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Thousand Foot Krutch E For Extinction Comments
  1. Jojo Isen

    This song is perfect describes Garou.

    Jojo Isen

    ^This song perfectly represents Garou.

  2. Mel Black


  3. Emre Aksu

    1. sınıfdan belidir dinlerim

  4. FUN


  5. Petrounot Twins

    Song starts:Im not the same as yesterday
    Me with recently changing myself:instant like

    Petrounot Twins

    @toledo 141kratos is that u?

    toledo 141

    @Petrounot Twins yeah


    *i bathe in the blooth*

  7. Redstone Genos

    What are the best rock bands of the 2000's? Everyone go!

    Vincent Productions

    my favorites are Linkin park, TFK, Red, Manafest, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, sum41, Avery watts, a broken silence, evanescence, and I am sure I forgot some haha.

  8. Papyrus El esqueleto

    21/09/19 ....

  9. Zach

    My company had a cybersecurity epidemic (got hacked) and listened to this song during the recovery.. the words reminds me of the hackers breaking in. We didn't just get some generic viruses, a team of hackers actually broke in and were spying on us for at least a week and did a lot more than spread encryption viruses... "When we move, we camouflage ourselves, We stand in the shadow's waiting, We live for this, and nothing more""

  10. nicoloco9974

    E for Edgy

  11. nicoloco9974

    I remember when I used to listen to this song, god I was so fucking edgy. This is cringe to me now.

  12. Felman Joy Ledesma

    Set speed to 1.25x. Youre welcome

  13. Kamyla Garcia :3

    Am I the only one who remembers Tokyo Ghoul by this song? :|

    Yeah probably

    EinWildesQuentix Yt

    Yes 😂😂

    Kamyla Garcia :3

    @EinWildesQuentix Yt :p

  14. HD-Games

    Perfect when playing Ghost recon Wildlands

  15. Kawaii Chan

    I’m insane every fucking time I see kizzy

  16. Kyukoa H

    your fancy text entering scenes are pure bullshit, ditch them and your videos might be good

  17. Alon Kilci

    The song always reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul.

  18. のんの

    Came from nightcore!
    I like this

  19. Jay In Incognito

    This used to be my fucking shit omg

  20. UnLTDGamingHD

    Thousand Foot Krutch - E for Extinction

  21. Limelight Forever

    I cannot understand how this out of the world music is unknown and those pathetic
    "We r never getting back together"
    "I need u by my side"
    "Don't leave me dancing alone" and blah blah r so Popular

  22. Tim Clear

    Good Christian rock music

  23. Heydan

    Shamar Elohim brother

  24. Just one night

    E for E

  25. dimos emperor

    My theme.

  26. ShadowMaster Ike

    That prechorus gets me so pumped every time

  27. Sparkle Night

    We live for this and
    Nothing More

  28. Left Side

    Pegasus vs L Drago =)

  29. spiderlinqq

    2009 movie maker Sonic edit vibes

  30. Sebastian Michealis

    this was on a dbz amv

  31. 김정민

    스타리그 bgm

  32. Bodhi Sharma

    3, three nature roars wow wow go go... Nice rocking Tysonfield.

  33. Frank Sumner

    I came here because I remembered a book project I had to do and I had to find a book trailer for it aswell back when I was in grade 6 it's been 10 years since then lol

  34. Lydia Benton

    I imagine a ninja hiding from things with headphones in playing this song

  35. Jonathan Abner

    e for extinção

  36. biệt Người đặc

    Thật đéo hiểu
    Hay như này mà có tí ngườ xem

  37. Alukard TheDeathknight

    E for Extinction
    What little thought and last memory runs through, the last meal they had, the last sight of life, the last words and the last feeling hard to know or fathom much like this once extinct who's the last to see and know what you did, had, been, seen such histories and facts written yet what they knew and where is far greater then what we write and say about

  38. Mk2 IsBest


  39. wtfmetro wheel

    YouTube 90% ads and 10% happened YouTube???

  40. Clark Kent


  41. Dawn Stroud

    I am a 1/2 a cemetery old and then some... I've been needing something in the way of music.with the creator to bring me some connection with him. And the very time in which I'm dealing is ironic and absolutly rewarding to have randomly chose manafest because it is love songs and it is him singing to the creator of all things but my feeling the music tone and the nature of this band is a little gothic and. From a vampire kind of change towards God's creatures becoming. New in his order and intimate relationship as.his people and he our God.... This is the perfect young band and. Outstanding voice and lyrics to match my beautiful studies of a 1871 yr old castel like home and grounds in which it sits....( never mentions vampire) but the immpecable beauty of it all just stifles my mind. Please pardon me if I have offended anyone OR. If I seem to be of no respect... But I'm so grateful for I've been really. Alone in my work knowing God's place is in every people place and thing... So much blessings and love to ya all and what better time to a quaint my self with manafest than Easter.... I can now go rest knowing what awakes me.... Peace love and grace in the beauty and spirit of our saviour

  42. Jose Devon

    Naruto Uzumaki theme song

  43. Luluś Lamperouge


  44. Elemental Foxka

    My ears went extinct because this song is so good

  45. Kitty

    The very beginning reminds me of another song...I can't remember it! >.<

  46. garilu - otaku

    Algún latino?

