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Thousand Foot Krutch Scream Comments
  1. Maid Terrible

    I think I kinda like this song
    Although is a rock (the kind of music I don't like) and the band also not famous even though they were made from 9 years ago but I think
    The music really inspires me about it message like when the life is too hard you have to do something you know?
    And the music and the lyrics is pretty good

  2. Vanessa Echartea

    i wanna see this band.

  3. Vanessa Echartea

    love this song so much!!!!!!!!!

  4. LoyalHawk

    Kirito likes this song.


  5. Byeffel

    When three days grace and TFK have a kid...

  6. Lucifer J. Morningstar

    The one that gets me is
    "I can't erase it anymore,
    It follows me everywhere I go
    It's like a mask that I don't wanna wear anymore"

  7. Matanna Davidson

    i want to fuck alex c

  8. Undying human

    Bleach AMV!!

  9. Ali Potter

    It's like 3 days grace musics

  10. Kr3d3 the disease

    i understand this song

  11. lone Eagle

    500 Miles There and Back. MY opponents "SCREAM " talking to their selves like WTF I don't want to be first no more. Cause Your Just A clone Walk Your Own Road. I'm cutting of my dick So You Leave me Alone

  12. Chess 17

    105 ppl are listening Slipknot

    I Slap My Emo's

    Lol I listen to slipknot and like this song tho

  13. Byeffel

    This song gives me Three Days Grace vibes
    Love it!


    Omg look its my comment from 6 months ago xd

  14. God Gamer Pro

    Can you hear that?

  15. ____________

    Finally a song knows how i feel

  16. Matt Dragoneed

    I get some serious VENOM vibes

  17. Stotts Family

    i love this song

  18. Tonny Barros

    Vim pelo tony tony choper

  19. killer aslan

    My monkey heard this, now he is an ozaru

  20. Raphael Rodrigues

    Essa banda é foda pra crll

  21. BufferingJeonJungook

    *Old* but pure *GOLD*

  22. Absolution

    PTSD ladies and gentlemen💯

  23. bonjour ça va

    💖💖💖💖🌷💖💖💖💖Love u😘💖47🌷

  24. Jose Fernandez

    When you're like I'm here to help the Natives get in successfully or I ain't gonna be able to make it home. In one piece.

  25. Rita Shukla

    Standing on the edge of it all this time
    Standing on the edge of it all this time
    Standing on the edge of it all this time!!!!

  26. Brittany Ragland

    U know what I get mad so fast so when I do I scream punch stuff and man wanna punch someone in the face

  27. Richeboo Satar

    Best song ever

  28. Joseph Fernandez

    When Things just don't seem Right

  29. Joseph Fernandez

    To my Family

  30. shadow of mountain clan

    I l.o.v.e. this song

  31. Alyssa Wood

    Anyone else's favourite part 2:00 - 2:36? Great song by the way.

  32. UltraSpace Fox


  33. Two Coats & Two Rootbeers

    "We've all been given a second chance but the choice is all our own."

    Clark Kent

    Many are called but few are chosen... Jesus Christ

  34. Tim Susedik

    "I've felt the feelings you've been feeling been through the same things as you"
    Best quote in this song.

  35. sugarfree1985

    This song is amazing, the high hat is just killer 😍😍 one of their best for sure!!

  36. Lord Dragur

    This would be great for an Akame Ga Kill AMV

  37. BLAST art


  38. dasKeks28

    It's not a joke
    I've felt as messed up as you do
    I've felt the feelings you've been feeling
    Been through the same things
    You've been through
    And I know how hard it is
    To feel like you're all alone
    We've all been given a second chance
    But the chance is all our own

    Tomas Rackauskas

    dasKeks28 gets me every time

  39. Notoriously_sly

    this song fits Percy jackson

  40. Dark Slur66

    sigue asi kay kay

  41. Sam Henri

    First 24 seconds I was like: "OK, where's that like button."


    First one second i was like that

  42. A P

    Am I only one watching in 2017? Lol

  43. Gael Nunez

    it take me five years to find this song

  44. EmoDarkness17

    a really good song

  45. Cerebral Assasn

    wasnt this song in a wwe game. i swear i heard in one before

    Taric Gitterson

    it was c:


    esta cancion es genial

  47. Lawliet

    Cade os br?

