Thousand Foot Krutch - Inhuman Lyrics

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Thousand Foot Krutch Inhuman Comments
  1. darshooter s

    I have all songs of this group

  2. Filverson

    Charlotte Martin brought me here, amazing song

  3. Laura Tessman

    only 558 veiws!?!

  4. gabrielwillames

    3:30 !!!

  5. charles delaney

    enjoyed it.

  6. Asujoll

    Easily the best worship song ever made. This gets stuck in my head quite often, and the lyrics are pretty well-written too. This is easily one of their top five best songs.

  7. RealCatsRiot

    God has saved me. My life has been so much better when I finally turned it all around and began to follow Him again. I thank the Lord Almighty for His Eternal Love.

  8. EmmiNation

    Google it man.

  9. Sam Roths

    our Lord is inhuman!!!! #goJesus

  10. SolidSnake2948

    got to see these guys for free and they played this song :) made an instant fan right there.

  11. EmmiNation

    Is DSH a sin?

  12. Luisa Arias

    someone at the likes and dislikes bar is inhuman

  13. dramagirl808

    trevor M. is an amazing enertainer!!!!!

  14. bhepicness

    Epicness!!! XD

  15. Ethan Gibson

    @Filiphiles That is an awesome story. I know how you feel man I was in a really ruff place a few years back and I started listening to Skillet's song You Are My Hope and I just knew. I can't explain it better than that.

    As to thanking him I dunno maybe message TFK's page on facebook telling your story. Or something like that. Best of luck to you and God Bless my friend. :)

  16. Filiphiles

    This is amazing... This song actually matchs with me case... and funniest thing is the one who saved me is Trevor... I never was a real christian but now it's way better... "...touched me..." Yes he did! listening to his songs is the best thing ever and I will always pray for him and his wife... I just wish there will be a chance to say thanks to him... :(

  17. Arianna Dunning

    this is awesome

  18. Wes Rodriguez

    The beginning sounded like Marilyn Manson's "The Beautiful People"

  19. 7GirlMusic

    Amazing Christian band from Canada:)

  20. ParodyBoy911

    best christian/rock music evar thumbs up if you agree

  21. Ray Kon

    this band is so awsome live no wonder there one of my fav bands :)

  22. Ethan Gibson

    I do to its one of their best songs to me.

  23. Chanel Carter

    i love this song