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Thousand Foot Krutch So Far Gone Comments
  1. in memories of Oliver queen

    anyone 2019? Can’t wait for 2020?

  2. Christina Lubumad

    Sometimes I laugh cuz liars can't prove anything just look at them still lying. 😂

  3. Christina Lubumad

    Sometimes in life it's good to let go what makes or bring bad vibes into our life. 😆

  4. ᴀsʜᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴅᴜsᴛ

    Song my parents had their first dance to❤

  5. Aaron Eggers

    Love TFK! Love their RAWKing songs but the ballads I really really do love! Especially Honest and Already Home. Something about them gives me goosebumps

  6. Rose Bayabay

    Still listening 2019. I played this song over and over again 💕❤️. I got LSS to this song 😊🎶

  7. jason anderson

    I swear I always go back to this song bc of my ex 😔😖

  8. Rita Marja-Helena

    Hate missing him

  9. Shaina Stein

    Great song

  10. Becca Smith

    Saw them live once and loved there show!! So good

  11. Mommy's Life


  12. Ash Crow

    Thinking about the girl I love. She does not know it though. . . I'm afraid of telling her. Afraid of ruining our little friendship. I really love her. It's not infatuation or something like that. I want to hold hands with her and watch the sunset together. I want to laugh with her, smile, and then kiss. I want to hug her and never let go. I'd give my everything to protect her. . . I wish I could tell her. . . there is not a moment I don't think about us together. I dream about it, I cry about it wishing it'd be true. . . if only she could understand it without me saying anything. . .

  13. fhel jun ansano

    2019 ❤❤

  14. Uchiha Itachi

    the lyrics was so amazing

  15. Luana Jansen

    Amen to this song ❤️🙏🏼

  16. Alex Laws

    Oh damn, I ain't heard this in forever

  17. עילאי גטיה


  18. עילאי גטיה

    My sis die 2 years ago wean i lesean to this song i rember the days wean i and my sis have fun togader


    What does "I wanna be so far gone in you" mean?


    Same thing

    Fluffy _ Flights

    He's talking about God

  20. Amilcar Conceicao

    good voice

  21. Jennifer Bennett

    As struggling satanist.they jam

  22. Bryce F

    further in everyday

  23. Mommy's Life

    Love this many amazing memories that will never be again:(

  24. Sarah Carr

    Shocked at all the comments of people offended or disappointed that this song is about God. But I guess I really shouldn’t be shocked it’s just disappointing to me personally. God’s love is unfathomable and He is awesome I love the fact that this song is a love song to Him! He deserves all the praise golry and honor!!! There’s plenty of love songs out there about significant others but if you really listen to these lyrics it’s clearly about God and that’s awesome!

  25. Summer Smith hollon

    Chills chills chills.... Love love love absolutely amazing

  26. Dark Viater 20_61

    Who's here in 2019❤️

    Sara the Zeldamaster

    @RetroReborn_OfficialChannel oh ok,cool xD

    Marissa Clarke

    @RetroReborn_OfficialChannel how??

    Sara the Zeldamaster

    @Marissa Clarke idk 😂

  27. LSSJ


  28. đừng hỏi tao-kẻ ngốc nghếch

    hay lắm bạnnnn

  29. Yamil Arguello

    hermosa cancion bella.........

  30. Louise Olausson

    Good!👍🏁🏁👍😊👀. And I love Thousand Foot Kruch💕❤❤💕.Their songs are very good👍😃😃👍.

  31. Fruit Freak

    Me with a dirty mind: bad choice of words there buddy

  32. Fruit Freak

    I had no clue this was a Christian band

  33. Khalia Albrighton

    The lists of the band's I love most
    1, skillet
    2, three days Grace
    3, green day
    4, thousand foot krutch
    5, simple plan
    6, starset
    7, snow patrol

    Dont let punk, rock, alt etc. Die because of what plays on the radio today instead of the songs that came out when music was still good 🖤🖤🎧🎧🎶🎶🎵🎵

  34. Josi Rendrick

    This is my favorite song I want this playing on my wedding

  35. The Cat


  36. Deadlifts Are Key

    I'm an atheist from a Pentecostal background and something about this has hit me in a way I can't explain. I need god again man..


    I hope you find him. I don’t know your story, I don’t know why you decided to become an atheist, but I know that for a lot of people, it’s because they’ve been hurt in some way. But if you choose to believe in God again, he will be there for you, and I believe your life will be better for it, so I pray you find him.

