Thomas, B.J. - Home Where I Belong Lyrics

They say that heavens pretty
And living here is too
But if they said that I would
Have to choose between the two

I'd go home, going home
Where I belong
And sometimes when I'm dreaming
It comes as no surprise
That if you look and see
The homesick feeling in my eyes

I'm going home, going home
Where I belong
While I'm here I'll serve him gladly
And sing him all my songs

I'm here, but not for long
And when I'm feeling lonely
And when I'm feeling blue
It's such a joy to know that
I am only passing through

I'm headed home, going home
Where I belong
And one day I'll be sleeping
When death knocks on my door
And I'll awake and find
That I'm not homesick anymore

I'll be home, going home
Where I belong, hmm

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Thomas, B.J. Home Where I Belong Comments
  1. palmbergdj

    My husband died a few months ago very suddenly. As a pastor, he had talked about heaven and referred to BJ's song at the time. We decided to play it at his two memorial services. it was such a blessing to everyone of us and I'm sure he would be so grateful that we used it again.

  2. Nanc McDougall

    In Loving Memory of My Son
    Ricardo Jose Rivera
    May 14, 1984 - September 27, 2015 💗

  3. Eamonn Breen

    Thank you for posting this song the lyrics are beautiful. God Bless you and everyone who left comments.

  4. David Prime

    Thank you for this Francis. Just awesome. Can't wait to go home where I belong. Love from New Zealand

  5. songhouse3000

    B.J. Thomas live in concert May 25th,2019 at Saloon Studios Live in North Carolina. Meet and Greet with a living legend plus all inclusive affair. Just call for reservations or go to Universe Ticketing.

  6. Swish 4LC

    I will always guide you. The belief that i am contacting you will not be easy. I hear you. Love yourself before me

  7. Sharon Chisholm

    My friend David K favorite song!


    I'd have to agree on his style. It's soothing, sincire, and quiet a joy to listen too.. his hit of Down isn't so bad can uplift you..

  9. Geri Hulday

    I love B.J. Thomas...This is my favorite gospel, of him....❣❣

  10. Dottie Wright

    Love it too. Bought the record back in the days of records!!

  11. Craig McLean

    ...have been feeling a lot like this song lately...thanks, BJ!

  12. God's girl 1963 Malone

    YESSS !! Home where I Belong 💖😇🙌. Dearly L💖ve this Song 💖💖

  13. Sara Heisenberg

    Yes you and me

  14. Virginia Wright

    This reminds me of an old Irish blessing:     May the road rise to meet you.
         May the wind be always at your back.
         May the sun shine warm upon your face.
         And rains fall soft upon your fields.
         And until we meet again,
              May God hold you in the hollow of His hand

  15. Jan Sponsler

    This was sung at my husbands funeral by my niece & nephew in 2008. I had never heard it and it was a beautiful match for him as he passed away after a 3 year struggle with colon cancer. :'( <3

  16. Marshall Garrett

    I am 70 , give my life to Jesus when I was. 13 , his presence is more real than ever .

  17. Terri Peters


  18. Elizabeth Slaughter

    Brings tears to my eyes - long to be home when Jesus will wipe away every tear

  19. Linda Pearson

    I heard the album when I was young. I wish so much I could get it. he did a song called storybook realities.

  20. Linda Butler

    I love this song, but it makes me cry. I just lost my daughter 11 1/2 months ago. I miss her so much. She loved this song.

    Annette Koch

    Linda Butler , hope you are doing well.

    William Polk Jr

    She is home and waits for you. The Lord still has work for you here, but you will be reunited with your daughter one day. When my dad passed on, a big part of me left with him. Looking forward to seeing him when I get home. God bless you, Linda.

  21. Tim Krause

    No matter the struggles, our Faith in Lord Jesus ensures that one day we'll be Home where we belong. Until that day, live to proclaim God's glory and be the example for others.

  22. Roberta Archuleta

    BJ thomas hits right to the heart. Love this man since 1971. LOVE YOU BJ


    I always loved BJ's hits, never knew that he was a Christian. God bless him, I am glad he dedicates his talents to praise the Lord. Wonderful praise Jesus. Thank BJ

  24. Eric Nicolas

    I've been looking out for BJ Thomas album but to no avail... :(


    Eric Nicolas ...........album or Cd...look on ebay.

    colkid Glen

    Or amazon.

  25. Maggie J Haynes

    I have told my family this song play at my funeral. I love this song so very true. Thank you for your videos. 😊

    Tim Krause

    Maggie J Haynes, you bet. David Haas' 'You Are Mine', too.

