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Thousand Foot Krutch Broken Wing Comments
  1. That One Weird Kid

    Here comes an openING
    She's gotta broken wING
    If you can feel the stING
    Take care of everythING
    If she can make a scENE
    I'll show you what I meEAN
    Give you a chicken wING
    You eat a pack of wEENS
    And I remove your splEEN

  2. Sammy Gonzales

    Ootic predator anyone?

  3. MRsadtree

    One of the most underrated TFK songs that there is. ❤

  4. darshooter s

    i really love this song

  5. DarkKiller

    I love this song, i grew up to it. Still am growing up to it, and i will never stop listening to this song its soo good.

  6. Hexerical

    SO underrated? I love this btw I was your 14K view!


  7. Maxim Drozdov

    It's awesome! My fav! But so few views - that's strange. Go 1 million likes!
    Best wishes from Russia!

  8. Im not a sweater weather fan

    How is there only one comment here

  9. chuck norris

    First XD still love this song it’s underrated