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Thousand Foot Krutch Fire It Up Comments
  1. Nick Bartlett

    You headbangin? Im fuckin headbangin!!

  2. Brandyn Nolen

    Who said a Christian can't have fun! Turn it up! Rocking for Jesus!

  3. Charles Shaffer

    Praise God for this band they are a blessing I don't know how many times these songs have kept us going

  4. IAM BAD

    Krutchin¡¡ Krayzee¡¡

  5. Jamal Sampson

    So many great memories of music during 2009. This is definitely one of those moments!!! This song deserved a music video for the masses!!!

  6. Abhilash

    WWE should use this for intros

  7. FlikM

    Shouldve been the new theme for smackdown 🤦‍♂️ smh

  8. ArtalekOfDoom

    Need to made a
    Madara video to this song been way to lazy tho

  9. Michael Mcdaniel

    Fire it up=spark it up

  10. Matos

    Rob zombie dragula

  11. Chachish Chacho

    I can’t fucking believe this song came out a DECADE ago... still rocking out to it

  12. Matthew Schipper

    Great song

  13. Savage Dog

    who agrees he should be in linkin park as a lead vocalist

  14. Jarrett Dial

    This was in my playlist of songs to play before my wrestling matches. LOVE where this takes me mentally.

  15. Guillem Pérez Gasulla

    Esta canción me recuerda a Let the Sparks FLy en el estribillo. Me gustan las dos :)

  16. Bradley Smith

    1 million view boys

  17. Matt Schipper

    Time too turn it up🔥🔥🔥🎇

  18. Boxic_TV

    turning it up

  19. FlikM



    They should use TFK's song "Smack Down" for SmackDown.

  20. Cosmin Lyrics

    feel the power

  21. Matt Schipper

    Rock out

  22. Victor Villalba

    I know I'm the only one, but musashi's rampage brought me here!

    Miguel Angel Martinez Ramirez

    Victor Villalba Youtube delete the vídeo :( you know the name of creator?(Chanel name)

    Victor Villalba

    Miguel Angel Martinez Ramirez i know man... feels bad man. And no I don't know either

  23. Dat Good Sir

    I hear someone talking at 1:05 what the heck lol

  24. Adrian Camacho

    Pulse anyone? Lol

  25. Miguel Leite

    Great shower song

  26. Bander Man

    Excellent. NHRA anyone?

  27. In Out Door

    The Windows sound bar doesn't even move during the chorus guitar riffs.

  28. Jim Crofts

    I believe in GWAR. .

  29. Caroline Tacos

    I remember watching this live when I was five and being traumatized



  31. Seclusion Elder

    Im pumped

  32. pm. markk

    thanks nhl 10

  33. Carl Os

    1000th comment

  34. B_man45414

    Here because of nhl 10

  35. Term

    Always NHL 10.


    TermPent this was in nhl 10?

    Michael j caboose

    RazorbackMan yeah

  36. Shittum Wood


    Caroline Tacos

    Maybe you could say turn it up cause it's getting cold in here

  37. Iciee

    That Sonic Heroes Halloween Stage intro though

    Bryan Valdez

    Hang Castle or Mystic Mansion

  38. Helvigster

    NHL 10, anyone?

    Pierce Sloan

    0007Rovert7000 brother I'm with you

    Marlo DeRosa

    2018 and I still play it


    @Marlo DeRosa me also comrade. Still...

  39. TzT Cobra

    I've got a bad case of turning it up
    It's getting cold in here so fire it up
    I've got a bad case of turning it up
    It's getting cold in here so somebody fire it up
    Come on and fire it up

    I'm in love with the feeling
    Of pressure to the ceiling
    We come with intention
    To face my opposition
    Get raw when it's time
    To lay it on the line
    To the walls where we're taking it
    Let your light shine, like

    Let your light shine, like
    Let your light shine


    Take it higher, take it higher
    Til the roof is on fire
    Take it higher, take it higher
    Let's burn it up

    We throw down
    When it's time for the action
    Make it happen, and the sound
    That you're feeling like lead
    Might just happen
    When you're torn
    You might not
    Get a warning or a sign
    To the walls where we're taking it
    Let your light shine, like


    Come on and fire it up

    self-aware420 xxx

    Beautiful thanks

  40. Thomas Weeden

    Ultimate Work Out Song

    Brad Cuypers

    +Jarod Timmers Any ATR album after 2010 sucks dick

    Josh Romanoff

    +Brad Cuypers ATR- No knock. Best workout song, its post 2010 idec lol

  41. Slayer Metalstorm

    take your religious debate somewhere else. go to some diaperhead site and spew your psuedo-theological horeshit there

  42. Florin Marian

    it's ok the melody 
    I like rock

  43. Rainbow Dash

    Thousand Foot Krutch isn't a Christian band. People need to stop having this delusion.

