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Thousand Foot Krutch Light Up The Sky Comments
  1. Maraxous Keld

    Yeet. 😎

  2. Sky Sharma

    My name is Sky.

  3. Luke Campos Dörn

    Não sei se há mais alguém de Portugal à cá que curte TFK mas se tiver deixa um like :3

  4. No Vaping

    2020 version of RAGE ..sounds good very

  5. montemary

    I heard this song yesterday on octane and still in my head today lol

  6. Utku Zayim

    who the fuck are you ?!

  7. Benjamin L

    Watch me love this guy

  8. Benjamin Schulz

    ۞ ԼƖƓӇƬЅ ƠƑ ЄԼƠƝƛ [ԼoЄ] ۞

  9. Jenny Kate

    Yesss I forgot about this absolute BOP

  10. John Monterosso

    This band is really underrated

  11. 田中太郎

    Chris Davis brought me here.

  12. X hoodedx

    Watch me light the sky
    Watch me light the sky
    Hands held high sweat dripping off me
    Light it softly, got these fakers trying to stop me
    This ain't a hobby it's a way of life
    Just like Holyfield and Tyson, gloves on fight night
    Boom here comes the hurricane monsoon
    Switched up, came to redecorate the room
    My ears are ringing from hearing the same sound
    So what now all of the walls just came down
    I blaze a trail like the rays from taillights
    Sound shaking the ground like earthquakes hail might
    Someday I'll die but not tonight
    Excuse me while I light up the sky
    Watch me light the sky
    Game time ripping mint condition
    Lights out stomping all competition
    My upmost to it's highest it gets no flyer
    Uh oh we set the mainframe on fire
    Boom cold lead from the peddle I push to the metal
    The dust never settles
    F5 level kick up the bass in the tremble
    Because faith that's rebel, I could show you the devil
    I blaze a trail like the rays from taillights
    Sound shaking the ground like earthquakes and hail might
    Someday I'll die but not tonight
    Excuse me while I light up the sky
    Watch me light the sky
    Nowhere else have I seen such lions led by lambs
    So if you're not afraid of us stand up and take my hand
    We got a battle upfront but beyond that's the promise land
    And when we all shout together then believe me they'll understand
    Nowhere else have I seen such lions led by lambs
    So if you're not afraid of us stand up and take my hand
    We got a battle upfront but beyond that's the promise land
    And when we all shout together then believe me they'll understand
    I blaze a trail like the rays from taillights
    Sound shaking the ground like earthquakes and hail might
    Someday I'll die but not tonight
    Excuse me while I light up the sky
    Watch me light the sky
    Excuse me while I light up the sky

  13. David Crossman

    On fence..did you see size of chicken drinking all nite pillaging sporting goods for ammo...hickup..that chickened just I shot it fifty times suit won't go I look like blue oyster cult the only one cope fear....

  14. David Crossman

    Ghostwriter...General reap the whirlwind of the storm.finaly.and I'm all over it ...ghost said to blackbird....

  15. Ali one

    وين الترجمة


    Can see this being a wwe ppv song defo 🤙🏻💯💙🔥

  17. Evi Platogianni

    This reminds me a lot RATM- bulls on parade

  18. Fingaz MC

    I was looking for The Prodigy.
    This isn't my thing usually, but they're pretty good tbh.

  19. brandon smith

    Their guitar player sounds a lot like Dan Donegan from Disturbed. Maybe he's inspired by them who knows lol

  20. Shadow Wolf10

    He has the Th'um, He is dragonborn!

  21. Shameless of the random

    Light up the sky 😊😍

  22. That Kidd

    Wow... hack much? Sure they’re talented but... cmon. Way to rip off Rage

  23. Ulquiorra Schiffer - The Fourth Arrancar

    0:32-1:03 Still better than Eminem

  24. Red Gundam Ranger

    Damn this band is just so damn good I haven't found a bad TFK song yet I just love listening to these guys and their music!!! Now excuse me while I go......... LIGHT UP THE SKY!!!!!!!!

  25. Brandon Clark

    Underrated song!

