Thousand Foot Krutch - The End Is Where We Begin Lyrics

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Thousand Foot Krutch The End Is Where We Begin Comments
  1. Dylan Ockerman

    Begin is where we end. Thousand foot krutch

  2. Gavin Rispalje

    I seriously miss this band sooooooo much plz come back

  3. Eidzuan Nizam

    This song teach me to move on even I am only one single man not like my other friends who are in relationship, well it just my opinion though

  4. Creepy CreepyTops

    Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 26

  5. Carlos Enriquez

    Nadie escucha esta Joyita en 2020?

    • Aĸeмι - ѕαɴ αwα

    🇯🇵;; yo.

    Carlos Enriquez

    @• Aĸeмι - ѕαɴ αwα :0 De ixtepec?

  6. Gökalp Pıçak

    reddedildim ve bu şarkıyı dinliyorum

  7. Walter Blurbb


  8. jude martin fernandez naca

    it dont end there.

  9. Saymone Eleven

    Mi canción favorita de TFK <3 .

  10. Daniela MusiqueMagique

    ❤️👽❤️ loveeee it 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 thank you 👽

  11. Hawk Talon

    Wow, I haven't listened to this band since late middle school. Throwback time.

  12. Clasher

    Kevin Lee see holes in the lyrics.

  13. Gato Loco

    Aajjj delete música

  14. ขนม ถั่วเป็ด

    คนไทย ที่ชอบฟัง

  15. mortalsochan

    No one:
    Absolutely No one:
    Retards on Youtube: 2019? wHO iS WaTChinG iN 2019??????!?!?!?


    mortalsochan I know, I see these everywhere 😂

  16. İbrahim Selim Karaarslan

    𝕭𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖑𝖇𝖚𝖒 𝕴'𝖛𝖊 𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖉.

  17. Howl Bay

    Ok their songs got me like-

  18. Full_Metal _Athiest

    If your watching this in 2020 leave a like

  19. Elias Cabral


  20. ดํารงค์ ประเสริฐการ

    1.25x 👍

  21. Christopher Lambert

    Love this song relate so much just woke up and so didn't everyone in my house 😂

  22. nadine hendry

    I love your sages

  23. Andres Garcia

    Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlmania

  24. The risen Phoenix

    thousand foot korn

  25. Ian Leon


  26. Sylvia Davila

    I'm an alien
    'Cause I'm not of this world
    I have a name, but I've been changed
    And now I can't stay the same

    And I'm a loser if that means I've been lost before
    But now I found it
    II'm surrounded
    'Cause you can hear the way it sounded

    Like angels singing with a million voices

    The end is where we begin
    It's crawling back when
    We run away, run away
    'Cause the end is where we begin
    Where broken hearts mend
    And start to beat again
    The end is where we begin

    I'm a monster if that means I'm misunderstood
    'Cause it's alive and I can't hide it
    The energy is rising

    And I'm a traitor if that means I've turned on myself
    I can't deny it, it's like a riot
    And I can't keep it quiet

    Like angels singing with a million voices

    The end is where we begin
    It's crawling back when
    We run…

  27. daniel Bervanger

    Very good cool

  28. Tristan Lee

    This is the what I'm gonna play at highschool graduation. The end of highschool is where we began adult life

  29. Harry Potter


  30. DPNINE 007


  31. Rafael Rooker

    The nostalgia of finding songs because of Bleach amvs LOL

  32. jude martin fernandez naca

    lagit hahahah

  33. Sean Paglinawan

    When you watch the Last episode before the First Episode

    J - wobert

    Nah, it's when you finish series 1 and move on to series 2

  34. Sean Paglinawan

    When you watch the Last episode before the First Episode

  35. Yeet

    I looked it up this is actually a christian band

  36. khaled-ynwa

    Like angles singing with a million voices ♥️💕


    playback ??

  38. Zora

    I have a question, is this music protected by copyright? What happens I want to make a video and I wanted to use fragments of this song, if someone can tell me I would appreciate it.


    You can use like 5 seconds of the song without getting copyrighted not completely positive tho sorry

  39. Alexander Garcia


  40. Ak801

    YouTube recommended me this many time and I was like, nah. But my hamster just walk on my phone and he tap this video. And I really love it! Thank my hamster bebe!