  37. Ansiedade Narrada

    Petry querendo desabar

  38. Shayne Hanson

    I love this song


    HAHAHA! I´m laughing at the stupid people who leave a dislike

  40. Copycat Tiff

    If he knew the pain he put me through and how much I loved him...

  41. Dowglas Waskievicz Music

    Assista meu cover de So Far Gone e dê opinião:

  42. JessieIsANinja~!

    Oh, I didn't know this song was a religious song. That almost makes this more meaningful.
    My boyfriend (he's an atheist) is starting at a new college in a bigger city away from here, so i sent him a little voice message to tell him that i believe in him and i love him. He just sent me this song as a response, telling me loves me, too. 💕

  43. Joy Kitten Lover

    This song is a love song it was written as a love song to God but it can be a love song to anyone someone loves with any type of love not just God's love and not just romantic love

  44. Clark Kent

    Amazing song!

  45. Leena lal

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    1 song 2 feelings

  46. Pritom Das

    I know they say that the space between
    Can make it stronger than we've ever seen
    They might be right but I disagree
    Cause I've never felt stronger than when you're with me

    Sometimes I wonder why you even care
    Cause even when I leave you're always there with me
    And like a candle makes a brighter place
    This mark you've made on me can't be erased
    I wanna be so far gone in you
    So far nothing else will ever do
    I wanna be so far gone in you
    In you.

    I've stood alone and I've fallen down
    Your hands were there to pick me off the ground
    Sometimes I cry cause I can't believe
    Your love is big enough to cover me

    Sometimes I've wondered if you're even there
    But when I feel far away you meet me there
    And like a candle makes a brighter place
    This mark you've made on me can't be erased

    I wanna be so far gone in you
    So far nothing else will ever do
    I wanna be so far gone in you
    In you.

    I wanna be so far gone in you
    So far nothing else will ever do
    I wanna be so far gone in you
    In you.I wanna be lost

    I wanna be lost in you
    Like a ship in the night
    I wanna get lost in you
    Underneath your sky

    I wanna be lost in you
    Like a ship in the night
    So far gone tonight

    I wanna be so far gone in you
    So far nothing else will ever do
    I wanna be so far gone in you
    In you

    So far gone in you
    In you
    In you
    So far gone in You

  47. rikster16

    Makes me think about my biggest love so much

  48. Jefferson Lucas

    2019 and this song is on my first favorite
    this song is amazing

  49. MetroVerse

    The lead singer of this band and Danny from Hollywood Undead should do a duet. I think that would sound amazing!

    Angelina AL-Khabbaz

    Yes thank you!!!

  50. elvis ferro

    Sonia non la vuole ascoltare

  51. Mr. Hyde

    Vim pelo Arthur Petry

  52. Maria Emmanouil

    Hearing this song I can't help but think about my soulmate. Even if the band had religion in mind while writing this song, i believe everyone is free to interpret it the way they want.

  53. Fenrir Xx77xX

    Just listen. Don't ruin the peaceful song by filling the comment section with hate.

  54. Zen Kage

    This is beautiful. I love TFK!!

  55. Angel Fame

    God is good he loves you, he knows you want help, that why he sent me unto you to pick you up, from the dirty wet mad, it’s to hard to me to do that, I really don’t understand why I should continue to make your eyes open so that you can see the spirit of God, even though we can’t meet each other I only want to know that someday you are more better man than in this time. I really want to know that someday your change already.. he loves you.. I’m really scared what was happened to me coz I don’t know who’s my enemy. I only the one, alone standing on this problem. What was with me is only the God I always prayed.. God bless you more.. here I am continued to pray in you. Not knowing the friendship we build till we meet God.

  56. Sifat Ahmed

    Is someone still listing to it 2019?

  57. nayan san

    Oh hurt touching song

  58. Angel Fame

    Then thanks for all you’ve done, coz right now I’m bc to
    Make all things right in my life. My priority is God coz He saves me from strangers want to hurt me, by the way, you can go what makes your life profitable. Don’t stick with me coz we are different to each other. Hoping your in Gods spirit now. Coz he is our savior to all trials that were experience. I don’t need any offer, I don’t need any assistance. But I only need Gods assistance til the end. God bless you always.. I don’t want to met anybody.