  26. this is ridiculous you already know

    Damn, new noise,🌃 I liky

  27. Tommy Flores

    Wow,where have I been,its june 1st 2018 and barely heard for the first time,I love this song

  28. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on thousand foot krutch

  29. Frogtown Road

    So are mine. Because this sounds exactly like Rage Against the Machine

  30. Spoon

    the riff in the beginning sounds very familiar, it kind of sounds like the beginning riff in Bombtrack


    Way to go guys. Light will prevail there!!!

  32. Infinity God

    I love it

  33. GJ Jacques

    Fuckin Amazing

  34. Daina Mamolo


  35. Jaime Arreola

    Awesome they sound like Rage Against the Machine God bless all of you

  36. The Far Side Nerd

    This is pretty good, but the Solomon Olds remix of this song totally kills it.

  37. Rosi Cz

    Al principio parecia que estuviera en GUITAR FLASH! pero estaria genial si lo estuviera.

  38. Erick Bellido

    alguien sabe si hay en sub español ?

    Armando Costeño

    nel prro :v

  39. Abbigayle Kelley

    When he screams my ovaries explode

  40. kaiq Gomes

    Is one rap 😆

  41. Tiago Landi

    linkin park cristão

  42. Cameron's Music and Gaming Land

    I was taking a shower while listening to Octane, I didn't know what was playing so I assumed a new RATM song, I was wrong.😂

  43. Katerina Moore

    That moment when a bands' song sounds a lot like one of their other songs.

  44. Matthias Smalbeen

    Rage against the machine ?

  45. Louis Moreno

    This should be the Tekken 7 theme.

    The Architect

    Louis Moreno YASSS Agreed 😉

  46. Jonathan Levanthrax

    definitely rage against the machine influenced.

  47. Kyle Hurling

    3 dicks

  48. nxtmassnz

    Rage Against the Machine?

  49. Alice Madness

    looool there is a band called light up the sky too XD

  50. Otakar Sedlák

    Everytime i listen this, I remember NHL 13

    ThePhenomenalOne ThePhenomenalOne

    Otakar Sedlák Same :D

  51. kingofdukes92

    Finally found this song

  52. Dragon 65

    Cool song, one of my favourites.

  53. Renato Maimone

    OMG i wish i knew then before

  54. Fred Flex

    Where is the legendary scream everbody is talking about?

    Fred Flex

    Lol, that's not that big of a scream imo

    Vlad The Impaler

    it doesnt need to be that`s good as it is in the song...i think it`s perfect (y)

    Fred Flex

    @balan silviu I think it's pretty standard

  55. Sir Aier

    when he screams i feel my ears orgasm


    When he screams, his lips don't make a sound.

    Sir Aier

    He march(es) with feet on solid ground


    A He walks where no-one wants to go...

    Abbigayle Kelley

    Sir Aier holy shit same

  56. Katerina

    I think I'm in love with this. Omg.

    Joshua Hessom

    me to let your light shine

  57. daniel smith

    listening at 1.25 speed is fun

  58. John Mandrake

    I swear every song in this album is top notch. Goddamn do I love this band

  59. JohnnTravis

    old TFK :)))

    Craig Noga

    Calm down jesus christ lmao, he wasn't even being negative you clown

    Mirela SG

    old but gold


    Old but gold, and the new album is good too

    Casey Samoville

    JohnnTravis ikr

  60. Renato

    rap'n'rool is the best (hip hop for the seductive)

  61. Long Lost World [AMV's AND DUBSTEP]

    Dis is amazing.

  62. Nathan Wright

    This is good music unlike the other music today

    Frogtown Road

    Pretty easy to sound good when you straight up rip off RATM


    Kendrick Lamar or however this trash is called.

    Yavor Georgiev

    Rock was and will always be good music

    Mika Loves You

    Music is subjective.... remember that

    BurgerKing_l x

    Rap sucks

  63. Darkuswar96

    Octane Brought me here ! such a fucking good radio !

  64. TheNextWonHyo

    These guys are mine and my little bro's favorite band 'cause I got him into it.


    Proud of ya', son :')

  65. Cory

    omw up^^ lookout q:

  66. Rheldy Westphallen

    "Watch me LIGHT UP THIS GUY!"

    Vlad chirita

    +Silviu Iacob credeam că sunt singurul român


    +Vlad chirita si eu....