  41. Nile Horuseus

    If your watching this in 2019 leave a like

    BamBam Dari

    attention seeker and like beggar :/ no offense

    Fangedspring3 Games

    I'm waching this in 1999


    I won't


    No fuck you

  42. Kai Bünger

    I love this song!
    Peace from Germany ✌🏻


    2:09 UFFFFF

  44. Randy Arévalo

    Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker WM 26

  45. Mini Bas


  46. ML ·Trap· STAR GOLD

    Ídolo 💖💖💖💖💞💞😘😘

  47. Plasma Dogma

    lisining in 2019

  48. Averis trig

    Is this song telling me to end my life

  49. Eduarda Trajano

    Alguém do Brasil?

  50. Jacky Zhao

    this should totally be the theme song for avengers endgame's trailer

  51. Mayur Bopche

    Endgame 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Tim Lanyon

    I love this song

  53. Levi Mr.m

    The end for MW2 is the beginning for cod ghost


    MW2 was the best game of that series

  54. Gilbert Beaule

    So awesome make more song's

  55. TrishB10

    Holy shit just the song I needed.

    A few weeks ago I proposed my crush, but she hasn't replied yet. Tomorrow is the day when I'll probably get an answer, and judging by her behavior towards me, she'll probably say no.

    Thank you TFK !

    the akademik

    Howd it go bub

  56. Christian Aparicio

    This is so underrated.

  57. metalslugfight

    Mettila un po’ di pubblicità, eh!

  58. 『Sylent Pheonix』

    okay i know this is kinda just out of left field but ive thought about it quite a bit. the like and dislike buttons are here for content creators to figure out what their viewers do and dont like so they can improve their content. stuff like this theres no reason what-so ever to dislike. if you dont like the song then just fucking leave the video. especially people who leave hate comments. again. dont like the song? fuck off. TFK shouldent have to change their music for the losers who think they are privileged enough to think someone gives a damn what they think. keep up the good work TFK great songs!

  59. MarceloAlejandro

    Me recordó a los videos de WWE loquendo v:

  60. Nathan Gardner


  61. Ayush Kumar

    The end is where we begin is one of the best albums of theirs ...Rock -rap just like linkin park songs

  62. Pershe

    "The end is where we began" I sing as I press the replay button again.


    You can just right click the screen then click "Loop"

  63. Pia Zwyssig

    I like dis song

  64. jhon quispe

    chevere la music

  65. matteo torres

    Es muy chebre y mas que todo el principio y el coro

  66. Nathan Gardner

    Love it

  67. 23ChrissaysFAREWELL

    "I'm a loser if that means I've been lost before." That's the most badass thing I've ever heard in my life.


    23ChrissaysFAREWELL that fits me

    longinus cyclone

    @Shaqfuturedj me too


    I dont know what that means? Can you explain?

    Eidzuan Nizam

    I am understand that line that I know I am a loser in this world

  68. lelo_boy red star


  69. atze Matze

    when you hear progressive rock and see weeb comments everywhere

  70. Chauncey123 Mcallister

    Anyone in 2019?

  71. Nathan Gardner

    I glad you lick my somg😎

  72. Nathan Gardner


  73. Justin Graves

    Put it on rock band and it will get some props I know I will buy it

  74. Andrea Monreal H

    Love canción loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    angel moises ortega aldaba

    Love canción v:
    No mames jajajajaja

  75. Илья Владимиров

    Круто я эту музыку год не мог найти как нашёл послушал просто охренел от радости спасибо этой группе за музыку

  76. CiernioV

    I begin from there ;)

  77. Amransh Kumar

    2019 February

  78. 47 :v

    2019 prros :v

    elio cg

    Si perra =v

    angel moises ortega aldaba

    2020 alv

  79. Nuralya athirah Mazlan

    We only like the part when they sing "When we run away,run away cause the end is where we begin"

  80. Louis Brugnoni

    2019 and still listening! And I’m an old guy too! 👏👏👏

  81. nemesis Achilles

    After i told my crush for the past 3 years i loved her and said not ever going to happen

  82. george xavier

    i love this song so much

  83. Tomas Tanon

    Any one listen in 2019

  84. Vitor Moura

    Música muito Top

  85. Kristina Lane

    I love you guys and this song is one of the first ones I ever listened to

  86. Seku_ 0UT


  87. Thomas Styles

    Poderiam fazer um tributo ao chaves com essa música. 💚💚

  88. Ivn Suicune

    2019, anyone?