  59. Angel Fame

    Then thanks for all you’ve done, coz right now I’m bc to
    Make all things right in my life. My priority is God coz He saves me from strangers wants to hurt me, by the way, you can go what make your life better, but stop doing bad things now..

  60. Timothy Rossetti

    This the shit

  61. murad

    i just cant understund peoples here why they name it christian music if you name this like it that it means rock is only for christians what about other 2 religion that believes in god? what about other religions ? u can proud because the best rock bands is christian but cant say this music is only for christians as an muslim i like rock and dont think that when you do smth like this in our country they kill you or when yo do tatto they cuts you its all false... there is many christians yahuudis muslims and more . so as a muslim im saying again the band members is christian the music group is christian the listeners is christian but god is only one doesntmatter what u call it allah/god/jesus its only one and every religion member even ateists can listen this/

  62. IAmDagnis

    This song reminds me of finding love, don't really get the whole It's about god thing people say. Is it because they're a Christian band?

  63. Katherine Garcia

    The mark you've made on me can't be erased, your permanently embedded in my soul im so lost in you, your all that matters to me. Your love is food for my soul, your my strength and my weakness. Your love makes me feel like im soaring way above the clouds, higher than I've ever been so completely loved, but when your gone I feel destroyed, broken, lost and so empty with a meaningless painful void. Your like air to my lungs and the heartbeat to make my heart pulse. I'm only alive when your loving me... without you I feel like a shell of a person I'm dying inside. I need my wife, I need your love, I dont want to feel this way, I dont want to be broken forever, because I'll never love another. Your my one and only love of my life. when I gave you my heart and said my vows to you the day we became one i meant every word with all my heart, and soul till death do us part I'll love you baby. I miss my Wife and I need you. I need you by my side, I am drowning in this darkness and pain without you

  64. prokyle23 YT

    this song is so cool

  65. azzim rai

    My fav song 🤗

  66. MrWolf_Gamer

    My girlfriend left me and I listen this song and I feel alone😭 whole life

  67. Cristobal De La Cruz

    Glory to God.

  68. Joshua Lujan

    I am now in California and I'll be back tomorrow night

  69. Seraphim Saber

    Everyone below needs to just shut the fuck many butt hurt people

  70. Meriam Marq

    Still watching 2018

  71. Jarvis Stark

    This takes me back to simpler times... just a hippy of a high schooler who had a massive crush on a girl who didn't like me back... oh, to be a teen again...

  72. Lucie Castelliano

    I want to cry everytime I listen this song, the melody is so beautiful..

  73. Tyler Snow

    Best band ever

  74. Faith N

    I love this song!!😘😘😘

  75. MF Smile

    와 분위기 쥑이네~

  76. Lynn Colberg

    This song is so beautiful! Ilove you God!


    I love all you guys for making my song what it is today!!!!!! Thank you

  78. Cristobal De La Cruz

    God I love you so much.

  79. Kirin To

    this makes me sad listening to it right now :((

  80. ᾩ̶̛̳̩͚̰̜̔͌̈͘

    This music is
    *almost heaven*

    West Virginia?


    What song does the bridge of this song sound like? Anyone else feel the same?

  82. Saptarshi Mazumder

    Trevor's voice is sooooooo sooooooothing.😊

  83. Music wave

    This is the best you can get,I wanna be gone so far gone in you ............................

  84. Bailie Deyoung

    My bf send this song and I cried so hard and I mean I love him and he loves me so yea❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  85. ichiyuna

    estava esperando chorar tambem

  86. Tomate


  87. The Nagalfar

    My Jessica I love you and seek to spend many days upon many days with you ❤

  88. Miss Fox

    I never knew it was a christian song. Even now that I know it still sounds like a love song rather than a christian one. Not once do they mention "god" or "jesus". Anyways, great song

  89. jolean jol

    we all can lie to ourselves n pretend we dont need d end we r fools blinded by this world...he on the other truth n pure...he gave us a choice...we chose wrongly...its bout time we choose him...who is this him?...our father god of course!!!!!lol..

  90. Brooke Bogart

    I think of this of a cheesy love song :/

  91. Just Super

    I love tfk

  92. Demitrio2015 Demitrio2015

    Very powerful lovesong.

  93. The Cat


  94. Buddh Martand Singh

    best song i've heard yet.💖❤❤❤👍

  95. a b