    Carol Courson

    I want it played at my celebration of life. I played it at my brother's COL. BJ Thomas has the most beautiful soothing voice of all.

  26. Arlene Hamby

    a beautiful song by BJ done a good job

  27. George Black

    I have fond memories of this occasion. We just happened to be there, and were able to participate in this concert by B J Thomas, who was very popular beginning in the late '60s with "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head", a theme song for a movie. Thankfully, B J became a Christian and some of his contemporary Christian music was some of the best he ever wrote. You can check him out on you tube.....

  28. onetrojan

    This song was played at our son's funeral. He was 19 years old and in a one car accident at Deer Trail, Colorado on Dec 2, 1981.

  29. dian hutchison

    Luv the songs.

  30. Thelma Jean Hart-Danckert

    I just love BJ Thomas. His voice is so soothing and he has such an inspirational quality about the songs he sings.

    Robert Ray

    Have you heard his Rock and Roll Lullaby?? Thatd help putta baby orr yoou to sleep~~ :P

  31. Sheldon Tucker

    B.J. Does a wonderful job on these great lyrics and melody. I got this album when it first came out and sang this song many times. a complete song of knowing where we are going because of what Jesus Christ has done for us!


    +Sheldon Tucker  I've been putting that Album on a lot lately... I know very well I've got a 25yo project to complete but Home is looking good

    Imme Alltimes

    Sheldon Tucker bj Thomas walked thru enough hell, til you can hear gentility in his voice

  32. Juan Silva

    They say that heavens pretty and living here is too, but if they said that i would have to choose between the 2, id go home going home where i belong sometimes when im dreaming it comes as no surprise that if you look and see that homesick feeling in my eyes, im going home, im going home where i belong, while im here ill serve him gladly and sing him all these songs, im here, but not for long- when im feeling lonely, and when im feeling blue, its such a joy to know that i am only passing through, Im headed home, im going home where i belong ----- one day ill be sleeping when death knocks on my door and ill awake to find that im not homesick any more, cause ill be home, il be home where i belong. -------------When I met Jesus I heard this song , in my dream, and i looked for it till i found it, i was a mere 20 year old young man and I fell in love with this song i have been singing this song forever.

  33. FullofgraceMinistries

    HOME...With Our LORD JESUS

    I am Daniel

    Great message, encourages, exept the 4 dots.

    David Gunter


    Asif Saifullah

    FullofgraceMinistries Jesus was a prophet, and only God is our lord.

    Cherie Adams

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 KJV Bible Jesus is God! He is the Only Way, the Truth and the LIfe! John 14:6 KJV

  34. Bradley Daniels

    on a lonely flight in the Lisa Marie, repeatedly circling Memphis, surrounded by dozens of ppl he had invited along, Elvis began handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the gifts he brought just for the ocassion (like always)....... Elvis was sitting Lotus..... a $135,000 bracelet here.... a $200,000 necklace there.... on and on and on.... Billy Joe Thomas (BJ) wasn't satisfied.... "I sure could use a tourbus"...... again..... "boy, a tourbus sure would be nice"....... "man oh man I'd like a tourbus"....... ........... Elvis was despondent when he boarded the plane, but with each passing beg from BJ made Elvis sink even deeper..... the bodyguards say they were secretly planning on breaking his legs after they landed......... Elvis went into the bedroom in the back...... as they reboarded, Elvis mumbled to one of the bodyguards "give him the fucking bus"....... "NO WAY, CRAZY!!!" (crazy was his nickname).... "NO FUCKING WAY"......."I SAID GIVE HIM THE BUS"........... ............. poor Elvis.......... ......

  35. Gloria Warren

    Love this song, it brings good memories loft my mama.
    One day I also will be home where I belong. Thank you Jesus !

  36. Diana Norman

    I dedicate this song to my son Nathaniel Norman II.  He helped me see, in one of my many moments of sorrow, that this life hear is only temporary.  Through his eyes I saw and understood that this is not my home.  My home is with the Lord Almighty and I will have a glorious home coming when God is ready for me to come home.  Thank you God for the blessing of my son.

  37. williams03runion

    Love this song and soooo true.

  38. Vilbert Vallance

    lovely song it makes so much sense

  39. Al Kalama

    Love this song.  Love the fact that B. J. is saved and he is singing for the Lord now.  Keep it up B. J.
    Al K.

  40. Anne Sam

    My favorite song. Serves as a reminder and comfort that I will soon be in a better place...