    João Pedro Gomes Do Prado

    Lawliet Aqui

  48. Augustus Abram

    Can someone please make an amv for the Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD using this song?

    Panos Voulgaris

    Rather than commenting here and expecting to find someone who listens to tfk, watches that series AND makes amvs, wouldn't it be much easier to find someone who has made an amv about that series and suggest this song to him?

    Alteric Jeske

    I don't know about the Ghost Rider in Agents of Shield, but I could possibly make one from the two movies.


    You clearly don't know what an amv is...


    theres no second chance for the damned

    Lliam Ballem

    There is no second chance for the damned because they have already wasted it.

    Kelly Wilson-Lawson

    Aren't we all damned

    Devon Knop

    THE NIGHTMAREM13 not true everyone has a chance to change it just depends on if you want to change

  50. Devynthecatwithsocks


  51. Jacob Torres

    i agree it does

  52. Augustus Abram

    This song kinda fits Ghost Rider, does anyone agree with me?

    CrunChY Butt0N

    there's a vid out there of ghost rider with this song

    Ghost Rider

    @CrunChY Butt0N What's it called? Or post a link, please. I love Ghost Rider videos.

    Ghost Rider


    CrunChY Butt0N

    @Ghost Rider sure bro

  53. VCdemon

    Every song I've listened to by this band I've loved so far. I'm very glad about it

    Nikola Pupovac

    Kind of ironic that you like a Christian rock band with that picture :D


    @Nikola Pupovac well shit.

    Pabla valdez

    @Anonymous to be continued.....paparpesapsorhdhsoo

  54. Devynthecatwithsocks

    "SCREAM" when u hear this song!!!

  55. Dawn Evans

    sometimes when people hurt my friends or family I loose I go home before I do something stupid and break everything and scream

    Athena12345 Gaga

    one of the same....also when people backstab me i usually not talking to them , not because i am upset with them but because i do not want to hurt them.......

  56. Tadeáš Komárek

    i love this song

    Tadeáš Komárek

    you too?

    Nessa !

    +Iam Monster 👾 yes

  57. alucard shinso kaneki

    epic song

  58. Benjamin Coulon

    thx a lot for that vidéo !! good job :D

  59. Perri Yellow Bird

    Always love this song! It's insane!!!

  60. Neo Wakeup

    i would like it if 'scream' was screamed and not sung it would be awesome but, its good anyways

    Magnificent Speed

    Just, no


    That's exactly what I was thinking the first time I heard this song. When it never happened I was like "aww.."


    That’d be shite matey

  61. Johnny Sanchez

    Hey-yo, listen 1.25 of speed xux c:

  62. The Phenomenon

    when i came out to this song Wrestling they hated and said it sounds like a love song to a girl but after reading all comments I can see you all understand were I was coming from

  63. DabGodX

    any other songs like this that people can recommend to me

    Asylum Plays

    Phenomenon by thousand foot krutch


    @firebomber573 thanks

    Im a little weird

    the whole new tfk album from the older ones

  64. Commander Keenan

    when my channel is up i might use this as my intro

  65. Autumn Robertson



  66. Siegfried -X-

    i love this band so much xD

  67. Mohammad Benkirane

    they copy three days grace alot

    Mohammad Benkirane

    go and listen in  some music are similar especially this one 


    +Mohammad Benkirane that doesn't really answer their question, because now you've got me curious on how as well. I'm a fan of 3DG, and they don't sound that similar.

    Mohammad Benkirane

    imean this song i will give u the link

    Mohammad Benkirane

    some songs not all


    Alrighty, I'll give it to you. It's all good.

  68. Titus Lee

    Heck ya man preach it

    this song is practically based on my every day life!!!

    Slayer a.k.a Rod

    You get burned by fire everyday?

  69. Sam Damned

    Why does this remind me of Lui Calibre?........the voice....

    Jinx Duchess

    omg....LUI IS FUCKIN AWESOME.... you're cool

  70. Chris Beach

    I have Pokemon X (Xerneas) v Pokemon Y (Yveltal) to thank for this

  71. Blockio1999

    this song truly wants me wanna scream... at anything that keeps me from listening to it ^^

  72. Lucien Leuba

    Woaw !!!! les paroles, la puissancet du rock sont réunis!!!!

