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Thousand Foot Krutch All I Need To Know Comments
  1. LisV :3

    All I know is that the sky isn't really blue

  2. DerpN'Deadly

    still listening in 2019?

  3. Tornamixz

    This song deserves more views!

  4. KA_kj7792 Games&Stuff

    I love thousand foot krutch

  5. Deenar Lucky

    This band makes So Good songs who can dislike?

  6. Relient Pilot

    This is giving me a NEEDTOBREATHE vibe, I dig it! An album that’s been pretty heavy rock so far and the this awesome folk tune!

  7. RockmanExecute

    Putting the lyrics for ease:

    You could read a million pages
    Know the words in all the phrases
    You could try to turn a lie into the truth
    And you can live to be a hundred
    Memorizing every number
    You could even put a man on the moon
    And the science of the heart is sometimes lost on me
    But I'm following this feeling

    I don't know why it's so hard to swallow our pride
    And I don't know how many wrongs make a right
    I don't know the reason, sometimes it just feels so good to cry
    And I don't know which way the wind will blow
    But you're here with me, and that's all I need to know

    There's a moment in the morning
    When I feel the most alone
    But then I hear your voice whispering my name
    It's like a wave of understanding
    And I never could have planned it
    Where the questions and doubts all fade away

    And I don't know why it's so hard to swallow our pride
    And I don't know how many wrongs make a right
    I don't know the reason, sometimes it just feels so good to cry
    And I don't know which way the wind will blow
    But you're here with me, and that's all I need to know
    Oh-oh, oh (that's all I need to know)

    I figured it out, just turn me around
    At the speed of light
    All that I ever needed to know
    Was in your eyes

    I don't know why it's so hard to swallow our pride
    And I'll never count all the stars in the sky
    I don't know the reason, sometimes it just feels so good to cry
    And I don't know which way the wind will blow
    But you're here with me, and that's all I need to know
    Oh-oh oh (that's all I need to know)
    Oh-oh oh (that's all I need to know)
    Oh-oh oh (all I need to know)
    Oh-oh oh

  8. Sarah TL

    OML I DIDN'T KNOW THEY MADE THIS SONG! They are Christain Canadians who wrote so many of my fav songs including this one!! I love them soooo much. I never knew who this was made by

  9. Jimar Castle

    since i was kid i listen to this song but i dont know the name of the band ... and now my life is complete!

  10. Rei Rii

    I love this band #2018 it had been eight years and I still love this band,their songs encourage me and gave me so much inspiration its so beautiful : )

  11. Ryu's Bubbles

    I've got so may old-school memories connected to this song and this band. Can never forget these songs nor those last bench days.... love u as always, tfk

  12. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    #Brasil ♥

  13. My Other World

    Obsessed with this song!!!! 😍

  14. Hayley

    god, his voice it's so... so... asdfghjk
    you know? <3

  15. Fabian Lazcano

    asombroso :D

  16. Jared Weeks

    Holy crap...these guys have been around since 1995 and i'm just now finding out about them???? More importantly, why aren't they more popular????!!!?!

    Wendy Fleurette

    not really they do have a huge fanbase


    its not big enough


    at one point they refused to advertise their album

    Danny Andrews

    big mood dude

    Malachi McGuire

    My dad played a song about 2 years ago and gave me the disk so i been listening for awhile

  17. yamipumpkin

    wtf are those AUGH AUGH AUGH

  18. Rylan Zade

    the Drummer is my Mother's cousin

    Braxton Conley

    say hi to KSI for me, say it was Spitfire....:)

  19. Inês Cruz

    a música é bué linda !!

  20. Yuki _

    did anyone else hear some sort of noise like a frog ?

    Yuki _

    at around 2 minutes

    Yuki _

    +Yuki _ its back at about 3 minutes


    u mean : Augh ......Augh ^^ thats just a man doin this noise ;-)

  21. Alexdrow !!! :3

    I insist owner his songs since escuhe the song the phenomenon

  22. Deadly S


  23. katho Berrocal

    esta cancion es hermosa :)

  24. Antwon Knight

    listening to this song this one the Christian message is obvious unlike the ones before

    Sid Adams

    to be honest this screams love to me the only undeniably christian themed song of theres is in my room

  25. Verzom

    Thousand Foot Krutch ad Skillet both have like things about Jesus hidden in their music it's like it isn't christian music but it is ya' know what I mean?

    Απολλων Σαμπρακος

    +TheClassACT wheres the bad thing in being christian
    P.Sim not christian :3

    Rylan Zade

    they are a Christian band


    I know it's Christian but the words are like hidden Christian messages. It's awesome.

    Rylan Zade

    @TheClassACT I know because my Mother's cousin is there Drummer


    That's cool.