  41. Sherry K

    this has been my favorite Song since I was 24 it was a part of turning my heart to Christ and becoming saved. I am now 60 and it's still special to me.

    Summertime West

    Sherry K my story is the same but I am 67 now❤

    Jordan CoD

    Wow I'm 14 how y'all

  42. william waiamau

    i love this song to pick up my spirit because i am lost and  need t be found i find my way back to were i belong 


    Sir, I am praying that God will help you find your way back home. God misses you and I'm sure he wants you back in fellowship with him. May God richly bless you !!!

  43. lora curry

    had this played at my daddy's memorial service 2 days ago. not a dry eye in the place!

  44. stanley g

    allways like that song

  45. Carol Bell

    When I was pregnant with my last baby, I was not expected to make it.  Although I knew I'd have a home in Heaven, I wanted to return to my earthly home and be with my family.  God answered the prayers of everyone praying for my recovery, as well as mine.

    I'm so glad to be with my family.  I know I'll leave this world one day.  God is my rock and my salvation.  I would not want to be without Him.

    evilix 1004 • 20 years ago

    Carol Bell god bless you all

  46. Barb Warren

    I'm going home

  47. Molly Hege

    I'm goin' Home where I belong...

  48. Angie Dean

    What a beautiful song!


    For My Brother Michael...played at his funeral in 2003..It was also played at Roy Orbison's Memorial Service

  50. Glenn Lego

    Song written by Pat Terry

  51. Nathanbmajor7

    Debbie, I don't know who you are or where you are right now, but I pray that God's eternal peace will be with you and surround you. This old body is just a temporary dwelling place, there is more to this existence than what we see now. One day we will see fully. God bless you.

  52. Ronald Roton

    This has always been one of my favorites of B.J. He does an awesome job of singing it

  53. Kevin Dieck

    This is the most favorite song sung by Mr. Thomas! Any one know who wrote it ?

  54. Deborah Kerr-Moore

    Thought of this song today as my daughter-in-law's birth mom is on life support...I pray if God decides to take her that she will truly be in Heaven. She struggled with so many demons in this life. Praying for you, Colleen.

  55. mmetz124

    Is Debbie gone?

  56. mark weigel

    I Love you Debbie. See you at home. Your Brother Mark Weigel in Dry Ridge Ky.

  57. liongirlone

    It's a amazing how music can play such a big part in a person's life. I had BJ's record of this song along time ago, and loved it, but it means more to me now then it did before. I feel that when I go to heaven, and get to hug Jesus, that's where my real home is. I love my family here, but I'm looking forward to all of us being with our Father, God, and Jesus in heaven. Thanks BJ for such a great song - timeless

  58. Debbie Snyder

    I know that feeling very well!

  59. Myers RF

    Thank God there is such singers LAST

  60. Flagirl1952

    That's where my Mama and other loved ones are... my goal is to get there too.

  61. Roger L

    Your courage and strength while walking through this valley of the shadow of death is a true inspiration. All of us after birth, have the death sentence, some sooner that others but the end thereof is the same...except the ones that have made reservations with the Savior and are going...HOME. +

  62. Beryle Chambers

    He sings this song with such gentleness. Such surety of the ultimate Happily Ever After. God bless him.

  63. ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※

    I understand... Burning blessings of Jesus' Beauty in your being and intimate blessings of affection from His Holy Heart...

  64. Unshackled Spirit

    GOD Bless you sister !! Praise THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ... We long to be with HIM .

  65. gitte1958

    wunderschönes video - fantastisches lied - danke schön - lg gitte

  66. trekcannondale11


  67. Michael Garner


  68. karen moore

    Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior LayDee? You have a lot to teach others but may not realize it yet. Ask Jesus to forgive you of any sin you may have committed and to come into your life and lead you in His love and peace and you will know why you are here and get the peace you crave. Jesus died so we can live and live a good life and be happy. Life can be tough but we have our Savior and our God to lean on. :)

  69. troo foo

    The courage from above keeps our chins up high when we face the certainty of death. For we know that death is only a moment of transition towards eternal glory to be with our Heavenly Father.

  70. Wendy Villarreal

    @smtwtfsmee Praise the Lord! Is amazing your Strenght in Him. You're such a good testimony. GBY!