    Alex Crook

    +Black Wolf Hunter Are you retarded. They were at KINGDOM BOUND. LOOK IT UP MORON!

    Caleb Forbes

    +Black Wolf Hunter Just because they're a Christian rock band doesn't mean that they can't play a song without a message. Newsboys the writers of the song God's Not Dead have even wrote some songs that don't have a Christian message, like Take me to your leader, which if it has a message is kind of hard to find.

    And I completely realize that your point is that Thousand Foot Krutch has no Christian Message in their songs, but they do. Unbelievable from Set it Off (2001), and In My Room from Oxygen Inhale (2013-present). Dude, just accept the Christ into your heart if you haven't yet, and I think instead of finding all the no message parts of TFK songs, you'll see how amazingly encouraging most of their songs are.


    yeah. then why are they Playing WinterJam 2017

    The Privateer

    Cloud Strife and you have all been successfully trolled congratulations

  44. Michael Morey

    Awesome song! Really gets the feet moving

  45. Boomer

    You guys rocked it hard @shiprocked

  46. LORD KWT

    Love this song

  47. Jonathon Banasiak

    NHL 10.


    nHl tEn

  48. Yazuroshi

    not bad~ ^^

  49. dahbomb dude

    its getting cold in here, so will SOMEONE PLEASE turn the heat on...........Jesus fucking Christ  

  50. Sean Somers

    I’ve got a, bad case, of burning up; it’s getting Hot in here, So freeze it up, I got a bad case, of burning up, it’s getting Hot in here, so somebody Freeze it up!  Come on and freeze it up..

    Nathaniel S. Sexton

    Sean Somers it's fire it up not freeze it up

    Ethan Hillier

    It's intentional, genius.

    Ethan Hillier

    It's what most people call a "joke". A foreign concept, I know!

  51. BandGeek Productions

    Closest I'll ever come to a hard rock song that I enjoy

    Alex Williams

    Probably not using the right technique

    Brandon Anderson

    you'd like Marilyn Manson.

    Matthew Schipper

    Have you heard of nickilback?

  52. Lone Wolf

    yea but why would u cry ?

  53. Team Tornado Boy


  54. Lone Wolf

    why the fuck would you cry ?

    The real Jesus

    Shut up

  55. Raven 212

    Great song. Knew this song before the Redback One combat training systems vid though but it was awesome when the song was featured in it.

  56. Stefanie Muller

    One is live the other is not.

  57. christian clark

    How is it different from the live masquerade Version?

  58. christian clark

    whats the official album this is from?

  59. Robert M

    Lucky you!

  60. MrModernWarfare Highlights

    Saw these guys live yesterday :)

  61. Squish McGee


  62. futuremrsrupertgrint

    They r awesome

  63. Tommy Wiseau

    saw them for opening act for Skillet, tonight...they were AWESOME!!

  64. Breezyfeather

    This is pretty good, but personally, I like the live version better. But that's just my opinion :P

  65. 2SON

    This song is amazing to run to baked as fuck...

  66. Nero X Okami

    This is so awesome thanks to Thousand Foot Krutch. :)

  67. Younger Dryas

    Me too. They should have been on the main stage though.

  68. Nathaniel Gregory

    '-_- so good

  69. Luke Hirschmann

    when i first heard this in nhl i loved it


    Hard rock? This is hard?

    Chriso Man

    supBROOOOOOOOOO my phone is a piece of shut it only goes to 10 on the volume


    hahahahahaahahahaha im falling out of my chair lol

  72. Connor Pence

    I don't like any hard rock like this but this song just is cool

  73. YourMomsinTV

    some them at rock on the range this was amazing XD

  74. Connor Pence

    work out song

  75. Dustin Mccartney

    would be awesome theme to ao no exorcist

  76. anny navarro


  77. Phoenyxuzprimax

    pyromancer theme song!

  78. rants n' rambles

    Even as an atheist you gata appreciate good music

  79. ๒ٳเςђ ﻮɾєყ ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

    *_* (Y)

  80. sOMagiicuL

    lol looks like KKK

  81. lAmReaper

    Gotta love TFK

  82. Laurie Haynes

    THIS SONG ROCKS MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. garithieu

    Surprised thrres only 481000 views...

  84. scott mcdaniel

    If you guys notice its in NHL10 if you play it :3

  85. LikeAMarcus


  86. LoL4Fun1

    xD I like u man

  87. Evan McMunn

    fire it up like I fire up my jeep

  88. Mohammed Amine Asri

    This song did really fire it up in my room :D

  89. Jack Smith

    But, in you saying that he's failed, he's succeeded....

  90. L Stimson

    i didn't realize until now that they are a christian band

  91. Robert Daniel

    A harder daughtry?

  92. Erik Mosley


  93. Phoenyxuzprimax

    this song is for pyromancer class in aqw

  94. Phoenyxuzprimax

    this song is for pyromancers in aqw