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Thousand Foot Krutch Watching Over Me Comments
  1. Grannies Generation is my Sugar Mommies

    I remember LFA by pandine collab on ssf. Huhu taeny feels.

  2. Pecan TheJelly

    I was an addict for a couple of years after a bad breakup and some major changes and events in my life led me to a dark place recently. In the middle of my episodes I would often hear this song in my head, almost as if God wanted me to hear it. Even in the darkest of times when I thought about ending it, God put these words in my head and kept me going. Im sure there are others who have felt this way too. God will go to great lengths for his children, never forget that. :)

  3. Armando Arevalo

    Music perfect!!! For my soul 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. mehine2

    Reminds me Deftones - around the fur lood

  5. AMVs and More

    wow !!!!!

  6. SUV Tropics

    This is music.

  7. Bryan Edwards

    Reminds me of a few friends

  8. ArtalekOfDoom

    Yes I do, Yes I do. I love G H O S T S 

  9. Purishira

    Wow you guys are amazing! I love this :) Thank you :D

  10. Miguel Castiel Araujo

    Music perfect! !!my lo ve! !!!

  11. sebastian choque

    :') great song!!!

  12. timmy derp

    the words and gods strenth flows threw the song

  13. Samuel Senneville

    its the words in a song that stays and do damage not the beat ...well thats what my daddy always told me ;P

  14. Sara bones

    I love this song, it is so beautiful.

  15. Cassis Vanille

    J'aime beaucoup. Cette musique me donne une sensation ou plutot une situation dans la quelle j'ai déjà vécu ;)

  16. Sam Roths

    beautiful song!! sing the chorus to God, it makes you feel better =) let's get this vid to 100,000 views!!!! share share share!! #goJesus

  17. dave friesen

    Heks yeah!!!!!

  18. Goodwin1

    Song makes me remember my best friend who went to lengths to help me and promised he would never do anything to me... less then a month later him and 3 of my good friends all turned on me and hated me

  19. Breanna Leininger

    thats awesome c; haha i think this song is relatable no matter who you are ;)

  20. Breanna Leininger

    this is my favorite album from them!! so relatable :D<3

  21. RevanChristian

    Haha again in 2012!:)

  22. Fábio Pereira

    Yeah, this song is totally about God, or a guardian angel, idk something religious.
    Yeah, I'm an atheist.
    Yeah I like and listen to this. Is there a problem?? ;c

  23. Fábio Pereira

    what are you like, 7??

  24. MiiSTY2011

    Just found out about this band, and now i'm hooked lol.

  25. animelover101591

    Thanks for clarifying what I was trying to say hahah I was kinda out of it when writing that. It could symbolize a soul mate you are unaware of (as Andres first implied) or like a guardian angel sort of presence (like the second part of Andres' comment implied) :)

  26. Andres Orozco

    Or when a dead family member or friend’s, memory or feeling of watchfulness comforts us. Many people would criticize us for our beliefs, but there are things out there you feel with your heart, but can’t see.
    Hopefully that made sense.

  27. Andres Orozco

    Let me attempt to summarize what he\she just said;
    Have you ever felt like there’s some-one out there, someone who cares for you? Someone you look for, maybe like a girl, or just in general someone who will wholeheartedly be there for you in all your needs. Or like animelover101591 said, the song symbolizes someone who watches for you. Someone you can feel, someone you know is there but you have never seen.

  28. animelover101591

    This song is about feeling like someone or something is protecting you -- like an angel or something divine and it's a precious presence that's just there taking care of you haha

  29. Carlos Batroff

    understood but the song talks about what?

  30. animelover101591

    TFK is a very religious Christian band haha that's probably why :)

  31. Carlos Batroff

    why you spoke amen in the song?

  32. Carlos Batroff

    does anyone knows what this song says??

  33. Fábio Pereira

    and Skillet and Red too.

  34. Fábio Pereira

    STFU slowpoke. this is acient as fuck.

  35. Sam Mccauley

    TFK is one of the few Christian bands left that actually knows how to rock and incorporate quality in their music!

  36. thehunters1646

    @biglowe75 Uhhh "Rocks" "should"

  37. swstryker

    @The95ALBI And RED!!!

  38. FAB12UCB

    @fladder110 First of all, pop isn't a genre, its just a term given to popular genres of music like hip-hop, drum and bass, and what ever else. 2nd, where have you gotten your figures from, ONLY 8% of teens like real music? I think someone is making figures up. By the way, Taylor swift is good, and so is country music.

  39. Scii Ne Timo

    @starfireninja maybe they are... they just don't know it

  40. Fredrick Alton

    4 people arent being watched over :P

  41. Karas6910

    Why does two first verses are about mine situation? Great song!

  42. Brian Potts

    @Ivane76 greenday blows

  43. Matt Farley


  44. dmc_saiyan

    u say Justin Bieber,I say Skillet

    u say Bruno Mars, I say Breaking Benjamin

    u say Lady Gaga, I say Evanescence

    u say Miley Cyrus, I say Slipknot

    u say T-Pain, I say Three Days Grace

    u say Rebecca Black, I say Linkin Park

    u say Jonas Brother, I say Green Day

    u say Flowers, I say Puddle of Mudd

    92% of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop.If you are part of the 8% that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DON'T LET ROCK DIE!

  45. iamstd2

    this song is so touching
    the first time i heard this i almost cried (T_T)

  46. Patrick Slaga

    @biglowe75 lol iv actually tried, but the last time i went to best buy they didnt have it, haha

  47. Donna D'Rose

    Amen! the best!!

  48. K0ED BY FIRE

    Softest Song I've Heard By them and overall the best by them In My Opinion (IMO) Christian Rocks Amazing

  49. Jann Farell

    I know you're out there
    And I know you care
    'Cause I feel you
    Like an angel watching over me

  50. Colorado1337 Rikosa

    Great stuff TFK is great Band 5/5^^

  51. Hokieman101

    not as good as the rest of the songs on this album but still good

  52. ideagirlconsulting

    nice vocals on this one, great harmony there...