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Thousand Foot Krutch War Of Change Comments
  1. Mohammed Jabban

    0:57 when wanna tell someone how old his joke is.

  2. Frexyamoto

    Dude...I saw the title after years and was like "what is this?" listened to it and was like I remembered the lyrics

  3. Anthony the warrior 1986

    That’s a awesome video

  4. Rizal Eka Novrianto

    Thousand Foot Krutch
    Breaking Benjamin
    I Prevail


    Una maravillosa canción

  6. Monh Erdene

    i watched this 2020
    felt like a new music

  7. Star Of Modern Time


  8. david199867


  9. UHC

    this is great time for this song

  10. Oliver Desrosiers

    Tou aqui em 2020 pra representar os BR 🇧🇷

    Johnatan Machado

    Tamo junto! Vamos ouvir essa delícia e fingir que o funk nunca existiu!

  11. Only Albania


  12. Hafizha Sarah

    If I had chance to meet Hendery WayV in a person
    Definitely I will be singing this song for him
    Oh yeah, I think it's cool if this song will be the opening song for his birthday
    Wish me luck, thank you

  13. Yamoshi Edits

    Love this song so much that I made an amv out of it

  14. Lashawn L

    Still my favorite band

  15. Volt The Furry

    I still cant get over the fact this song is so it's so awesome i could listen to yalls guys the entire night

  16. Şerif Ali Çetin

    This song reminds me of some pain that i had gone through but i still can't stop listening to it

  17. No Name


  18. Alberto Oliveer

    Linkin Park
    Thousand Foot Krutch
    Three Days Grace
    Breaking Benjamin

    What a good time to be alive!

    Anthony's Place


  19. Charlie Gamer71

    Linkin Park
    Thousand Foot Krutch

  20. Anime Worm

    I have heard this song in all most every fighting scene
    Who else ??~

  21. lucas lima

    Ww3 beggins

  22. The Woah Guy

    Damn, I remember when I got a link to this song.

    God damn...

  23. HaMøødi

    Lol he looks like jason statham in thumbnail

  24. ลินดา หานทองไช

    It very good thank you

  25. Sandstorm and mang mang fazbear

    loves the effects how yall do it?

  26. ItachiKun

    Waiting for the third war ..

  27. Tanase Viorel

    Is my favorite song! ❤🙏

  28. BS PE

    Great!!! 2020. Brasil.

  29. Игронавт

    We are still listen it

  30. Elif Nur DİKMEN

    my best group🧡🧡
    i wish i find this group before.
    and i'm from Turkey, so sorry for my english.

  31. Mehmet ALİ GÜNDÜZ


  32. Berdikop Groudli

    Is this Linkin park number 2 ? Oh, sorry, this is just song same quality as linkin park.

  33. Otoniel Cortez

    So like 20$ on masa😂😂😂
    This song so good

  34. cassino santos

    Anyone else hear that in 2020 kkkk? It's crazy I can only think of Naruto when I hear her , by the way I'm Brazilian 😜

  35. Arcane Elementor

    2020 ANYONE?! <3

  36. Medusawitch Shepard

    Here before WWIII

  37. Sans JG

    can i use your courtesy call song in my video

  38. Sans JG

    can i use your courtesy call song in my video

  39. Sans JG

    can i use your courtesy call song in my video

  40. Sans JG

    can i use your courtesy call song in my video

  41. Israel Bruno

    Só eu que acho que lembra Linkin park?

  42. Tanmoy Ray

    Very good song in 2020

  43. Elias Dias

    Essa música que vai tocar durante a terceira guerra mundial

    Handel Martins

    Elias Dias a melhor seria war pigs do black sabbath

  44. Darius Titu

    Who is here because of WWE?

    Marco Albiazul

    Darius Titu Me too🙋🏻‍♂️

  45. Shadow Knight

    Over the Limit 2012 should’ve been a theme for wretlemania

  46. Carlos Alfredo Calderon Martel

    Temis muchas cosas en el mundo cambiaron en el mundo menos la religion y Jesus

  47. Carlos Alfredo Calderon Martel

    0:00 me recuerda al Pato Cisne Deysi y su rimer grimes

  48. Lucas Gabriel

    Amo esse música

  49. wirdan sujatnika


  50. Джонни Лягуш

    2020 we still love this song

    C.A. old

    me to +1

    F.Foxytrot500 _YT

    Same here

  51. Pablo Raoul Cacciani

    Everything's about to change

  52. Ween Isqz

    WWE Over The Limit 2012

  53. Anas Dynamite


  54. Robert SkillFight

    Last day

  55. رائد الشمري

    wwe over the limit

  56. dimoon

    ПРипев, просто аж до мурашек
    Вот реально, до мурашек пробирает

  57. Lana Selivanov

    What’s this song is all about?