  73. Osnilda Silva


    não tem nada para fazer cenna jonh

    +Osnilda Silva s

    João Pedro Gomes Do Prado

    Osnilda Silva Aqui

  74. Dusk Deadman


    Help this dog take over youtube by copying and pasting this dog every where


    Dusk Deadman hah lol I will

    Dusk Deadman

    Thank you.

  75. Water Lily

    Ichigo vs Ulquiorra amv brought me here <3

  76. Mikayla Karpov

    +_ ZZ- Elite yes Do a video of the winter soldier / Bucky Barnes ? This song reminds me of how Bucky Barnes is going through this when he became the Winter Soldier.

  77. _ZZ-Elite

    Can sb say if i can use this for a video?!

    Cresent Moon

    Dude it's a song by a band. A famous band. 10/10 you can. Oml--


    @Hetalian Lyrics Okay, thx :D

    Drift Gamer Tv


  78. Night Hoodie

    ... 😢

  79. Devon Shearer

    you know this song makes me feel like I'm on top of the world its like the best song

  80. mellow kodi

    My reaction when my little sister gets more attention than me. ;~;

    Clark Kent

    Satan loves attention... Jesus cared nothing for attention but gave all glory to the father

  81. AyumiiLP

    Nice ♥

  82. BowlingGlaceon

    Thousand Foot Krutch- let it go before it was cool


    +Denis Henrique dos Santos dont forget about Skillet

    Better than You

    +Denis Henrique dos Santos don't leave out FFDP


    Running with giants, Give up the ghost. Are my answers

    Sebastián Orsi

    Don't forget about Stealing Eden.

  83. Adit yeah


  84. Malice

    I looking for a song to go with an epic swordmaster anyone have any suggestions.

    Christian Ruiz

    try richat


    +Christian Ruiz k

  85. Preeti Bhatia

    man this song is epppiiiccc!!!!!

  86. Unique Sell

    anyone else feel like crying 2:21 :(

    Abod Alj

    yea that
    was kinda sad

    Zarc Sakaki

    Nope cause you cant break whats already been broken

    Hamza Khaliq

    Why would we cry?

  87. Gary D. Crowley

    The only image that comes to my mind each time I hear this song, is that of Yveltal using its Oblivion Wing and sucking the life of anything close to it.

    Benjamin Baert

    +Gary de la Hoz Sanjuan same here

    Starlit Sky

    Haha nice! :D

    Purple Owl

    im from there

    רותם טמסות

    Nice one pokemate

  88. pierre.a delprat

    am i the only normal personn who has nobody who likes this band in his family ? :(


    If I don't have family does that count

    Comn Xele

    I have yet to find anyone who's even HEARD of tfk


    @Comn Xele 😐

    TaZe Wolf

    I haven’t told my family what I listen to

    Hatsune Memeku

    Ujung O'clock **when you love both**

  89. ESCAPE Tr1

    TURKIYE ! <3

  90. Julia Kutchki

    This describes me and ichigo on bleach

  91. !???

    My cat heard this, now hes a lion

    jolly gummybear

    cat fish

    Jaseel ************

    what the ****

    Edward Elric

    !??? Mine just Bobs her head and purrs

    Hamza Khaliq

    My dog heard this and now he's a wolf.

    I actually don't have a dog 😐

  92. _DarlingPlier_

    Whohohoho i loooooooove it!!!!!!!! Scream! When the pressure breaks me! Oh and btw can anyone tell me,is this christian rock ? O.o

    Tyler Michalkiewicz

    I think so

    Mike Brown

    @Saky Uchiha 〈3 It is. Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian rock band.

    Mike Brown

    Not a problem. Happy to help

    Bruh No

    @Saky Uchiha 〈3 last lines of the bridge :D

  93. Abel Frías Valenzuela

    Can you feel that?? OMG!! TFK!

    God Gamer Pro

    Yeah I also saw that🧐😀

  94. Gabriel U.F. Vassellucci

    love this song

  95. NCKK

    I have the song in my head all the time.

  96. Gold Afterlife

    reminds me of saw traps lol