  26. 黃William

    國北護 護理學系 你好啊 哈哈聰明吧

  27. my farourite

    good song :)

  28. Teresa Escarra

    J'aime beaucoup ce rythme ;-) c'est vivant :-) super :-) :-) :-) <3


    Oh ! Quelqu'un qui parle français :-0 Et je suis d'accord avec toi. C'est rythmé, ça change de ce qu'ils font d'habitude mais quoi de mieux que le changement ?

  29. franciely lucker

    Musica linda 😎👌

    gustavo kaique

    essa banda é muito top

    Pablo Henrique Brito

    depois vc escuta RED é muito boa também

  30. Camilo Solis

    mi faovorite álbum of mi favorite band, nothing beter

  31. Jackson Douglas

    😎👌que musica

    Jose Diego

    +Jackson Douglas o meu corpo se balança no ritmo involuntariamente. show de bola essa musica.

    Camilo Solis

    es muy buena esta banda

  32. Benjamin Tatro

    I love this song!

  33. Sasha Marie Hunniebunx

    I love his voice *-*

    Miguel Angel

    I totally agree with you

  34. abdulrahman abdulmuhsen


  35. Vojta K

    Hi, TFK ARMY, I want to know how big our society is, so let me know where are you from? For example I am from the Czech Republic :)

    Samuel van Ingen


    Rizqi Abdillah


    Mr J/ Demon Fox sword

    rapid city SD, US and I'm not the only one here that listens to them/you I recently learned about you from some one else, and I can't stop listening to this playlist. no matter where I am and I need to relax, or if I'm walking or riding my bike I always have head phones in.

    Angel Aphiphu

    thailand/uae (born in thai, raised in uae) thanks dovak zorrik

    Yato Kazumi

    I'm from Germany :D

  36. TrAsH

    Am I the only one getting no sound?

    miss Green

    +TrAsH yes

    miss Green

    +TrAsH yes

  37. wawa me

    This is just so sweet, so good, so right ><
    Keep it up, fighting fighting !!! 
    love u ><

  38. Hector Machado Rodriguez

    Thousand Foot Krutch: All I Need To Know

  39. Ezro The Silver

    I finally learned how to play the guitar piece to this super hyped

  40. Thijs van Geffen

    Does someone know what the second guitar is doing? I want to learn this song, but i just can't get it right. So I want to know how to play that melodie when he sings 'That's all I need to know'.


    so I can hear the first guitar begins the song, then enters the second as an accompaniment , but in time ( 1:08 ) enters another guitar or banjo , I could not tell you what's safe xD but is an additional guitar, so they would three

  41. Rose T

    I don't understand y people seem to watch the official videos less and unofficial lyric videos more.


    To learn the lyrics maybe? I don't really see any other reason

  42. aymen kakashi

    i love this band

  43. Moist Sponge

    This is one thing I like about TFK, they have the heavier songs like 'Let the sparks fly' or 'Fire it up' and then they also make calmer songs like this. (If that makes sense.)

    Jared Weeks

    Makes total sense :)

    Natalya Lawlor

    yeah like i'm used to the rock and heaver songs but this is almost or exactly the opposite, i still like it though :)

  44. Pink Program

    I don't get this one at all... one can never have too much knowledge ^_^

    Pink Program

    @Ichi-Ni-San-Kill wait is that the stupid movie with the premise that humans only use 10% of their brains when in reality the majority of humans use 100% of their brains?  I have enough knowledge to know that movie is ignorant :3 The  commercials have been angering me for months ^_^  


    Yes, that's the exact one! It mind fucked me ^-^

    Pink Program

    @Ichi-Ni-San-Kill Just remember that the combined synergy of 7 billion humans still won't make impossible things happen :3 A 100% of one human is nowhere near 7 billion humans ^_^  

    axL now

    @Pink Program
    Nothing Is Impossible The Word Itself Says: 'I'm Possible' *^-^*

    Pink Program

    @Lenny The Ocelot nothing is impossible because if nothing was possible it would be something and negate itself ^_^ Paradox ;3  

  45. Victor Nikolsky

    This is the only one song of TFK that I hate!!!!

    Randy Vallejo

    Then why comment?


    Then you need to listen to it again. And again. Because this song is unbridled in creativity and an absolute masterpiece of design. This coming from a man who spends 90% of his time listening to bands like A Hill To Die Upon, Becoming the Archetype & Impending Doom. This is arguably the best song on the disc, even if it's a slow song. The amount of emotion and power in it is unquestionable. It moves you, and that's something to be applauded.

    Keefer Tech

    Awesome song. Great lyrics.

    Justin Vincent

    Don't listen to TFK then.

  46. darryl conte

    the good side of trevor

    Ryu's Bubbles

    whats the bad side then?

  47. Marco Lenz

    Nice <3

  48. wavewonder1

    There just now uploading this? If it was a music video I'd understand but how old is this album now?

  49. Ruben Nuñez

    soo nice!

  50. Chucklez

    What an amazing voice:)