    Mirela SG

    +Akira și eu..
    se pare că există români cu gusturi bune :P

    Buildr Saul

    *bursts into flames*

    brandon Davis

    I will never unhear this now XD

  67. Darryl Conte

    when will fm static start making music

  68. Abhishek Jagtap

    Sounds much more Like Guerrilla Radio - RATM. The breakdown sounds almost exact same.

  69. Alen Nukovic

    Listen to 1.25

  70. Stephen Calverley

    Love this band, but any line from this song has nothing to do with any other line from this song. At least it sounds alright.

  71. terri Last

    i seen these guys at CHRISTIAN music weekend one year at sixflags


    +terri Last omg i went toallof them i love this stuff

    Rheldy Westphallen

    +terri Last They are a christian band.

  72. Chris Purolover

    Definitely more Nu Metal heavy. Fucking love it!

  73. Дарья Слигузова

    Люблю их

  74. Alberto Silva

    Good song!!!

  75. christian bunton

    RATM much?

    Chris Purolover

    @christian bunton Yeah man. Nu Metal and Rap Rock shit growing strong!

    christian bunton

    FUCK!! you got me man. 

    nah I don't have a name

    christian bunton RATM sucks though



  76. Boxinglynx


  77. Jorge Alfredo Rodriguez Meza

    Hasta ahora lo mejor que e escuchado

  78. DiceStorm X RAY

    0:00-0:17 dat fucking intro

  79. Bryna Lynn

    Love it love it love it!!!!

  80. Dido Didi

    Light up the sky \m/

  81. hellomynameisbillyma

    Like if NHL 13 brought you here

    Ryan Darden

    hellomynameisbillyma I've been listening to this band ever since they came out with their Set It Off album. Their Art of Breaking Album really got to me and they've been stuck with me since, whether they like it or not. I respect them 👏 \m/

  82. Danger418

    Are you ready to hear my lame story?
    So once I saw a very cool OP amv (I loved it) but then I forgot the name of it and no matter how much I searched for it, I still could'nt find it. Then while i was browsing through some TFK songs, I stumbled to this one and it sounded oddly familiar. Then suddenly it hit me, that exactly this song was used in that amv and thus with the name of this song I found that amv again. ^_^

    P.S. very cool song btw

    Top Tips

    Danger418 Cool story

    Bacon Hair Adventures

    Same thing with courtesy call for me. Then i listened to war of change amv and in the desc it had name of band. Then u should no the rest.

    Red Gundam Ranger

    Danger418 that's how I came across a lot of music including some tfk songs like courtesy call & phenomenon

    Gage Minoletti

    @Rheldy WestphallenAnime/Animated Music Video.

    Mike Perez

    That happened to me too!

  83. RookieR6

    we need more rage against the machine type music. we need to make this type of music more popular so i can make a complete playlist of it. kthxbai

  84. Optical Element

    @Hansol brought me here with his theme song

  85. Ted Sinterklaas

    wow, nice rip-off from rage against the machine

  86. cody swick

    I remember seeing these guys live, it was amazing

  87. Luca Reveruzzi

    Zilean :v

  88. AndyMooster #1

    Tune reminds me of ice hockey!!!


    Dallas Stars vs. Toronto Maple Leafs - Dec. 23rd - This song played during a timeout in the arena. So, your observation was shared by many a hockey fan :)

    Vilgot Norén

    It was in NHL 13 so that maybe why. :)

  89. Patrick Powell

    OMG! I am in love with this!! Like.. First off, the dude who yells, "LIGHT UP THE SKY" has the most beautiful voice 😂😂 no one judge. The person rapping is badass. So keep up the work TFK! ^-^=b

    cheese puff

    the person is Trevor McNevan the lead singer for the band. he does both parts. he is an amazing vocalist

    Asleep Osprey

    +cheese puff ya he is

    The Artist J

    There the same guy!

    Snake Eyes

    He can scream, yell, hit high notes, rap, and do everything else in between. Insanely good!

    Rojhae Thomas

    its one guy

  90. Andrei Tudose


  91. Avid Railroader

    Jamiee: the song you are thinking of by RATM is Guerilla Radio

  92. Midnightjedi

    I think the description is wrong - It has links and text for "The End Is Where We Begin"


    "The End Is Where we Begin" is the album that this song is in. They have links to the album, not the song.

  93. Flame Expert

    Very good, Thousand Foot Krutch is my favorita band!!!

    H.U Fan

    Apart from Hollywood Undead