  47. Spider gaming

    I imagine dragon ball z when he says show me what you mean let’s get it started can we pick it up a knotch

  48. ground breaking

    hey-o, can you take it up a notch? HEY-O

  49. Zeparanthe

    This song definitely tells about suffering and getting stronger by being afraid

  50. Jose Devon


  51. Geo


  52. The_ Real_TaC

    Anyone in 2019?

  53. KCMueller87

    Whenever I hear this song, I think of scenes from V for Vendetta. Unfortunately, I've never read the comics.

  54. Daniel J.W

    The night core ones better but I do like this one to

  55. Nova Knight

    They always make the best workout songs. Or a wrestling sparring match.

  56. DarkForrest Gaming

    Me if I was in a fight

  57. GlacialSneeze 63

    Chi è qui grazie a marzaa

  58. dexter kelsey

    And no one in this comment section believes this is connected to NWO? No one? Look beyond your life narrative, and then you began to see the double meaning this song hides... I mean the album is called welcome to the masquerade, with a female masquerade image for human sake! Goodness, Morpheus has to be the most powerful god in the patheon nowadays! And the song title...E for extinction.... really? Im not saying i can't be wrong people, but with everything coming out about the elites and such, could it be to far from an honest speculation to assume such? Im not fear mongering, im telling people to rethink some of these songs that probably gives these people amnesty to commit some of the atrocities they commit "up top" ..I mean, they are in the shadows, waiting... Have anyone here never seen the Stan kubrick movie eyes wide shut? I haven't either, but from what i gather, it's similar to the vibe and mysterious meaning for this song.. well just look at it...

  59. 117 Theo

    Oh damn, I got hit with the nostalgia beam...

  60. Qouydravious Walker

    Great song 👍

  61. dana van

    역대 이스포츠 최강의 포스를 보여줬던 검은색 유니폼의 이영호 시절이네

  62. alanna wightman

    my song for highschool i would constantly listen to it when i was working on an assignment in class and yes my school let us use phones in the classroom and i would listen to it durring passing time and on the bus so yea i love this song that much



  64. Федор Штеменко

    this shit got me so pumped up back in middle to high school

  65. Dilan Gilluly

    420 dislikes. Must be this song is too heavy for weed smokers.

  66. Ayush Kumar

    This song relates a lot to me

  67. Barrows Slayer

    More like Thousand foot CROTCH (jk this band is amazing)

  68. Kuudere Ghost

    This song is great!

  69. Reapin' It

    Random Fact: humanity is technically an extinction-level event and by far the biggest one. in the time humans have been around we've killed out more species than every other extinction level event combined.

    златомир петров

    The closest thing to humans and our way of living is an actual virus.
    We cannot live without a host (the earth) aand wherever we go we destroy as a virus does. Lives in expense of its host.

    Richard Black

    Your random fact makes me scared. .~.


    @златомир петров , with that logic everything is a "virus"

  70. Phoenix Scarlet

    Came here from gang wars

  71. Serhat Murat Asbit

    "Let's get it started" Is a phrase more use in all their songs. check out.

  72. kaze kami

    Good song...Whats the E stand for? EXTINCTION...aaand whats the S stands for? :D

  73. Nalgangdo Cristiano 7

    flash won this league : 2009 ever starleagueㅡstarcraft broodwar

  74. joão pedro adelino

    Why do i think about Danzo when i listen to this?

  75. Unicron the Chaos bringer

    So... One time I was walking from my school and was singing random songs when it came to this.... One girl from my class came to me and asked "what is this song?". I was like " TFK, it's good you should try it". Next day she came to me and told me "I hate it". I asked why and she literally told me this " It's heavy metal and I hate it and that dude can't sing and it sounds like Skillet and I hate Skillet cuz they're christian fanatics"... I stared at her for like 2 mins and couldn't think of one thing to say 😂👏


    I love tkf and Skillet
    Me:u r so rude
    Girl:but i hate them
    Have respect

  76. xKüçük Style


  77. Dragos Portgas


  78. NUDrSchwach

    *E* for Extinction.

  79. Ryan Palma

    this music really reminds me detroit:become human

  80. Nell's Art

    Old but gold!

  81. Big Daddy Brown

    Goddamn!!!! So goood!!!!!!

  82. • Cruise