  71. Paulagina Iezzi

    Paul Bradway is walking with the angels

  72. rosielexie

    My little brother said the only way he was going to find peace, was to go home to his Heavenly Father. My little brother was home the next day. I think of him when I hear "Home Where I Belong" by B.J. Thomas. Now my older brother has gone home, I think of him when I hear "Homesick" by Mercy Me."Where I Belong" by Building 429 is my song. My dear brother's, I will see you when I come home, so until then I love you and miss you.

  73. Timmy Dever

    I remember in the late 70's or early 80's my brother and I used to ride to church with a brother who had a 69 Cougar and BJ would be coming from the speakers as we cruized the backroads to pick up another guy from church. The music was great!!!! My favorites were "Home where I belong" and "Without a Doubt" I also loved "If You Have the Faith of a Little child" Actually, I loved all his gospel songs. What a voice!!

  74. Mary Frances Dawgs

    @smtwtfsmee Well,I can pray for you and wish you all the best,Deb.Mary in NYC

  75. Mary Frances Dawgs

    @MsPaulagina I'm very sorry for your loss.I've lost close family.It's nothing like the loss of a child.All the best.

  76. 2Catangel

    @smtwtfsmee Sorry to hear about your news Deb. I know about not fearing death because promises joy in time and no tears. I look forward to walking the streets of gold some day.

  77. BonTonRule

    @MsPaulagina .Understand precisely. I lost my daughter in2009. A video Embraced by the Light by Betty j Eadie answered a lot of questions for me. Big Hug to you.

  78. BonTonRule

    Is This How It Ends?....HOW BEAUTIFUL...

  79. Rietta Notenbomer

    that song & the pictures are so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes... thanx I really loved it.... especially today on my birthday... that was very special

  80. angel dream

    THANK YOU VERY PREATY like myn soul is singing with you ....

  81. Esther Pacione

    @BlessedJ85 I hope you have survived chemo, if not then you are in the most loving arms that ever will be. My younger sister struggled for two years with cancer and now God has chosen to take her into his Kingdow. Perhaps you will meet one day. May god bless both of you.

  82. Susan van Dijk

    love your faith <3 blessings on each of your days here... with much joy and affection

  83. sweetpea027

    A very nice voice . I love this song .Thanks for sharing .

  84. William MacLean

    This song comforts me in my lonliness.

  85. Susan Robinson

    Such a beautiful song!

  86. Lenny Paul

    I just came across this song and your message. I am praying for your recovery. Lord Jesus bless and heal you BlessedJ85. Please let me know that you are well.

  87. greg brock

    @BlessedJ85 ....I just read your comment and it really touched me.I pray all is well with you .We are but a vapor while here but we also want our time to count for something. Please let me know how you are .

  88. miner78271

    @BlessedJ85 HAVE TRUST IN GOD

  89. will1066us

    @BlessedJ85 You hang in there Blessed and keep fighting honey! Nobody is a statistic! God can do anything! Keep the faith and fight the fight! God bless you!

  90. sheltv100

    @BlessedJ85 Hold on, just hold on.

    Roberta Archuleta

    sheltv100 The first time I heard B.J. sing this song ,I knew it was the song I wanted to hear when I go. He knew exactly how I felt and made my heart smile and not feel so alone. Thank you B.J.

  91. Paulagina Iezzi

    This song is for those who have lost...... and feel that have nothing left here on this earth.....they do..... we are just passin thru... I'll see my lil boy i lost in 2007. This is such a comfort.

  92. Cindee Martin Morgan

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! God bless!

  93. James Chonhockloo

    BJ Thank you... God bless always!

  94. moonchild

    @BlessedJ85 so very very glad you are healed!! praise God!

  95. Kaste Helmi

    amen, amazing song

  96. TheCarsche

    When I heard this song for the first time in years yesterday, it brought back memories of my dad and my little brother Danny, who have both gone to be with JESUS. My brother has been gone for many many years, while my dad has only been gone for 4 years. Do I miss them? ABSOLUTELY! Will I ever see them again? WITHOUT QUESTION! My heart goes out to anyone who does not my JESUS and therefore doesn't currently have the hope of eternity in HEAVEN. Choose JESUS before it is too late! PLEASE!!!

  97. TheCarsche

    @BlessedJ85 Hi there. I hadn't heard this song for quite awhile until yesterday. I know it's been a year since you posted, but I'm hoping you will read this. Like ffhurray has said, Keep the faith because GOD STILL IS ON THE THRONE. Your faith through a challenge of the magnitude you are facing or faced has reminded me of the fact that GOD is waiting for 'just the right time' to bring HIS family home to HIM. BLESSINGS to you. May our paths cross if not on earth then in our eternal home HEAVEN