Thompson, Richard - Bank Vault In Heaven Lyrics

Got a bank vault in heaven, got my name on the door
Every day I get richer, add a little bit more
Come you tellers and lenders and lend me some more
Got a bank vault in heaven and it's mine for evermore

And the angels sing "Fly, fly, fly"
The angels sing "Fly, fly, fly"
Fly from the darkness that covers you all
Fly to the sky where the only wall is infinity, infinity

Going to shine down from heaven right into your room
Take the minds of your children right off to the moon
Every mud hut and igloo, every penthouse and farm
I'll shine down from heaven and I'll do my snake-charm

And the angels say "Sing, sing, sing", "Sing, sing, sing"
Oh the whole world is singing the same happy tune
Something so low even hound dogs can croon to insanity, insanity

Oh there's a signpost in heaven, in the firmament blue
You can run to the wastelands, but it points straight at you
I've got a bank vault in heaven, what joy will it bring
All you Punchs and Judys, I'll be pulling your strings

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Thompson, Richard Bank Vault In Heaven Comments
  1. Al Villanueva

    Just amazing!


    I know! It strikes me as one of his (and rock 'n rolls) best....

  2. salamattamalas

    the greatest guitarist for me, plus a great song writer and a good sense of humour

  3. sumsup2007

    two comments? guess we are part of a rare fanbase here, both are correct, this man is pure 100% mindblowing with his skills, many many memories

  4. NeilJameshunter

    A genius solo. One of the most under rated or RT, and I hope many spot this to hear what could be done with a guitar.