  58. Chuerk

    Está canción siempre me pone de buenas :)

  59. Sorawit Rakarmaji


  60. Ness Natan


  61. 傳說神人


  62. mehmet emin elçuk

    nolacak böyle

  63. Shantanu Kudav


  64. Maurício Lima

    Trop 36 s

  65. MBAd-77

    I think that i had an incredible number of views since i discovered this. It's so good i'm alao very related to this song, my war inside me never stops, wow rock is always the rapresentations of myself.

  66. Scott Sherrill

    Does anyone else notice that when he says "words are weapons" and then "I got 10 in my pocket that'll bend your locket" his next phrase after that contains exactly 10 words. He is fighting a war with his flesh to follow after some that are probably trying to get him to pursue secular music or perhaps the things that come along with being famous like drugs or money. We all fight that war in one way or another. The screamin part of this song is his spirit rising up in him and telling his fleshly man to shut up basically. Love it this song is so profound

  67. Santiago Sosa Marin

    25 diciembre2019?

  68. MarvelManiac

    My favorite Thousand Foot Krutch song. Change my mind

  69. Valerie Miura

    I have always been in love with TFK's music, and I'm a Christian, I love Christian rock but I never realized this was a Christian band until I actually took time to think about the meaning behind the lyrics 💕


    @Marilyn Manson Hey nothing wrong with that.

    Marilyn Manson

    @XItaSasux4ever12 Im an idiot. sorry for this.


    @Marilyn Manson no worries, bro. We're all idiots to some degree. ^^"

    Marilyn Manson

    @XItaSasux4ever12 Do you want be friend?


    @Marilyn Manson why not?

  70. Jennifer Rice

    Bringing this into 2020

  71. Mini supper Boy

    0:28 ------>Hook

  72. Amira Jones

    I love them ♡

  73. Babíh Biersack

    Perfeito 👏👏

  74. Elizaveta Nevodnichaya

    Крутой музон

  75. Liliya F

    Ааа тащусь от них 🤤

  76. Chris Gaming012907

    I’m slightly into rock, when ever I’m mad or sad i listen to rock music


    Listen to Untraveled road

    Read My Comment, Not My Information

    I got to the point where rock is what I primarily listen to

  77. mysteryman

    Я к слову из декабря 2019

    YouWF Top


  78. mysteryman

    Тут русские есть, прикольно

    live hunter


    MisharedX mrx

    Да блять давайте захватим коменты

    Elizaveta Nevodnichaya

    Да есть кстати музон крутой

  79. Russian J-12

    скоро Олежка и до этого доберется) не так ли? роЦкеры?

  80. A.B. Zaman

    Tricky Facial expression and funky dance is the way...

  81. RaZoRr 404

    3:00 best part. my ringtoon :)

  82. Nino Bagauri

    I hate thousand foot krutch iuuuuuu moooooo

    H.U Fan

    Fuck you


    Fuck you

  83. Documentation Two

    i just discovered that he also the fron man of FM Static. mind blown.

  84. Dragon915 0


  85. King slayer

    Who's here because he heard this song in amv

  86. Kostya Khrunyk

    Cow: Moooo
    Hens: Co co

  87. Brian Seavers

    I'd probably like this band if o was in my 20s or 3os not trying to dis fans or the band. Older you get the more substance my choice of music has. Try TOOL A perfect circle, HELLYEAH and even FLAW has a few good strong deep songs that sound original and not part of that BS cookie cutter boy band "Rock" period REAL ROCK BECAME INFECTED WITH. Anyways peace out oh and look up MAC DRE Life's a bitch..R.I.P CUDDY!!!

  88. Hakan Arpali

    my favorite song in recent days.

  89. WorstWolf

    good to know that I had good taste before, like really good.
    this song is really good just like your band