

  24. casey race

    First to comment. F N A